Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rizal Day 32K Run: maximizing potentials

yesterday, dec. 30, rizal day, was my last run/race for 2009.

it also was my first run more than 26K. ideally it was supposedly a 32K run, but to most of the garmin users, the distance was only 30K. i don't mind.

From Bald Runner's top ten, here are my reasons why i chose to run this race:

5. Bald Runner is the Race Organizer & Race Director. He is not fond of “distractions” or “frills” in road races, he wants everybody to simply run and have fun!

  • where else can you see a race with elite runners handing out free beer as early as 5AM (even before the race started), and after the race, you'd be welcomed by ICE COLD beer? :) add to that ice cream also :)
  • given that BR is a well-respected running authority among runners, we know that he wouldn't let the runners down. no major corporate sponsors, just runners organizing another run for the runners. just like the tagline of Team Hardcore, "No Frills, All Thrills." - nuff said?

this was what was waiting for you at the finish line.

with the almost summer heat during the run, who wouldn't want an ice-cold beverage? :)

3. Running inside Camp Aguinaldo for almost 5X will test the mental toughness of runners.

  • one of the things i dissuade from is running in circles (figurative and literal), but despite the race having to go around 4 times, the time that one would take up would make them "forget" that they are going round and round :) the repetitiveness of the route would also help me in my training for condura, as it would enable me to be tough mentally. kasi nga boring umikot eh, with the 42K, i think it would be a long and boring run, lalo na towards the latter part of the race, kasi pagod na and init pa, so this is a good training ground also.

2. The 32K distance is a perfect LSD run for Cebu Marathon, Condura Marathon & 2010 BDM 102. There is no cut-off time for this run!

  • when i saw that this race did not have a cut-off time, i was more determined to run this race. why? because as part of my condura training, this would provide the needed distance and at the same time eliminate the pressure of having cut off. this meant training run talaga, no pressures. (pero deep inside, i was targeting to finish a conservative 4hour 32K finish).

1. Burn those calories accumulated for attending Christmas Parties and a reason to eat & drink some more on New Year’s Eve!!!

  • same reason why we had the Pre-Noche Buena Run, and another one on New Year's Day Run. to burn off those extra calories gained during the holidays, and at the same time, being running addicts that we are, we just want to have fun (before, during and most specially after running).
Pero seriously, the Rizal Day Run was really a test for myself.

it was a test if i can finally do a full mary. i initially intended to run this race first before i register for the condura full marathon. as was previously mentioned by Sir Jovie's top ten reasons, the 32k run would be a good gauge on how well i need to improve on (running strategy, technique, hydration plan, etc) and at the same time, give my body an glimpse of what to expect.

the race was able to achieve my goals, to have a long run, and at the same time, to test my body's capabilities with running a longer distance.

"TIM" galloway (earl, docmarvs, me, carina, tracy)
photo courtesy of brando losaria

using the Galloway method with Carina, Tracy, Doc Marvs & Earl, we were able to finish our run injury-free and with enough energy after (to go the boodle fight, yehey!). initially, our "target time" was a conservative 4hour run for the 32k, but we were able to finish it at an average time of 3:34-3:36 (as the group dissolved after a certain point of the race).

this race was also a test for my shoes.

given that this race would be my longest so far, i intended to "break in" my shoes again for distances longer than 15-21K. after using my kayano 13 during the phil star celebrity run and the UP pre-noche buena run, this would be another opportunity for the shoe to prove itself, na it's a good buy, and that it can very well carry me until the end of the run.

there were some points where the weight of the shoes were "bothering" me as i can hear myself dragging my feet, pero ok naman sha. there was some time also where the forefoot gel of the right shoe felt harder than the left forefoot gel, but i didn't mind it. it wasn't really that of a factor why i had to slow down so i just brushed it off :)

realizations from the race:

1. never underestimate yourself

there were times before when i thought that i can't run that long. i thought that i may stop in the middle of the race/run and just quit, but i had to prove to myself otherwise. in this race, i just did that. for most of the run, i was doing well, i was ahead of my pace group (itago na lang natin sa pangalang TIM Galloway, hahaha) but on the 4th round, i felt a bit tired. i felt that i might not be able to finish the run with the group (as there were 2 other members of the pack that were left behind) so i had to slow down a bit. pero towards the end part, i was able to pick up my pace, and eventually come close to the head of our group's pacers (carina & doc marvs) to finish with a decent time.
ayan kasi, nag loloko, kaya na ubusan sa dulo!
go team galloway!

