Thursday, October 28, 2010

sawa ka na ba

sa races na paulit ulit lang ang venue?

sa mga route na dun at dun lang din ang tinatakbuhan ng karamihan, to the point na pwede ka nang tumakbong naka pikit dahil memorized mo na ang bawat pasikot-sikot ng dinadaanang karera?

kung gusto nyo ng bagong pwedeng matakbuhang karera na hindi sa kadalasang tinatakbuhan ng madlang tao, sali na sa

ano bang mapapala nyo dito sa karerang to to start with?

other than ang route nya is hindi yung usual na BHS, MOA, UP, etc, this one would bring you to the newest hotspot in town Newport City!

actually, maganda itong route dito sa karerang ito kasi dito rin kami nag long run last year while training for Condura Marathon.
isa pang maganda sa karerang ito, ANYONE can join. if you are eyeing your family to get into a healthier lifestyle, i do believe this race would give each member of the family a chance to be exposed to running. meron 1K, 3K, 5K at 10K! hindi naman sinabi na kailangang harurot ka sa 1K eh, or sa 3K eh, basta bottomline, tumakbo ka (or kahit siguro brisk walk pwede rin for starters).

Kung nabitin ka sa mga Fun Runs in costumes & other Holloween related parties, pwede pa rin dito! pwede ka mag costume in a fiesta/festive mood, pwede ka pang manalo! tapos, pwede ka rin manalo sa raffle ng three days two nights stay at Resorts World Sentosa!

nice diba? ano pang iniintay nyo? sali na! reg na!

or kung di ka man manalo sa raffle, open naman na ang Resorts World sa Newport City, pwede ka din mag casino,at baka dun ka pa manalo! :)

o sha, kitakits dun! :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

where it all began...

it has been quite some time since i've with the pioneers of the last time i remember hanging out with all the "oldies" of, it was the Rizal Day Run held last 2009. since then, a lot of things have changed. in two years, a lot of things happened (all of which are positive naman).

(my first banner group pic c/o Nuttybunny4 / doc Marvz)

from this "small" group, a lot of things have changed. back then, we "dreaded" the "long distances" which at that time (for us) meant more than 10K. I remembered those days when we were all enjoying the fun runs (literally and figuratively). running back then was simple and enjoyable. you run. you have fun. you eat afterwards with your RuBus, spend the whole Sunday afternoon with the same people you were with that same morning, only this time, its either eating, or drinking, or just plain old hanging out with them.

from the group above, different groups emerged, focusing on different facets of an active lifestyle:

Multisport: ENDURE

Ultramarathon: BORING (and later on, UNGAS)

Multisport & Ultramarathon: CB
due to the numerous "specializations" of the said groups, it has been quite a while since we gathered together as one group, as one One bright idea of Marga was to gather the "Pioneers/Oldies" of the group for some catching up. Initially it was intended as just a potluck picnic in UP (where the running boom really started), but as suggested by Q, the group decided to have its "Pioneers reunion" at the Sweet Harmony Gardens (where, at the same time, the obstacle course for the upcoming Men's Health Urbanathlon are set up).

Here are some previews of the Obstacle course we had to conquer.

ang mahiwagang balance beam

kita nyo yung last hurdle? :) TAAS!!!!!

while the rest were still resting, a few of us went for a short 5K run. little did we know that the "short"5k run was 80% uphill! pero that uphill was one fun run! tagaktak pawis! sulit! 

as soon as we went back to the place, we had another obstacle course we had to face.

for more pics from the reunion, click here.
we sure had lotsa fun and lotsa food today. other than the food, what i personally enjoyed most was the camaraderie and catching up we had with the oldies who were present at this morning's gathering.

always good times with peeps.
(taken by Jinoe Gavan)

 oh, pano jinoe, dito na lang tayo mag christmas party.

Monday, October 18, 2010

back to basics.

now that i have actually participated and finished my first ever multi-sport event (a mini-sprint triathlon at the recently concluded Speedo National Age Group Triathlon), some of my friends have been joking me that i would now have to change my handle name at's forum to either of the following : inTRImmyd8, TriTimmyd8, trikenkoy, mulTIMMY, or anything that would reflect my transition from being a runner to a multisport athlete (in this specific instance, a TRIATHLETE).

these thoughts actually were playing in mind as the race drew near, most specially whenever we have our Thursday Night Swims at the Army Pool. After learning how to bike through Project Training Wheels, friends from called me Kenkoy Biker. After learning from teammates and friends on how to improve my swim (and eventually "wow"-ing them with my vast improvement), they eventually called me Kenkoy Swimmer.

as the race day grew closer, i was really bent on thinking (and eventually choosing) what to rename my blog as it would not reflect what i will become after the race, and that how it would affect how i look at myself.

given that i haven't had a competitive background in swimming, and that i only learned how to ride a bike last June, competing in a triathlon was something i was not sure if i can pull off so i had to make sure that i do something about it.

one night after chlorine marination, a few teammates decided to put some twist to our debut triathlon. teammates decided to pit Neil (a newbie triathlete, but a veteran biker) vs Rico (Camsur Ironman veteran, and a veteran of numerous triathlons). I thought that was it, until another teammate suggested another match up, this time it was between Rico, the multi-sport veteran that he is, vs. ME! a total noobie in this field. this was an added pressure on me, given that 2 out of the 3 sports in triathlon, i am so sure that RICO had the better time than me, PLUS i'm so sure that his vast experience was definitely going to be a big plus factor for him.

that's me! touch the kili-kili move!

i survived! and with a faster swim time than expected!

