Friday, February 26, 2010

what comes after FOUR-play?

guess who's got a new inspiration.

Inspire Six.

Finally it's here.

Kenkoy Review 

to come soon :) 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i hate traffic

after condura, the next big race lined up was the century tuna superbods run which, is also the first leg of the most-awaited run rio trilogy. given that this race had been promoted endlessly by no other than derek ramsey and coach rio, this race was definitely doomed to be jampacked. not only that this was rio's race, but also the throngs of female runners, both newbies and non-newbies, were all ogling to see a topless derek running. (too bad, these girls weren't able to to see derek topless).

this race had been such a hit to those who weren't even running or even racing regularly, the demand for registration forms, singlets and even bibs were already scarce. (i didn't even have a singlet for myself!) and given this scenario, i knew it would be chaotic, so i decided to go to the venue earlier than usual.

but wait. let me backtrack on why i decided to run this race.

since this was a timex-sponsored event, my gf decided to get her running shoes out of the closet and join this race. given that she was not running that regularly, i knew i had to be there to pace her, and to make sure that she would finish her first-ever 10K. she even started to run for a few times before sunday's big race. unfortunately, she got sick a few days before the race, and was advised not to run anymore for the century superbods race. (boooo!)

because of this i decided to take this run and try to official break into a sub60 10K.

since i got to the venue early, i decided to hung out with fellow 10K runners from

(L-R) Florence, Z,  the KenkoyRunner, the Kikay Runner, Run, Kick, Smash

as we were there early, we decided to hang out for a while and waited for the gun start. while chatting, we saw that the countdown started already for the 21K. we even joked that that was already the 21K's gunstart. (little did we know that we were right, and that the race started way earlier than what was originally stated).  while waiting for the other 10K runners from our group, we decided to have some pictures taken before.

with the happy couple (mike & julie), Z, noelle, timmy,
florence, sid,  & julie's friend

carina joining the group

little did these runners know that their race started already while they were taking pictures and were on petiks mode. while waiting, we heard the PA system calling out the 5K and 3K runners. 

where the heck were the other 10K runners? the race started without our group (and for sure a lot more other 10K runners) that our race started already! we then hurriedly swam literally across the field full of 5K runners doing some "stretching" while we were literally trying to catch up and try to salvage our PR attempts for this race.

before the race started, i asked noelle if i can pace with her as i attempted to finally and officially break my sub60 goal. knowing that she's a halimaw in the making (or diwata or dyosa for that matter), sticking with her would definitely help me with my goal. true enough, as soon as we freed ourselves from all the sea of 5K runners, she blasted off like a crazy dog running after the mailman! :)  i was amazed at sid who, after a few more meters, he was still sticking with noelle's pace which, according to her newly acquired garmin, they registered a 3something pace at one point.  (good thing i didn't stick with this pace group as for sure, i would not be able to finish the race in one piece, hahaha).

as i decided to take this race more seriously, and based on what i know and how i know how my body functions, i started to slow down a bit and tried to maneuver my way around these sea of 10K runners and 5K runners.

the race route was unique as it was my first race that explored the other run roads inside fort bonifacio, namely those behind st.lukes, MC Home Depot (tama ba?) and the dreaded last 3K of the condura full marathon. all the while, i just kept on running and running.  so focused, that i was not even able to notice jinoe & Q as we turned from market market not until they both called me from behind. 

ayon, the race route was something new nga for me, which was nice, kasi this means its not going to be boring from the usual 10K routes held in Fort.  everything went fine until i got near S&R na. i believe that after this stretch, the finish line is near na. but no, as soon as i got there, there were literally a sea of 5& 3K runners all over the place! not to mention the other 10K runners/walkers, blocking each  and every possible opening to reach the finish line the fastest possible time. as i looked at my watch, i saw that i could still make it, so instead of slowing down and being one with these walkers, i decided to exert more effort instead. i had to literally squeeze my way out from the crowd to make sure that i get  my sub60 10K goal. at the back of my mind, i told myself that its about time to get myself a sub60. I didn't even feel that my right knee was starting to show some discomfort. i just focused on running for my 10K.

ayon. finally i reached the finish line. no frills. no freebie much upon the finish line itself. instead, you have to go line up for your certificate and loot bag and free breakfast, etc. sobrang traffic even there. and its was a hassle.

despite these traffic backlogs, i just focused on the good things that happened that day. 

i was able to finally and officially nail a sub60 10K,   
hang out with my takbo friends 

the usual post-race breakfast, 

and dedicated my race to my gf :) 

ten happy thoughts indeed.

pero  i still hate traffic.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

running is good for the heart

so, you're a runner.

you've heard and might have read the benefits of running, 
and what running (or exercise in general) does to you and your body.

other than the stated obvious reasons why running is good for the heart, 

here are some more reasons on why running is really good for the heart.

let's just have the pictures speak for themselves...