2. to each his own/ listen to your body

there have been small "talks/debates" within members regarding methods used in running. for the hardcore runners, they insist that one shouldn't stop running; others say that its better to be a positive splitter (faster start, slower finish), others naman say that it's best to conserve your energy from the start to have a stronger finish (negative split). during this race, i used the run-walk method. initially i wasn't very fond of this style as i thought that it would hamper my start (i was always IDEALLY trying to be a negative splitter), pero given the "shocking" review from the non-galloway followers, (na tipong pag andyan na ang galloway runners eh natthreaten sila kasi may walk nang kasama ung takbo, eh nakakahabol pa rin i.e. Jinoe during the rizal day run kahapon), i was made to believe that for long distances such as 21K above, this is the way to go.

yesterday's race/ long run proved to be the best opportunity to test this method. for most of the race i was doing well with this method. as mentioned earlier, i was most of the time at the head of my pace group, but towards the latter stages, i felt my left ITB starting to act up, so i had to slow down a bit. after a while, the discomfort went away, and i proceeded with my run. after a few minutes of continuous running, i now started to feel the discomfort on my right ITB. wow, an impending double whammy, double ITBS? this i would not allow to happen so i decided to finally slow down a bit (not to mention take a bladder break). this break would then be the start of my longest walk break during the race, as i started to feel slight discomfort also on my right forefoot, and i was preventing my left AND right ITB from acting up again. I don't want to sabotage my Condura Full Mary dreams during this training run. i then told pepsi (who i asked to pace me at the last round) that i needed to have a long walk break, and then after that continuous slow run-jog na til the end. in fairness my strategy worked naman, as i was able to mount a "strong finish" upon reaching the gates of camp aguinaldo's stage area. i was able to sprint siguro the last 500m ba yun? or shorter, basta hindi ako gapang pagdating sa finish line.

and ang catch, eh i felt good afterwards. not much body aches, sore feet, or what. i even felt i can still add mileage that day, tipong i can still run a few more KMs. in my mind, i have proven that the galloway system works for me. i'm not that tired after the run, and i can still muster enough strength to sprint the last few meters. also, my time from those who ran continuously was not that far behind. :D

after the race, while conversing with other peeps, i mentioned that it was my first time to see my tights with sweat marks. they said that i was already dehydrated. hmmm, must be one of the reasons why i had to slow down? my body's own way of saying i had to slow down or else i might suffer from dehydration, and be left in the middle of the race? haha :)

other pictures to follow as most, if not all, the takbo photographers have not yet uploaded their pics :)
abby jocson & the kenkoyrunner
oist abby ang bilis niyo ni luis ha ;) gang captured by Sir Jovie's camera

more pics to follow as soon as the cameras have been uploaded :)

part 2:'s boodle fight at El Kapitana's office :) COMING SOON!

thanks to Luis (the gingerbreadman) and Sir Jovie (bald runner) for the images placed here from their blogs/ facebook accounts.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

what's up with mizuno in 2010

Here's what's happening with Mizuno :)

*January 10, 2010:
  • start of the registration for the Mizuno Infinity Run.
  • Running Sale with discounts shooting up to 80% off.
  • Mizuno Running Expo
special guests include: Olympian Henry Dagmil, SEA games athlete Neil Ducusin, distinguished running coaches Ige Lopez, Patrick Joson and Peter Gonzales, renowned race organizer Rudy Biscocho (and yours truly!WAHAHAHAHA)

These well known running personalities will share tips and other info about competitive running form, proper hydration and nutrition, latest technology and gear, and other vital information to help them get the most out of their running season.

