Thursday, December 6, 2012

putting the fun in trail runs

are you one of those sick and tired of running road races and would want to try other terrains?

you feel the need to go trail running, but see yourself as not as hardcore as those doing xterra races such as putik pare type of trail adventure runs?

or are you one of those training to run the skyway pero para maiba ang view, gusto mo naman mapuno, ganon? you should then try this race  :)

Runner’s Runner, 3rd Floor, R.O.X., Bonifacio Hight Street, Bonifacio Global City

PS: what's nice with this race pa is that, maganda na ang view, masarap din daw ang pagkain dun :) 

sali na! :) 
ayot? apir!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

two thirty and some change

last sunday, dec.2 was somewhat my come back race. i've been running on and off since 2008 (literal my first run, but my first serious race with training and other preparations was in 2009) , and for some unforeseen circumstances, i have only raced twice in 2012. the first one was the Rexona Run 2012 (where i sucked big time; if i'm not mistaken, that was my slowest 21k EVER (almost finished it in 3 hours! grabe ah! sana nilakad ko na lang ung buong route). Sooo i said to myself, i got to get back in shape. I have to train seriously for me to be able to get my groove back, and at the same time, wag naman kulelat. it also would help me with my dreams of running condura full again if i start training earlier than usual. medyo mahirap nang mag habol ng last minute. ayaw ko naman ng ganon diba.

ready for QC

QCIM has always been a memorable race for me. I was suppose to run its maiden issue but i got sick. ;( the second one naman, was the first full mary of our beloved margalicious, and as a way of giving back to the one who has always been 100% supporting each and every one of us, I personally went back to her after my own half mary to support and cheer her on to the finish. QCIM also has been scheduled near my gf's birthday (usually 1st weekend of December) so there. medyo memorable lang naman sha :)

This year, i intended to join the race as a training long run lang. I have been doing my long runs every sunday, usually passing alongside the buses and jeepneys of commonwealth avenue so when i found out that the route for the 21K would ONLY consist of the stretch of commonwealth, i got more excited. the first QCIM 21k i raced before included going inside la mesa eco park pa ata, pero this time, it was "easier" to some extend. others who are not used to commonwealth's false flats and wavy road might have had a few challenges while running, but this is my home court hahahaha.

luckily, i was able to get a free race kit from a teammate who wouldn't be able to run it, so i took that as a sign for me to push through with the run :) i woke up 230 sunday morning to prepare myself for the race. i had my usual pre-race prep of downing one l.5L gatorade the day prior, and my usual oatmeal and coffee breakfast. after that, i took off from the house to start my long run. :)

i have been doing my long runs in the heat of the summer-ish sun every sunday morning, so doing this long run super early that day was somewhat a breath of fresh air for me, literally and figuratively. as i was used to running in the heat, the coolness of the morning air was conducive to having a more enjoyable run. i thought the gunstart for the 21k was at 4am, so i was a bit in a hurry on my way to the starting line, only to find out that it was still at 430am. that was no problem for me as it gave me ample time to relax a bit and to do some stretching after that approx 3.5km warm up run.

at the starting coral, i didn't see familiar faces. i didn't see teammates, fellow runners, or even some of the other teams from (such as boring, cb, hob, quest, at kung sino sino pa). so i said to myself, treat this as a long run. SOLO long run (so what's new? sanay naman akong wala akong kasama mag long run so this wouldn't be any different :) bahala na, i said to myself, and off i went.

masaya sha because it was cool, so i felt i was a bit going faster than what my "training pace" should have been, pero ok lang, if i bonk out, its ok since its "just" a training run, getting a faster time would just be a bonus. the more important thing is the mileage. so there. along the route, i finally saw a team CB shirt, and saw ate rona was running din pala. said hi and hello, and eventually ran ahead. i also saw some trimac peeps pero was not able to have a "pacer" along the route the whole time. i was doing things by myself.