UH-OH! this posed a bigger threat to me now. other than i have to compete against my previously timed simulation, i now have to try and catch up with a Ironman 70.3 veteran! additional pressure to swim faster, bike faster and eventually sprint the rest of my life to catch up with the Commish!

Kenkoy Biker, not yet that confident with my biking skills fresh out of T1.

At the start of the race, I knew that I would be on the losing end of this bet. This match up was definitely a lopsided one, given that I might have not been confident with my swim and bike, and the run leg might not be that substantial enough to catch up with the lead the Commish might have by the time i finish my transition from Swim to Bike to Run.
fresh  from the bike transition

to cut the long story short, here's the split times from the 3 teammates being pitted against each other to push the other to exert more effort and to endure.

SWIM 0:10:28 0:08:21 0:09:08
BIKE 0:28:06 0:31:58 0:35:24

Based on these two categories, there is no way i can overcome the leads they both had on me. Neil had a sizeable lead from his bike split, while Rico had a substantial lead time from his swim split.

Now how am  I to get ahead of these two well oiled machine?

i ... must... catch... up....

Upon this realization, I decided to just have fun. to finish the race and have fun at the same time. Based on my previously timed distance simulations, the best i had for 300m was 9:40. My official time for this race was definitely my best time so far (40 secs faster than my best time!) For the bike leg, my best time was at 40 mins, my official time was 5 mins faster! Even at this point, I can say that I was able to set a good time for myself. I was able to best my previously set and targeted split time. Now I have more time for my run. It was not a joke when they say that I should be able to practice my bike-run transition (which, I fortunately was not able to do as often as I should have).

run kenkoy run!

during the run part, I decided to just stick to the pace my legs were dictating. Since I had no  Garmin to determine my pace and the distance I have ran (and how long should I still run), I just continued with my pace. I was on the verge of deciding to slow down when I saw Karen. She mentioned that Rico was just a few meters ahead of me. A few seconds after, Neil said the same thing. By this time, I was gaining momentum as I knew that Rico is an even-paced runner. In my mind, I believed that if i can still see Rico within striking distance, I can eventually try to outrun him to the finish.

Upon reaching the gate of DLSZ, I was able to see Rico within reach! I knew I had to do something. For sure Neil was finished already by that time I spotted Rico, so this was my only chance to overtake Rico (after all the lead time he had on me, I was still able to catch up on him).

I decided to go for that lung-busting sprint towards the finish,




and eventually finish ahead of him, (hoping that i wouldn't be apprehended for 'overtaking' towards the chute).

Rico had his own version of our 3 way battle in his own accounting of the said event in his blog.

0:18:41 0:19:49 0:15:34

I was shockingly surprised to see my run split this fast. I didn't expect that I was that 'fast' during the run leg, as my legs were not yet warmed up from the transition from bike to run. I was surprised also to find out that I had the second fastest run split time for the mini-sprint, the only one faster than me was just a few seconds ahead.

so what's the point?


Kenkoy Runner will still be a Runner.

running will still be my main "weapon".

They said that being a good swimmer is a good thing in Triathlon, but the first one to get out of the water does not automatically mean they'd win the race. The runner can still catch up with the fastest swimmer.

In my case, I have to incorporate running into my training regimen again.

running makes you win triathlons (in my opinion ha, pero definitely having a decent swim split and a better bike split would help me propel to the finish line faster, and not to rush myself much during the run).

more saddle time to help improve bike split.

tara, takbo tayo.

OH yeah, don't forget to have fun! :)

special thanks to Team CB for the Support and to Team Endure for the training and guidance.

*action shots are from the camera of Kuya Kim, Carina & Maridoly. Thanks Team CB & Endure! :) 

Friday, October 15, 2010

thoughts for tootee

a friend shared this quote to me this morning.

"Love your
 Whatever type of Bike you have,

(RJ's mountain bike)

(PapaPIO's mountain bike)

 it's important to remember that unlike a car, the bike itself will not make you go fast:

(let's go tootee! hataw mode!)

With a basic racer that fits properly and has decent wheels and tires,
if you have the will, you can beat the world.

The rider counts for far more than the bike"

(the quote was from Cycle Racing by William Fotheringham)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

from blue to green

nope im not switching sides ;)

last year, i was excited to join the inaugural QC International Marathon (half marathon distance for me) but as things turned out, I wasn't able to join as i got sick literally a couple of days before the main event :(.

this time, i would like to make sure that i will not have the same dilemma again.

I would like to try and join this race (to make up for the 21K i missed last year) and afterwards, will join the numerous peeps (from Team Boring, Endure, CB, Ungas, Powerpuff Boys) who will support the following on their first Full Marathon

 Support extra-ordinaire , Margababes/ Margalicious 


team CB owner Chelly da Belly /Tonya 

let's gow sagow!

ayot? apir!

training starts now :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

i have two hands...

the left and the right
elbows go high 
so clean and bright
stroke them swiftly
(breath) one, two, three
clean little hands are good to see

 paddle drills help me strengthen my stroke and make it polished to make it more efficient in time for NAGT :)