The Mizuno Running Expo will happen from 10am to 7pm at the BMG Centre, Magallanes Commercial Center, Makati.

*April 11, 2010:

*Mizuno Infinity Race – “/Beat Your Own Time./”
-the race where in you've got to prove yourself. Improve your previous time this time.

Registration fees are at 400 pesos for the 5/10K and 450 pesos for the 15K.
Register at the following Mizuno stores: Boni High Street, Megamall, Festival Mall, Mall of Asia, Trinoma and Magallanes.

Watch out for the launch of *Creation 11 – the official shoe for the Mizuno Infinity Race*. Runners will get their race packets for free upon purchase of Creation 11.

just make sure that you have a neutral gait for the Creation 11 :)

This is on top of the generous freebies that Mizuno and partner sponsors have prepared.

The Mizuno Infinity Run Expo is made possible in cooperation with Oakley and Gatorade with the following major sponsors: Mail and More, Suunto, and Manila Water. Doctor J, Derm Plus Lotion, Citgo, and BMG Solar. Media partners include RunnerSpeak, Run Radio on NU 107, Men’s Health and Women’s Health.

Please visit or call 757-3160 loc 515 for more details.

Friday, December 25, 2009

gingerbreadman's playground

today's run was supposedly a chill run, after my 17.2K run during the christmas eve run with the takbo gang, i thought of having at least another 15k or less, around the chilly place of UP. i'm not sure if there were a lot of people running today since its christmas, but what the heck, let's just try din diba?

while hanging out at the shoutbox, and being online in YM, i chanced upon GBM who also had plans of running today (christmas day) so what else to do? it's boring to run alone, so i opted to join his training for today, and find out what makes GBM a successful runner.

at first, i thought it was just another long run day for the GBM, but lo and behold! he told me that it would be a SPEED ENDURANCE training day. in my mind, what the heck was that!?!?!?!??!! i know there is a SPEED training, and there is another ENDURANCE training, but what the heck is a SPEED ENDURANCE Training?

knowing luis, he'd explain to me in details the instructions tipong on what to do, etc, but knowing me, i didn't listen as much and just asked him what type of shoes to bring. he said speed shoes, so brought my ever-trusted, and ever-loyal mizuno wave inspire 4 and went to mcdo pearl drive to start training.

there were 2 parts for the training, the first part was for SPEED, and the other, malamang ENDURANCE. so for the first part, eto ang sabi ni GBM:

" 3x 400 at all out, 800 at 5k pace, 2000m at 5:00 min pace "

wow, all out! ngayon ko lang ulit to gagawin since my "all out" incident during the mizuno run clinic tapos all out ulit? hehehe ako naman, dahil under training, sige sunod lang.

ang galing kasi ung fastest lap namin, umabot ako ng 3:45 pace for 400 m nung 1st round.
after that 1 round, tagaktak pawis ako grabe.

ibang level na training talaga ito. bale paspas ka ng 400m all out pace, all hell breaks lose kumbaga, tapos mag shishift down ka to a lower pace, in our case, parang mga 5 ata ung ginamit namin ng 1st round. kinaya ko naman sha, hehehe :) tas un, kaya naman, second round, medyo nawasak na ako kaya hindi ko naulit ung 3;45 na pace. sobrang kawasakan nung unang round, eh naging 4.27 ung round 2 all out pace namin. after nun, na maintain naman namin ung aming target, pero sabi ko kay luis since 1st day, if pwede 2 rounds na muna for today, hehehe

after nung 2 sets, we went to our 10k route, as usual andun ang deadly hills combo ni luis. para kay luis, chill na sa kanya ang mga 6 na pace, pero pag race day eh 5 ata ang gamit during 10k races.

