Saturday, June 19, 2010

falling in love with biking

they say that once you fall off a bike, you've become a full-fledged biker.

if that's the case, then since last monday, i am a BIKER.

given that June 14 was declared a non-working holiday because Independence Day fell on a saturday, a few of my multi-sport friends have decided to have a group ride in BHS as a way to show the new bikers (and those with new road bikes) a few tricks of the trade.

being one of the enthusiastic newbies, i decided to join the troop.

basically what the drills were, just to loop around BHS until someone says stop (or if you decide to stop, ok lang din). during this drill, i was doing fine. i was even able to run a half loop after.

after a while, i decided to join some of the other people in the "playground" where they were teaching ellen how to brake properly, etc.  having been a confident rider with an MTB, i joined in. i rode around the area, making sure that there were not much distractions etc, and then i decided to borrow marvs' road bike, just to test how different it was.

there i was freely strolling around the "playground" enjoying the speed that a lighter bike has to offer, the smoothness of making u-turns, when all of a sudden

for some weird reason, as compared to other stories i've heard from people having their semplangs of movie-like slow motion, mine was super fast. i didn't even remember how i exactly fell. after the image i had of having been confused on how to apply the brakes properly, to the point where i thought of trying to brake using my feet, i have no idea how i fell. basta i remember seeing myself on the ground, with the bike (pero take note, ingat ang bike, medyo may natanggal lang na minor parts pero madali namang makabit, pero the bike was ok ;) ) somewhat shocked.

the kenkoy runner-biker worried how to stop the bike.

i wasn't really able to assess the situation as i was still shaken and at the same time i was worried about the bike. shempre the bike was not mine so double concern diba?

after picking myself up, and making sure that the bike was still in one piece AND workable/ rideable, i wobbly walked towards the rest of the group.

i checked on myself, and saw that my helmet had some scratches on the side. obviously the side of my head kissed the  pavement (good thing i was wearing my helmet, or else i'm so sure i'd be in the hospital now). i also felt my shoulder had some pain as it took the brunt of my fall.

ayun, as i walked towards the parking, i was still shaken, but i had mustered enough courage to try riding my (borrowed) bike at the parking lot just to gain confidence lang ulit. ayun, i was able to ride naman PERO iba pa rin ang feeling. after 2 loops at the parking lot, i called it the day and dismantled my bike and placed it inside my vehicle. as soon as i got to the breakfast place, i requested for ice and iced my face.

that was the last day i rode a bike.

until this morning.

i decided to ride the bike again. just to make sure that 1) i still know how to ride the bike and 2) to ensure that i am not chickening out on riding the bike.

actually, this morning, i had a little difficulty in riding the bike again. at the back of my mind, walang ibang tao to support me, and at the same time, i was still shaken from my bike fall last monday. i may look ok already, but i was still shaken. just like what ellen told me, there was a point in time when she was afraid of riding the bike primarily because of the possibility of falling again.  that thought kept playing in my mind while i was riding around the village. most specially since there were a lot of vehicles already. i almost fell 3x this morning, but i wanted to face my fears, but i also have to be realistic. i don't believe that i am ready for this ride today.

there are a lot of similarities between biking and love.

it's easy to enjoy the thrills that a new adventure gives you but once you get hurt, it a lot easier to stop and let go. it's easier to avoid the pain and the possibility of getting hurt more that what you initially thought it should be. the happy thoughts you initially associated with the experience suddenly turns sour and you think of whether you really wanted to push for this or not.

it takes a lot of maturity to face the possibility of suffering/ pain again, but then again, if you really want to pursue something, you'd consider both the joys and the pains, and hopefully the positive effects overcome the negative and move on. try to cultivate the spark that started it all. 

soon, i'll be ready to fall in love again.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

timmy wanted to TRI

last weekend,  some of my friends had their animo sprint simulation. i thought to myself, since i know how to swim, i know how to run, and fairly able to ride the bike in a way, i decided to join them too! :)
the last time i swam was 2 years ago, i decided to take things easily and just go with the flow. if i can perform better, then go. if my body tells me to chillax and take things slowly, then so be it :)

since medyo tinatamad akong mag sulat, here are some of the images from the event ;)

my borrowed MTB from RJ (thanks RJ!) my helmet, and my mizuno wave elixirs

 before the simulation started, everyone was still smiling

ang lamig! :) 
feeling the water first before seriously trying to swim again :)

then things got more serious. everyone became a tubig-mamaw

 the "newbie" swimmer taking a break from all the seriousness everyone was in.
(pero seriously, i tried not to stop)

in the middle of the serious swims, others were able to make funny moments while training

from originally being a kenkoy runner...

 transitioning to ....

a kenkoy biker! :)

sabi nila, maling direction daw ako 
(feeling ko ito ung part na  i got lost, sumobra ata sa atat mag bike!)

kenkoy biker gets serious ha :)

everything was going smoothly until we learned that raff had an accident

check out the damage to the gwapo bike :(

after finding out that raff was ok, we all went back to our regular programming (swim galore!)

langoy pa rin kahit umuulan! :)

next stop...

Ellen's Bike Shopping! :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

project training wheels

project training wheels day 2.

this session egged us to have 2 things with us.
1. own helmet  (for our own protection) and
2. cycling/biking shorts (with butt pads) to eliminate the sore butt after effects

so far, ellen & i were able to accomplish item #1
project training wheels class picture
ellen (with rudy), timmy (with spyder), carins (specialized), raff (giro), karen (bell)
second row: brando, chelly, cindy, tracy

go go power rangers?

unfortunately, we weren't able to accomplish item #2 as ellen was busy winning 2nd place overall at the recently concluded Camaya Coast Aquathlon

 team secondwind's JC Pineda taking 1st, while team endure's Ellen Encinares taking the 2nd spot

initially we planned to get bike shorts at the nearby bike stores in BHS, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, ubos yung size for ellen, and wala silang cycling shorts with padding for me.

for this session, we had a new classmate

coach pio with new classmate, master cindy

and new assistant coaches
"coach" raffger

"coach" karen

other bikers/ spectators were also present, namely carina, tracy, wilnar, and chelly the belly. brando also dropped by to take the photos (all photos in this blog entry were taken by brando, except the camaya pics).

this session's main goal was to help us gain more confidence in riding the bike, and at the same time, have practice riding on our own.

another special session we had that day was how to change/ remove tires
this was a concern raised before, specially for those who don't have a big car that would fit the bike.
coach pio teaching us how to remove the rear wheel (ndi sha flat ha, nag tuturo lang talagang mag palit ng gulong) hahaha

some more pics from the second session

the "kilabot" ng kolehiyala doing tricks

the master is back!

student bikers on the loose!

as the day progressed, we tried riding the road bike
after the day's session, we had the usual class pictures

after dinner on our way back to the parking lot, our beloved coach was approached by an old lady asking him what happened to him. all the while we thought that coach pio knew this lady who asked him, but no, she was a complete stranger! :) hahahaha :) ibang level talaga si coach.

one last class picture.

as per coach pio, the next step is to GET the BIKE!