during the run, ibang feeling talaga. at one point, i felt i was having cold sweats, maybe because i was really sweating but at the same time, malamig ung simoy ng hangin. another factor would have been also the lack of portalet/s along the 21k route. i saw some people who pee along the center aisle of commonwealth avenue, but then i realized, paano kaya ung mga girls? di naman sila pwede mag CR sa buong route or di rin pwede mag stop sa middle ng commonwealth ave to patintero vs the cars to cross over the gasoline stations sa gilid (kasi the race route was done sa middle ng commonwealth ave, kudos to the organizers for this one ha, efficient sha, hindi sha mashadong nag cause ng traffic sa commonwealth hehehe). sooo yun. diretso lang ng kahabaan ng commonwealth avenue hanggang makarating sa wilcon depot sa may fairview, tas balik. not bad, since nag dry run naman ako dun the week before so more or less i know the feeling going there. :)  (PS: ang kulit lang ng race organizers to place the only portalet i saw along the route a few meters AFTER the u-turn for the half marathoners. i know i shouldn't be complaining etc, but then, hassle diba? sana ginawa nila BEFORE the u turn man lang para may nakapag CR etc, pero any way, its done na naman hehehe tuloy lang ang laban).

ayon. ang saya lang coz for the first time, ung mga 2 something pacers were no where in sight, imposible namang naunahan ko silang lahat diba? pero at certain points, i did. hahaha. medyo nung pabalik lang, nagmuni muni ako if mag CR ba ako or just go towards the finish na lang to get things done agad. while contemplating on this eh i saw na the sign saying "18KMS" so parang, wag na nga! diretsuhin na to! :) after gathering my breath, i continued with my pace and ran. medyo masaya ako din kasi wala pang mashadong araw that time, so kayang dagdag pa ng pace if ever. pag katapos after a few kms between technohub and UP college of human kinetics, eh i saw a blue balloon pacer for 2:30. sa loob loob ko, akalain mo un, naunahan ko pa sha halos. i tried chitchatting with him but he eventually picked up the pace towards the end so i said to my self  may slow down na muna ako, kasi nga may dagdag pa ko after, so sige. i went on etc.

upon reaching near jollibee philcoa, natuwa ako kasi 2:32 something pa lang ung gun time. ang saya lang din to find out that my training paid off. not bad for someone who's training for an 8:15 pace dapat :)

ayon. so anong lesson for myself dito? wala. hahahaha!

training and dedication and hard work works.
sabi nga ng teammate ko, why waste a good run (if i can go faster and kaya naman, why not push it diba?) and push i did. and i was able to get things done :)

PLUS added additional 3.5kms going back home :)

ayot? apir :)


tajimaya charcoal grill food! yummy! :) 

PS: for finishing with a decent time, eto ang reward ko :) 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hot and Cold

okay, enough of you singing. hahahaha!

Training for Condura has given me options on when to do my runs. Given that this is a midnight run, it gives me the option to train super early morning, OR after work. Given that i am admittedly not a weekday morning runner, I feel that its more appropriate, in my case, to train at night because obviously the weather conditions at night are more or less similar to that as of race day. although there are times when its not that cold during midnights or early morning, the initial temperature usually helps in setting up the mood to run.

last sunday, i was able to finally do my literal long run, this long run was also my first legit heat training run. since i was not able to wake up earlier than expected, i had to do my long run, super init.  my route was a modified QCIM half marathon route, plus a few rounds inside the village, and one round UP acad oval.

seriously, di ko gets anong difference ni route Part 1 and Part 2. 

grabe! i was literally sunog. i started 9am, and lasted for almost 4 hours, due to the numerous walk breaks done in the heat of the summer-like sun (and i thought it was almost christmas time na? ehhhh bakit super init ng sikat ng araw? :(  ).
SUN-day long run

so far, i was able to explore the different bazaars along commonwealth avenue, and also the bike route placed along commonwealth avenue. the bike lane was a nice addition to commonwealth's wide road, but i don't think those looking for a ratrat training pace won't be able to do that as the bike lane was placed at the rightmost lane, side nearest UP,  shell select, etc. PERO hindi pa sha tapos, as the bike lane ended before tandang sora. (medyo bitin, but, better be safe than sorry, right?)

