Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Maximizing Potentials

Running has always been my favorite me-time activity. It does not only help me clear my mind, it also helps release toxins from my body. Even though running has been my 'sport' and therapy since 2009, I still have not maximized my potential with this sport.

Tonight, I tried to rekindle my love affair with running by jogging (yes, jogging, the slower version of running?) around UP acad oval. I said to myself, just one round of continuous jogging, and I'm done. Mahirap nang mabigla ang katawan, baka may sumakit pa kinabukasan, etc. So I did na my slow jog, and as I was getting into the groove of things, it slipped my mind that my intial goal was only to do one round.

Slowly and surely, the endorphins started kicking in, and I was trying to shuffle my feet faster, slowly increasing my pace, but still a managable one for someone trying to get my groove back. There have been times when I felt a bit of discomfort, maybe because it has been quite a while since I last had a decent run, but my body seems to be overridden by my mind. The adrenaline has pushed my brain to set aside whatever discomfort I was feeling. Sometimes my body won, making me slow down my pace, sometimes even walking leisurely to avoid the 'pain', or even the possibility of cramping (which fortunately didn't happen naman). There have been times when, while I was caught walking by what I thought were slower joggers, and out of pride, I felt the need for speed, and tried to increase my pace conservatively without naman sacrificing the possibility of cramping (takot mag cramps eh noh?).

That has been the scenario during my entire jog, and while I was in my me-time zone, I had a lot of realizations and epiphany while jogging.

1. For me, just like biking, once my body got the hang of running again, the muscle memory kicks in, and it all becomes like second nature. Just like in anything else, the start might be the hardest, but eventually, if I just do it as consistently as before, things will be easier.

2. Another thing, my mind dictates everything. Just like in my business, if I let my emotions get in the way, I will not be able to move forward. If I allow a minor discomfort, just because I am stretching my self, I will not be able to do what I set my mind to do. I have to let go of the minor, temporary discomfort for a long-term benefit.

3. I also remembered that just like in life, running is an individual activity. I control everything, my pace, my stride, my breathing, my emotions as I go through my run. It all boils down to how I view things. There might be times when I get swayed to follow the pace of a fellow runner, but at the end, it is all about me. And my game plan.

4. One must have a definitive game plan in what we do. Or else we would end up in circles, in my case, literally as I didn't have a target number of rounds, or kms ran. But I'm not complaining. The more mileage the better. ;)

5. One last thing that I realized was that, I've been eating a lot lately, and having excess/unused energy source has become unutilized potential; something that could have sparked a greater output for the benefit of many, but because of other factors, they were not put to good use (or in this case, they've become fat). In this scenario, I realized I should go all in in everything I do. No more mediocrity, no more complacency, no mre easy way out. Hard work, discipline, planning, consistent massive actions towards one's goals are the keys to maximizing potential.

Love life and live it to its fullest.

Friday, February 6, 2015

maiba naman tayo...

most of the races nowadays have been focused on the brands sponsoring the run. I've been very particular on which races to promote on this blog because most of the mainstream races I've seen have been blogged by most of the blogger-friends I know.

if you're not doing anything on Feb. 22, there's this race in UP Diliman campus sponsored by the Rotary Club of Commonwealth and Unilever entitled "Golden Club Fun Run 2015."

If you're still new to the running community, and you've wanted to test your running skills without the glitz and glam of the mainstream road races in the Metro, then this race is for you!

It has a 3KM, 5KM and 10KM races mostly centering around UP Diliman's Acad Oval.

This fun run aims to help the following beneficiaries: 1) the SPED students of Commonwealth Elementary School; 2) the housing project of Our Lady of Banneux in San Mateo, Rizal; and 3) for the surgical and medical mission to our brothers and sisters in Quezon City.

For more details and registration, you can check them out at https://www.facebook.com/goldenclubfunrun2015

Saturday, October 11, 2014

attitude of gratitude

last night (or should i say, earlier this morning), i posted this facebook status update:

in my 31 years of existence, I'm not sure if I have been able to openly thank them enough for all their trust and belief in my capabilities, both then, and for some even until now. Admittedly, there may be times when I feel invincible, that I can face anything and come out triumphant, but there are also times when fear and self-doubt settles in my mind.

sometimes, I wonder, how come I can be strong and powerful and proud like the king of the jungle, but there are days when i feel like I'm a helpless lion cub.

Oftentimes I wonder, where should i place myself. For some, they feel they've found what they have been looking for all their lives, a career where they feel they belong. I know how that feels, because i myself have been there. Initially I've dabbled with HR, primarily because of my college degree, but at the end of the day, I felt that there's something more in store for me so i shifted to Marketing.  

With Marketing/Brand Management, I've thoroughly enjoyed the constant travels, being creative, getting to deal with different (and at times, difficult) people, but still at the end of the day, I enjoyed getting around, specially when I was handling brands that were close to my heart (2 brands actually haha). It felt really good working for those brands that i love the most, it just so happens that, similar to 'real life', there will always be conflicts which eventually led to me leaving those brands behind. 

ang galing lang din kasi, that despite all these concerns i've had in the past, there are people who still stood and are standing behind me and my decisions even if they don't understand the said decisions i've made. kahit ako minsan hindi ko alam bakit ko ginawa yung ibang decisions ko, pero i believe that all these things happening to me are part of a bigger picture of what is to come. 

admittedly, one of the things that have always hindered me from doing what I can do is the fear of failure. I know, this should not be the case by this time. but at times, the fear of failure still bothers me. bakit?  maybe because i have been brainwashed by society, most specially my immediate family, that failure means i am not good/magaling/matalino, etc. for me, it has been my comfort zone, to be 'matalino' or 'magaling' just to make sure that i won't be labeled as a failure. 

pero, backtracking my previous successes in life, great things happen when i didn't let this fear of failure get in my way.

once of the life coaches I had placed it simply as this:

I've been the person who tends to overthink. I admit it naman. there have been numerous times when i overdid myself in the thinking aspect, to the point that nothing eventually happened. 

I am in the space of immense gratitude to all the people who believes in me even when i have those moments when i don't think I can do great things. sabi nga nila, minsan ang pinaka mahirap na convincing eh nangyayari pag si BRAIN at si HEART eh nag tatalo. 

sino ba naman ako to let those people who back me up and support me 100% see me fail when all they do and believe is that i am a success? 

time to take that plunge...