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Hot and Cold

okay, enough of you singing. hahahaha!

Training for Condura has given me options on when to do my runs. Given that this is a midnight run, it gives me the option to train super early morning, OR after work. Given that i am admittedly not a weekday morning runner, I feel that its more appropriate, in my case, to train at night because obviously the weather conditions at night are more or less similar to that as of race day. although there are times when its not that cold during midnights or early morning, the initial temperature usually helps in setting up the mood to run.

last sunday, i was able to finally do my literal long run, this long run was also my first legit heat training run. since i was not able to wake up earlier than expected, i had to do my long run, super init.  my route was a modified QCIM half marathon route, plus a few rounds inside the village, and one round UP acad oval.

seriously, di ko gets anong difference ni route Part 1 and Part 2. 

grabe! i was literally sunog. i started 9am, and lasted for almost 4 hours, due to the numerous walk breaks done in the heat of the summer-like sun (and i thought it was almost christmas time na? ehhhh bakit super init ng sikat ng araw? :(  ).
SUN-day long run

so far, i was able to explore the different bazaars along commonwealth avenue, and also the bike route placed along commonwealth avenue. the bike lane was a nice addition to commonwealth's wide road, but i don't think those looking for a ratrat training pace won't be able to do that as the bike lane was placed at the rightmost lane, side nearest UP,  shell select, etc. PERO hindi pa sha tapos, as the bike lane ended before tandang sora. (medyo bitin, but, better be safe than sorry, right?)

back to the topic, bakit hot and cold? last night kasi when i was running my supposedly easy run, i felt great (even though most of my day yesterday was not that good, it served as good fuel for the night run). i started with what i felt was a 730ish pace, slowly building up to a mga 7 or even a 645 pace at one point (i know mabagal, sorry naman hindi ako mamaw, and nag babalik loob pa lang ako ulit sa pag takbo, so cut me some slack ;) ) i felt really good running, pero at one point i felt i might be abusing myself too much, as it was suppose to be an easy run day last night. sooo i slowed down a bit in order to bring things back to what should have been the training for that day, easy 815 pace lang :) fortunately i was still able to finish my 3k easy at 24mins (not bad in my opinion, faster than what should have been hahaha).

what's the point of my run story now? wala. that there are times that i need to pace myself with my runs, specially for the full mary. i know at certain points i will be stronger but then again this IS 42.195 kms on the skyway. high elevation. long road ahead. medyo it may seem boring at time. possible also that there will be times that i'll be asking myself " are we there yet (sa u turn)?" pero what  have to do was to ensure that i got my mind on the game. make sure my running form is correct to be efficient in the longer run, and at the same time, practice mental toughness. its has been a while since i last ran more than 21k, adding another 21k would be a whole new different ball game.

tara, takbo tayo! :)

ayot? apir!


  1. Kudos Braderbrader!!! I don't think I would be as serious in running as you are given I am so tamad to lace up and get pumping. I'm the lace up then lie down and lift kind of guy now. or most likely lace up and hike kind of guy. does not mean I would stop joining in races every now and then. but keep it up. I'd love to train with you soon!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. good going braddddd. hanep sa heat training ah. baka naman next training mo is for ultra races na ha!


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