back to the topic, bakit hot and cold? last night kasi when i was running my supposedly easy run, i felt great (even though most of my day yesterday was not that good, it served as good fuel for the night run). i started with what i felt was a 730ish pace, slowly building up to a mga 7 or even a 645 pace at one point (i know mabagal, sorry naman hindi ako mamaw, and nag babalik loob pa lang ako ulit sa pag takbo, so cut me some slack ;) ) i felt really good running, pero at one point i felt i might be abusing myself too much, as it was suppose to be an easy run day last night. sooo i slowed down a bit in order to bring things back to what should have been the training for that day, easy 815 pace lang :) fortunately i was still able to finish my 3k easy at 24mins (not bad in my opinion, faster than what should have been hahaha).

what's the point of my run story now? wala. that there are times that i need to pace myself with my runs, specially for the full mary. i know at certain points i will be stronger but then again this IS 42.195 kms on the skyway. high elevation. long road ahead. medyo it may seem boring at time. possible also that there will be times that i'll be asking myself " are we there yet (sa u turn)?" pero what  have to do was to ensure that i got my mind on the game. make sure my running form is correct to be efficient in the longer run, and at the same time, practice mental toughness. its has been a while since i last ran more than 21k, adding another 21k would be a whole new different ball game.

tara, takbo tayo! :)

ayot? apir!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


currently shifting to use the POSE method in my comeback full mary come Condura 2013. I was intrigued by it when our team underwent sessions with Coach Pat Joson of the Jumpstart Movement. Coach Pat also recently had students from the Mizuno Run Academy do the same thing. POSE.

So what is POSE all about? to cut the long story short, it's simply changing from one "pose" to the other. simple noh?

parang it's like this lang naman kasi:

looks easy noh? but then again, if you're not initially a forefoot runner, it MIGHT take some getting used to with the first segment (POSE-FALL) phase. you might ask why. Well, primarily because this concept works with using gravity to your advantage. running "traditionally" is different from running pose method. scientifically, this reduces also the impact on one's knees.  sakto with my case now that i've gained a few pounds from not running as often as i used to, but slowly but surely getting there again.

in principle, you might say, parang the same sha with Chi Running. at first, i thought so too.

But with the help of google, (hahaha!)  I saw the difference:

pose (L) and chi (R)
See the main differences? 1) landing of the foot (forefoot for pose, midfoot for chi) and 2) direction of the "pull". with pose, you lift the foot (using hamstrings of course) and tuck it underneath your butt (something like a heel-butt exercise). for chi, its behind you. I haven't tried Chi Running, but then again, to each his/her own naman diba? ;)

I know both techniques have their own "pros" and "cons" and who "should" be using what techniques etc. still at the end of the day, what we are all looking for is to be injury-free and hopefully faster times while enjoying running shempre ;) 

see you on the road! :) 

ayot? apir! :) 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

pick my poison

k-swiss blade max stable, k-ona
mizuno wave inspire 7, elixir 6

in preparation for my comeback race, i have decided to utilize my current shoe arsenal. it has been quite some time since i've been actively and consistently running. fortunately, i still have a few pair of shoes that will help me during my training runs. in my existing plans, i need to run 3x a week, tuesday easy runs, thursday tempo runs, and sunday long runs. given my current shoe line up, here are my usage breakdown.

easy runs: easy runs usually give me time to recover after the long runs.  for these type of training runs, i can choose any of the shoes above. easy runs should help me get back into the groove of things. at times, i even use my vibram five fingers here to help stimulate other muscle

tempo runs: shoes for these runs should ideally be light weight to give the leg muscle less stress during runs. but then again, i tend to use the concept of 'train heavy, race light' with regards to shoes. IDEALLY, i would be using either the k-swiss k-ona, or the mizuno wave elixir series. both shoes provide the lightweightness i need for speed works, but still having ample support. both shoes help me speed up with impromptu fartleks, or help me with faster feet turn over (malamang, pag kapuy na ang legs, may tendency to lift lower, eh if mabigat pa ung shoes na gamit, additional weight pa un, but then again, train heavy, race light nga diba?).