here are some of the pics of where we had our training (luis' special playground)

dito nag uumpisa yung intervals namin. No Parking. tire lock. tagaktak pawis pagdating sa point na ito, tapos rest lang ng 3 mins, tapos paspas ulit
dito naman ang start ng endurance training.
after nung paspas na intervals, eh susubukan, or baka susukatin ang inyong end
urance, kung tatagal ka pa after. ideally may target pace din ito, pero dahil sa bagito pa ako sa training na ito, medyo mabagal kami natapos.

eto na ang triple hill combo ng luis playground.

hill #1: st. paul

hill # 2: st. martin

(di ko ata nakuhanan kasi tumakbo akong paakyat, at nakaligtaan kong mag document,serious training mode)

hill #3: motel hill

shhh di nyo alam itong mga ito ah, secret training ito ni luis!

hanggang sa uulitin!

kung gawin ko kaya to sing dalas ni luis (bale 6 times a week yun noh), bibilis kaya ako singtulin ni luis?


fight the fat: takbo bago mag pasko

sa isang dako ng mundo-lapad-sapot (worldwideweb) ay may ilang nilalang na nagtangkang mag-isip tumakbo sa umaga ng bisperas ng pasko. nung umpisa ay 5 tao lamang ang hinatak/ sinabihan ng mga taong ito, ngunit unti-unting kumalat sa buong, kaya ang numero ng mga tumakbo ay dumami sa ganito (tingan ang larawan ng mga mananakbong sumali sa patimpalak tagaktak-pawis na ito)

early birdies (or should i say, running addicts to the max!)

ang mga kalahok na ito ay nag umpisang tumakbo dapat ng 6am ngunit malamang dahil sa malamig na panahon, maraming ang nahuli, at ang grupo ay nag simulang tumakbo ng mga 620AM na siguro. makalipas ang 1 ikot sa UP acad oval ay may mga dumagdag na manlalaro

na pick up namin sa daan sina brunow (RJ) at chellybelly (cherry) sa tapat ng palma hall,
kasama din nila RJ & Chelly si i markymark (mark) (not in the picture, ako yang naka red)

nakasama din namin sa takbong ito ang si second wind owner, hector yuzon.

another pic of TIM secondwind (paolo, hector, timmy)
final class pic before the actual run started (2 rounds of 7.5K route, plus extras)

base sa nakapaskil sa sinulid (thread) ng pakulong ito, ang mga tao ay dapat naka PULA or LUNTIAN sa araw na ito bilang paggugunita ng nalalapit na kapaskuhan. nahati tuloy ang grupo sa dalawang team (composed of all those in red, duh!)


team combi (si mike kasi combination ng lahat ng other colors)

here are some of the pics while running, and other PIC stops.

kenkoyrunner & planet trumanian (mizuno boys pero naka adidas & nike respectively)
team captains o mascots for the red team (?)
timmy: bry, unahan tayo dumating sa econ parking. matalo manglilibre ng reg fee?
bry: (wahahahaha serious ka timmy? naka ultra hayup-animal cw-x tights
with super powers ata ako ngayon!) sige game! :)

kahit bisperas na ng pasko, meron pa rin mga humahataw sa long runs.

challenge #1: ang mahuli sa tuktok ng heartbreak hill, manglilibre ng bagong shoesdoc eye: ok lang ako, kaya kita habulin! nakita mo ba itong aking bagong mizuno wave nirvana?
challenge #2: smile all throughout the run

matapos ang mga takbuhan, napagod din ang mga tao at itinuloy ang walang kamatayang picture-an.
early birdies: unang nag stop/rest :)

galing kay bry, caloy, at pio ang mga larawan.

can't get enough of chelly the belly? :D

hanggang sa susunod!

kitakits sa Rizal Day Run!
ice cream, beer at boodle fight (c/o el kapitana! yahoo!)! saan ka pa?

tapos, itakbo natin ulit bago mag bagong taon? tara na! :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

follow your heart

it's been a while since i last wrote something about my races, primarily because i haven't been racing much.

