Friday, May 4, 2012

what's new with runner's world philippines

as this weekend is literally within the grasp of each and every excited runner-triathletes, I am just in awe with how fast Coach Ani de Leon-Brown got her tri mojos back in such a short period. last year, she got married, and became a mom, and in no time, got to the tri scene back just like that!

how did she do it?

up until now, people still consider running as one of the fastest and sure-fire way of losing weight. but running also should be accompanied by healthy eating/ diet. In my case, i've always been stuck at a certain weight, and  i believe that this reading the latest issue of Runner's World Philippines will be of help on how to approach this concern.

for other details and interesting topics, get your copy of the latest Runner's World Philippines.

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Runner’s World Philippines celebrates its first anniversary

Runner’s World Philippines celebrates its first anniversary with the April-June issue themed as the Weight-Loss Special. “As we look forward to more years down the road (and trails), we hope to give you even more training information, nutrition, up-to-the-minute studies, and uplifting stories to keep you running stronger and longer,” says Runner’s World editor-in-chief Marie Calica in her Editor’s Letter.

As the anniversary issue of Runner’s World Philippines trains the spotlight on the link between running and weight-loss, the issue also highlights the significance of focusing on what you eat when it comes to shedding those excess pounds. Featuring the article “Golden Rules of Weight-Loss”, these road-tested key nutrition principles will help you overhaul your eating habits and slim you down for good.

While running keeps you fit, healthy, and happy, more running-related injuries can also be incurred. Runner’s World Philippines gives you 10 time-tested principles by sports-medicine experts to teach you how to stay injury-free for more years to come. A simple change in the routine like knowing your limits, shortening your stride, and stretching the back of your legs are some of the principles you will learn in this feature.

In the anniversary issue of Runner’s World Philippines, find out interesting running facts and idiosyncrasies in the article “The Best of Running” as it features facts like the top distance runner in history, inventions that changed the way we run, the best running-inspired movies, the most popular Pinoy runner, and more.

Pro Triathlete Ani De Leon graces the cover of the April-June issue of Runner’s World Philippines, now available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide for P150. For more of Runner’s World online, become a fan on Facebook and on Twitter via