long runs: for long runs, i always rely on my mizuno wave inspire series. these shoes have been my go-to shoes at all times. i use it for my long runs, easy runs, and even during tempo runs. i've had 3 incarnations of the said shoe model, namely inspire 4, 6, and 7. out of the three inspires i have, i still consider the inspire 6 as my best shoe so far. it has provided the ample support i need, and still be lightweight. cushioning was not an overkill as compared to the 7th edition, but it still is a good pair for me. the 8th edition of the inspire looks and feels like the 6th edition as well, although the cushioning feels like its the same as the 7th pa rin. i've seen images of the 9th edition of the inspire, and so far, i am happy with how it looks. it seems like the heel has deducted a few mm from the 8th, and can pass as a big person's racing shoes :)

an alternate long run shoe i've discovered recently for long runs is the k-swiss blade max stable. surprisingly for a stability shoe, this one is indeed lightweight, but still offers the necessary support. so far, i've been happy with the blade max stable, the right combination of lightweight and stability support i need for long runs. add to that the funky red and highlighter yellow color combination it has make heads turn whenever i run. parang feeling ko tuloy may mali ba akong ginagawa, or may dumi ba un suot ko when people see me run (along commonwealth and katipunan ave).

why was there a need for alternative shoes for long run? other than long distance running usually would beat your shoes more often than the shorter distance training runs, it would also wear out our soles faster (if you don't have an alternate pair.

happy running!

ayot? apir!

Monday, October 22, 2012

mental game

I have read an article in the past that the marathoners (or in my case, endurance athletes such as runners, triathletes, and the like) are the best employees. this i re-realized again yesterday during my training long run.

like any other sport, training for running needs a lot of dedication. there is a target with each and every activity. things can't be labeled easily as something you can just "go with the flow." at some point,  it can get boring. like yesterday, i realized that doing 5 rounds at UP acad oval can be really boring (just like with work, hahahaha) things go on and on, and you'd feel like nothing new happens. NOT UNLESS you make things happen for yourself (like, change the route you're running at which i eventually did). instead of boring myself around the acad oval, i decided to run along University Avenue then run along Commonwealth Avenue, just to break the monotony of running round and round like a hamster.

hamster mode
another lesson i've re-learned from yesterday's run was there will always be distractions from you achieving your goal. in my case, they were the bikers, skateboarders and other people at the park with me. include there also the number of people looking at me while i was running, as if i had some dirt on my face, or something. in order for me to get focused again with the task at hand (to finish my 13K "long" run), i had to zone out for a while. what did i do to keep myself FOCUSED with the task at hand? well, initially i started focusing on how my feet lands. when i get tired, i usually hear loud thumps every now and then, include also the fact that i sometimes heel strike (worst case scenario). another thing i did was to just keep (swimming) running. eventually the mind would not give excuses on why i don't want to continue running anymore (well primarily it was because of katamaran actually). 

just keep swimming/biking/running
(whatever floats your boat)

when that didn't work anymore, i borrowed a strategy i learned from Sir PatCon. He once wrote (or was interviewed about his running), and he mentioned that he prays the rosary when he runs. initially i thought that it might feel weird to pray during running. i had this belief system that praying should always be done in a quiet place, where i won't be distracted etc. but when i was actually doing it already, it gave the same calming effect despite the intense noontime/afternoon heat. given that running for me is my alone-time, it did work. 

life is a mystery

i could have also not proceeded with my long run yesterday because i went home late the other night coming from my sister's wedding. i actually thought of that, but then again i made a compromise already of waking up late AND doing my long run before attending another reunion of sorts with my relatives from the states, so there. i pushed through with what i intended to do for the week, i succeeded with my week 1 action plans and milestones (of attaining 21K mileage for the week).

not bad for someone who has not been running for quite some time actually :) 

at the end of the day, i had to admit that running is a MENTAL game; it was more of doing things because of the WHYs behind it. i kept focused on doing what needs to be done despite all the possible excuses i could come up with. 

i did it. ;) 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

is this the sign?

(image from Sir PatCon's Blog)

i technically started my running 'career' with Condura 2009 Run for the Whale Sharks. While contemplating on when and where i would stage my comeback, i browsed upon Sir PatCon's FB post.

for the first time in so long, i got excited to run again.

i believe it's time to get back into running seriously.

16 weeks to go until FEBRUARY 3, 2013.

image taken from Running Shield's blog.