the last time i raced was during the New Balance race (where i got a new PR, coming from behind i was able to time my run at 56:23 for my 3rd 10k overall, but because i was a few mins late, my official time was 1:03) sobrang bagal kasi kumilos kaya ayan, na late, pero in fairness, from the time i started my come-from-waaay- behind-run, i was able to achieve my sub-6o goal that day :D and tuwa din ako kasi i was not able to sleep much (i came from somewhere pa the night before, got home at around 3, i had to wake up at 4 to prepare myself for the race which started at 5am. since medyo late ako, kailangang paspas takbo when i got to the starting line, together with the 5K runners getting ready for their run too.

anyway, back to the recently concluded Phil Star Celebrity Run, I was not really suppose to race this one. i intentionally did not register for any other race during the december months as i intend to bandit the races and add on mileage after the 21k route. while i was sleeping, i was awakened by a text from a fellow runner, argonaut, telling me if i wanted a race bib, as he has an extra. in my mind, i was thinking, why not use the free race bib, even if im not running, i can still attempt to have a new 21K PR or if not, PR for the registered person (sabi ni argo, ang PR daw is 3 hours for the 21K, so no matter what, eh makaka PR "sha" kasi never naman ako umabot ng 3 hours for my 21k run.

prior to the race, i already told a few fellow runners if we can pace together, they agreed naman. I ran with Gab and RunningDiva for most of the time, this was also documented in the blog of daytripped runner (thanks for including me in your blog! :) )

during the run, most of the time i was a in front of RunningDiva and Gab. I think RD was thinking i wanted to speed up and leave them behind but in actuality, i didn't want to be at the back because knowing myself, i might slow down and lose steam towards the end. there was even a point when RD told us to slow down as we were running too fast (and in her words, we were almost doing a pace of 4mins/km which, i believe was an exxageration, kasi i don't think i'm that strong na hindi ako lawit-dila while we were running that "mabilis" pace). along the way, RD acted as our pacer, instructing us to maintain our even pace, to look down or up, or to have a consistent breathing, etc, todo coaching kumbaga (which i appreciated as i don't run with a "group" na who gives me tips while i run, etc).

everything was going as planned but before we reached mckinley, RD started to slow down, she urged us to go ahead but as a group, we tried to accompany her pa rin. there was even a point where gab and i stopped literally and looked for RD and waited for her kasi nga trio nag start, ideally trio mag finish.

along the way, gab went ahead, and RD stayed at the back so i was left alone in the middle. on my lonely time alone, i was thinking alot about stuff, about work, love life, career, etc. this might have been one factor that made me "slow down" or even make me say im tinatamad already.

i've realized that at the start i was strong, and even until after the gruesome hills combo of the route, i believe i can still make it to my ideal target time of 2:15-2:20 IF i stayed with the pace initially set, and if i focused on the task at hand.

after the race (which i finished unofficially at 2:34) i was suppose to run additional mileage, but due to my kapaguran, i was not able to add anymore. i was eyeing to have sana a 32K long run that day but i wasn't conditioned maybe because there were a lot of things going on on my mind which diverted my energy elsewhere.

as i was on my way to pick up my girlfriend, i texted Running Diva and thanked her for pacing us during the run. i also apologized for not being able to keep up with the group, etc. i told her that it was a privilege to have paced with her, and that i know i could have done better if i had been running as much as i should have. i mean, it could have been a lot worse if i was not "mayabang" na ayaw tumirik along the way, but i also know that i could have done way much better IF i had been running. or if i had enough rest, or if i didn't think of a lot of things during the run.

in short, i should have just followed my heart, ran the race with no other thing in mind but to finish the race, and to reward myself that at the end of the run, i am to meet up with Ten, and that would make everything feel better again :)

i know i've been running for almost a year, and its been a roller coaster ride. i know that when i train, or at least prepare for a race, i get good times, and when i slack off, i get a respectable time, but deep down i know i could have done better.