Friday, October 5, 2012

now this is more FUN ;)

This revised video ad from the Department of Tourism shows why it's  more fun in the philippines.

it's better if you experience it first hand, and i'm sure you'd agree that it is really more fun :)

its more fun in the philippines

Saturday, September 29, 2012

UPDATED: takbo alimango takbo!

with all of the running boom lately, it's rare to see a road race labeled "correctly". a lot of fellow runner-bloggers have been berating hosts/radio and tv personalities mentioning races as a marathon, but in actuality, it's just a FUN RUN. what's the difference? basically it's just about the distance of the race. haha big deal no? being a marathoner is really a big deal, but for me, it's not a something that one should make a big fuzz out of.

anyway, i got a facebook invite to a crabby run, haha, crabby primarily because it is the Red Crab Alimango House Fun Run :) yup, fun run. and to make things more clear, it is a 5 kilometer fun run to be held at McKinley. For those veteran runners, we all know that McKinley is one hilly route. it's fun to do hill repeats here ;) sooo this fun run, it's really gonna be a FUN one :) hehehe.

Registration fee : P650 (race bib, singlet, finisher’s medal and our sumptuous breakfast!!!) 
Race Route: Piazza Venice McKinley Hill, Taguig on November 25,2012. 
Reg Period: October 1 to November 15, 2012 at any of our Red Crab branches. 

(i guess this is a sign to start eating hills for breakfast, or dinner?) 

will there be Mr. Krabs at the finish line? :) or will the medals be crab shells? (or aprons be awarded for that sumptuous breakfast? am excited!) 

Friday, September 28, 2012

inspired again.

from my old, "serious" scheme, i've revived and revised my blog's look and feel (well, not really naman sobrang overhaul, pero gets?)

this time mas buhay sha than before. maybe a visual representation of me reviving this blog.

from a black base, to a more lively blue shade.

what inspired me to get use this color scheme. the 2013 Mizuno Wave Inspire 9.

truly inspire-ing 

i've always been an Inspire person, and this one really is inspire-ing ;) 

I hope we get this model and colorway here in the Philippines. SOON.

I actually like what's happening lately to mizuno's colors. for me, it's about time for the shoes to follow the trend of brightly colored shoes compared to other brands. mizuno has been well known as  durable shoes, but most of the colors brought here are a bit on the 'boring' side.

with the influx of the other 2013 shoes having psychedelic colors, things are cooking up with Mizuno for 2013.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


it has been literally almost a year since the last time i had a road race. the last time was 2011's king of the road. why did i all of a sudden take a hiatus from joining races, and/or running? well, it's more of like taking a break from a bad 'break up'. this bad break up was not with running per se, but more on some of the things i held close to my heart (and no, i did not break up with my girlfriend hahaha! we're very much still together thank you.)

since i haven't been active in both the running and multisport scene, this was my first run, and like a newbie, i was a bit hesitant if i can muster enough strength to survive this race. most of the races i've joined were usually held at BGC-McKinley area, or Roxas Blvd., so when the opportunity (and free kit) for a MOA race  was presented, i did not hesitate to join. During the presscon for the said event, i got excited, primarily because of the new race route (kudos to the Runrio team for this one). Also, having a 21K relay event was something new also. The race route was made to ensure that both relay runners will get enough mileage for their own half. True enough, it was different, in a good way ;)

it was also my first time to race without a hydration belt, no cell phone, not even a watch. i actually planned that i would still be racing with a watch, but while doing my own warm up prior to the start of the race, my watch's strap got broken so i had to go back to the car.

going back from the car, i started jogging and did a little bit of warm up before the race actually started at exactly 4:40am. although i was with my LEAP buddy from the start, i went for an early CR break with less than 2kms along the race, and then i was all by myself. all through out the race i was doing fine actually, i get ample hydration as there were a lot of water and powerade stations along the route (even the banana during the latter part of the route). this was one major thing i enjoy with recent road races, the never-ending supply of hydration (note to self though: no more powerade for me as it gave me kabag all through out the race, hehehe) water na lang for me. (pero ok for me ang powerade na AFTER the race, hehehe).

points to ponder during and after the race for me:

1) running 21K was no joke. i know i've had 2 full marathons in the past. but running 21k from 'scratch' was no joke. good thing i was able to sneak some mileage runs prior to this one. i was able to sustain a sub3 finish (yes i know, bagal dba? but what the heck, walang masakit sa akin after the race, and that's more important for me :) ) lesson learned: incorporate speed training, specially for that one last secondwind sprint to the finish.

new route for me to explore. 21K is really a long distance race

2) nutrition plan is important for running more than 16K. during the race, i felt a bit dizzy at one point, prompting me to slow down a bit to ensure i'm going to be ok. it would also be good if i had proper sleep the week prior the race. nutrition strategy to be implemented in succeeding races and trainings, kahit simple sugar lang, knowing when to take them, and how much to take at certain times would be crucial to being a finisher, or a DNFer.

3) no matter what, it's my race, it's my pace. good thing i was able to control myself from being carried away from the rest of the crowd early on. my being a 'veteran' got the best of me. i saw a lot of new faces rushing early, only to finish way behind, walking after the 1st km. nothing wrong with that ha, (as i myself took some walk breaks along the way), but also knowing how to pace one's self is part of the art of long distance racing.

4) running releases toxins from my body. when i stopped running, other than obviously gaining a few pounds, i had a lot of pimples again. when i started running again, my face slowly cleared up. the toxins building up were excreted through sweat (iba pa rin ang sarap ng tagaktak pawis moments after races). i believe and feel its a nice motivation to get back into running again, just like before.

one thing i missed was being in the presence of like-minded indiviuals, friends after the race. its nice to be spend time with family during weekends, but its also nice to spend a few minutes (or even hours) post race with people who suffer the way you do (hahaha sadista?)

overall, my comeback race was a good one. well hydrated. nice new route. festive atmosphere before and after the race, with matching bands performing. a very systematic loot bag claiming (sobrang daming laman ng loot bag in fairness! ibang level ang Unilever sa dami ng laman nung bag!) the finisher's medal was also nice. overall, it was a good choice for a comeback race.

here is the list for the top winners of the Rexona Run 2012:

1st place: Jessa Mangsat (BIB 3435) TIME: 0:19:55
2nd place: Lovely Gemeroy (BIB 2019) TIME: 0:20:38
3rd place: Annaleah Cierva (BIB 1786) TIME 0:24:48

1st place: Willie Rotich (BIB 534) TIME: 0:14:55
2nd place: Philip Ronoh (BIB 235) TIME: 0:15:14
3rd place: Rene Herrera (BIB 1780) TIME 0:15:25

1st place: Jackline Nzino (BIB 5357) TIME: 1:24:25
2nd place: Mary Grace Delos Santos (BIB 6770) TIME: 1:24:37
3rd place: Nhea Ann Barcena (BIB 4014) TIME: 1:32:00

1st place: Jackson Chirchir (BIB 6850) TIME: 1:09:25
2nd place: Musa Bett (BIB 5354)TIME: 1:09:39
3rd place: Benjamin Kipkazi (BIB 6460) TIME: 1:11:25

1st place: Flordeliza Donos & Jho-ann Banayag  TIME: 1:25:23
2nd place: Cristabel Martes & Jolly Ann Ballester TIME: 1:28:35
3rd place: Victorina Carmen &Dalyn Carmen TIME: 1:33:22

1st place: Rafael Poliquit Jr. & Richard Salano TIME: 1:10:21
2nd place: Samuel Tarus & Julius Kipkalam TIME: 1:11:35
3rd place: Raquin Irinio & Michael Villamor TIME: 1:12:15

1st place: Lowemar Strella & Michelle Tibagacay TIME: 1:26:23
2nd place: Merlyn Lumagbas & Ryan Maranan TIME: 1:33:22
3rd place: Magic Lazo &Miguel Lazo TIME: 1:39:52

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Men's Health Urbanathlon 2012

every year, the men's health urbanathlon has always been one of the unique races of the year. compared to the usual road races happening every weekend, the Men's Health Urbanathlon offers a whole new approach to road racing.

just like previous races, MH Urbanathlon still has its 5, 10 and 21K routes with their signature obstacles, but this year, they've modified some of the obstacles used in previous editions of the said race.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

REXONA RUN 2012 SEPT 23, 2012

i've been out of the road racing scene for the longest time since i started running in 2008, primarily because, the races has been held in almost the same venue for more than 2 years already. one of the venues that i haven't had a race held in would be the MOA area. so when i was given the opportunity to join this run, i decided that this could be my come back race.

the past few weeks had been hard on my training schedule, primarily because of the bad weather.

well well well, i guess the running gods heard me (na hindi pa ako 100% ready)

for those who haven't heard or seen the tweets since last night, please see press release below regarding Rexona Run 2012:

Rexona Run 2012 Postponed

In its commitment to give the best running experience to its runners, the Rexona Run
2012 slated this Sunday, August 12, 2012 at the Mall of Asia grounds has been postponed.