also on a lighter note, i used. broke in (tama ba ung term?) my kayano 13 during the phil star celeb run, and i was satisfied with the cushioning, pero it was a bit heavy na when it was towards the latter part of the race (well mostly i noticed its weight during the hilly parts). ang kulit lang because for most part of the race it was drizzling, and i was doing well then, but when the sun shone, i felt weak and tiresome. another kulit factor was, when i posted sa FB that my kayano 13's binyag it rained also, she replied na it's a blessing for the shoes, literal similar to a binyag ng tao.

i sure do hope that this new pair of shoes would be a blessing for me for the condura run as i seriously train for it para i get a decent time for my first full mary :)
may i be able to focus on the tasks at hand (both in career and in running) so that i'd be able to maximize myself, and at the same time, maximize the potentials in me which i haven't been able to fully utilize until now :(

Saturday, December 19, 2009

lucky 13

today is the day i retired my mizuno wave inspire 4.

after almost 700+ kms under its soles, i have finally decided to retire it. we've had numerous PRs together, starting with my first 21K in botak last may, upto the timex 5k funrun, and to its final 10Lrun last dec.15. and dami naming pinagdaanan ng inspire ko, and it's a bit sad to have it finally retire from competitive running, pero i believe it's replacement would hold on to the records we've had (and i'm sure my elixir 4 would also continue the winning tradition of mizuno).

as i retire my ever-trusted and ever-reliable wave inspire 4, i had a lot of things going on in my mind as to what brand and model am i to choose to replace it.

i researched online and found out that other than the upgraded model (inspire 5), asics gt 2140 was the most similar shoe to the mizuno wave inspire line.

after much consultation online, and with other fellow runners, i decided to finally troop to second wind to ask hector for his expert advice on what to get :)

at first, i was still torn between inspire and gt2140 but then i saw the kayano 13 on sale. at first i was a bit hesitant because of the price tag, but when i asked hector about the % off, it turned out to be a little cheaper than the gt 2140. i tried out both shoes AND fell in love with the kayano13.

after much thought, i finally decided to get my newest pair, an asics gel kayano 13 :)ang gwapo shoes diba? :)

don't worry, hindi lang looks ang pinagbasihan ko when i bought this one. mas malambot din sha sa heel, if ever mag heel strike ako as the distance goes longer. sobrang thankful na lang din ako at walang size sa kayano 16, kundi mas malaking damage ang mapapala ko dito.

in other news....

in line with my preparation for condura 42, i also got a hydration bag from mizuno :)

the bag might look like it's an expensive one, but like what i've said about mizuno, they provide the necessary stuff without being too much of a burden to your pockets (thanks mizuno!) this baby carries 2L also, and is lightweight (which i like!) i will be using this during BR's Rizal Day Run on Dec. 30th as part of my dry run for Condura 2010.

lastly, to make sure that i will not back out or slack off during the holiday season, i have finally registered for the Condura 2010 Full Marathon.
this is it!

no more backing out :) full speed ahead!

skyway, here i come!

oh and yeah, if ever i get lost on the skyway, i've got my road id already! wahoo!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

never settling.

after the successful 3rd batch of Mizuno Run Club, Mizuno has another ace up its sleeve. For those Mizuno addicts who want to avail of lower priced Mizuno apparel, shoes, and other stuff, troop to their Year End Sale from Dec.4-6 at the BMG Centre in Magallanes.

around the same time last year, i decided to get myself a pair of serious running shoes. although the shoes i got were not Mizunos, they were able to give me enough support to push me to pursue running. this time, i'm thinking of having another pair of mizunos (my 3rd this year if ever) to help me train for my first full marathon in Condura.

if you are interested in running, and you are looking for an awesome brand that wouldn't hurt your wallet as much, remember to drop by Mizuno's Year End Sale :)

see you around, and remember, NEVER SETTLE! :)