Due to the extreme weather that is hitting Metro Manila and other parts of the country,
Rexona, together with RunRio, has decided to move this much-anticipated event to a later
date to ensure that the logistics are fully in place to give participants a safe and enjoyable
run. This will give the race officials and participants who are affected by the heavy rains and
flooding time to recover and recharge before the run.

Now on its third year, the Rexona Run has become one of the most anticipated
running events. This year, participants will prove their mettle and get a chance to win cash
prizes, medals and bragging rights in the 21K Solo, 21K Relay and 5K races. Flat screen
TVs and mobile phones will also be given away to lucky participants.

The top 3 finishers in the 21K Solo take home P7,000, 5,500, and 4,000; while
P5,000, 4,000, and 3,000 will be awarded to each member of the top finishers in the 21K
Relay division. Finally, the top three finishers in the 5K category bring home P4,000 for first,
3,000 for second and 2,000 for third.

For more updates, check out the Rexona Men Facebook page, visit www.
or call/text the race hotline at +63927-347-7700 (Globe), +63929-717-8164 (Smart) or +632-
887-6194 .

Rio de la Cruz ‏
" @coach_rio316 #RexonaRun2012 now on September 23,2012! Please wait for further announcements. Registration will be extended!"

more time to train! :) time to get back into the game to push myself :) 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

cebu cebu

on my birthday, a  lot of friends and teammates will be celebrating their ironman 70.3 debut, for some, it would be their redemption day. to inspire them on their journey, a few teammates made something for teammates to further boost their morale and keep them more excited for this sunday's race.

you can read the compilation here:

Friday, May 4, 2012

what's new with runner's world philippines

as this weekend is literally within the grasp of each and every excited runner-triathletes, I am just in awe with how fast Coach Ani de Leon-Brown got her tri mojos back in such a short period. last year, she got married, and became a mom, and in no time, got to the tri scene back just like that!

how did she do it?

up until now, people still consider running as one of the fastest and sure-fire way of losing weight. but running also should be accompanied by healthy eating/ diet. In my case, i've always been stuck at a certain weight, and  i believe that this reading the latest issue of Runner's World Philippines will be of help on how to approach this concern.

for other details and interesting topics, get your copy of the latest Runner's World Philippines.

for more details on the other articles, kindly read the press release from Summit Media, the number one magazine publishing company in the Philippines.

Runner’s World Philippines celebrates its first anniversary

Runner’s World Philippines celebrates its first anniversary with the April-June issue themed as the Weight-Loss Special. “As we look forward to more years down the road (and trails), we hope to give you even more training information, nutrition, up-to-the-minute studies, and uplifting stories to keep you running stronger and longer,” says Runner’s World editor-in-chief Marie Calica in her Editor’s Letter.

As the anniversary issue of Runner’s World Philippines trains the spotlight on the link between running and weight-loss, the issue also highlights the significance of focusing on what you eat when it comes to shedding those excess pounds. Featuring the article “Golden Rules of Weight-Loss”, these road-tested key nutrition principles will help you overhaul your eating habits and slim you down for good.

While running keeps you fit, healthy, and happy, more running-related injuries can also be incurred. Runner’s World Philippines gives you 10 time-tested principles by sports-medicine experts to teach you how to stay injury-free for more years to come. A simple change in the routine like knowing your limits, shortening your stride, and stretching the back of your legs are some of the principles you will learn in this feature.

In the anniversary issue of Runner’s World Philippines, find out interesting running facts and idiosyncrasies in the article “The Best of Running” as it features facts like the top distance runner in history, inventions that changed the way we run, the best running-inspired movies, the most popular Pinoy runner, and more.

Pro Triathlete Ani De Leon graces the cover of the April-June issue of Runner’s World Philippines, now available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide for P150. For more of Runner’s World online, become a fan on Facebook and on Twitter via