(akala ni fifi sha lang ah :) hahaha)









running is really good for the heart, as can be seen through these images
(but running also is not that friendly to your pockets, hahahahaha)

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so ano, tara, takbo na!

ayot? apir!

eto talaga ang dahilan sa break up ni...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

post condura run

here are additional pictures from condura :) 

picture with rodrunner :)

picture with patcon

picture with "coach" pojie

picture with pao (bastarunnersweetlover)

picture with my girlfriend :)
after the condura run, i made sure i rested enough before i had my "recovery" run.

tonight, i decided that it's about time to run again.

i was doing fine for almost 3Ks and i was a bit happy coz there's no pain at all, etc, 

no soreness and to think i was using my old wave inspire 4.

then suddenly

this is what happened.

and this

wait for it......

was the aftermath.

(i am warning you, if you don't want to look, you can go ahead and leave a comment  haha)

ganda noh, both knees :)

more damage on my right knee :)

hassle noh?

ang sabi pa ng dad ko after malaman na nadapa ako:

Dad: anong nangyari sayo?
KR: nadapa ako. hindi ko nakita na may humps sa daan
Dad: nakatapos ka ng 42K pero sa kanto nadapa ka?

i know right?


Monday, February 8, 2010

virgin no more

people say that it's painful when you do it for the first time.

a lot of my friends have done it way ahead before me.  people have been telling since mid-2009 that i should already try to do it.  i've always thought of doing this when i feel I'm ready for it, to commit to it.  I didn't want to do something I would eventually regret.

doing this entails responsibility, and commitment, and would be really time-consuming.

let's begin with the end

when i started seriously running at last year's Condura Run, I never imagined thinking of ever running a full marathon in the near future. after that condura run, i started training for 10K races, then slowly leveling up to having LSDs and 15K and 10milers, and eventually had my first half marathon at Botak Paatibayan in May 2009. during that race, i witnessed how a not so "well-organized" full marathon that packed up everything way before the "cut-off" when the race didn't even have a cut-off to start with. with that in mind, if ever i decide to have my first full marathon, i would make sure that my first full marathon would have enough water supplies.

this idea started when Condura Run race organizers announced that they will be having a full marathon when i finally said to myself that's it about time.

training occurred, and eventually i was ready.

after running 32K rizal day run and having another 37K simulation run, i believed i was ready.

here are some images i had during my first full marathon.

"panatang makabayan..."   sumpa ng mananakbo?
picture taken at the aid station (early part of the race)
picture taken by mcoy lontoc

support banners created for first time marathoners
thank you guys & gals
photo by quennie (ata?)
this support was first seen in Subic International Marathon and was continued for all first timers 
(for full marathon and half-marathoners)

my view of the skyway (taken by my cellphone)

on my way back from the turn around point at the end of skyway bicutan exit

 kenkoyrunner on the skyway
(para may proof akong i was there sa skyway)

condura skyway hill # 2: i wasn't able to take a picture of the first part of the condura skyway"hills"

the first flyover was the 'end part' of the 'second' condura skyway hill, the floor i was on was the connected with the u-turn near terminal 3. but that's not the end of it ;) 

deo, kenkoyrunner, raymund, doc art at the skyway nearing KM.30
photo taken by quennie
on my way back, i encountered some of my other runner-friends, others had cramps, recurrence of ITBS, or blisters.

marie & timmy
i was able to meet up with the editor-in-chief of Runner's World Philippines towards Buendia exit


here are some pics from the Reinier Pacific Aid Station

halata bang takam na takam ako sa saging ng Aid Station? when i was still with the other guys I told them that i wanted to have a banana, and so when i got there, sa station, i had my saging :) hehehe

from the aid station, i started my run again. i decided to continue with the run-walk strategy that i initially intended to do to finish the condura run. upon reaching the kalayaan flyover, i knew it would be supposedly around 5K to go. i never thought that it would be the longest 5K of my short running life.
i thought that was the most difficult part of this race. i was wrong.

as soon as i went down from the kalayaan flyover, i thought it was going to be an easy breeze, thinking that i've had raced that part a couple of times in the past but it felt a whole lot different when it was already the last 3KM of my first ever full marathon.

as we turned left opposite Market-Market, I've seen a lot of fellow runners telling me that "malapit na" the turning point. at this point, i was checking the time and no matter how "slow" i was, i would still be able to make it to the cut off time of 6 hours, so no worries. I was already walking with Team Papi (Neil, Pojie, Jet) and when we got the corner of Market- Market, we saw Rico, waiting for us. from the airport, he went to the race venue to help pace us first timers (thanks rix!)  another pusher at that point was Noelle's cheer towards the end of run.

despite the heat, and exhaustion, i was still looking towards reaching the end, to the finish line. before reaching the last turn, i was surprised to see tina, and tracy waiting at the corner. it was nice for tracy to come back for me (as what we say, no one gets behind).

upon seeing the finish line, it energized me. it somewhat pushed me to run towards the end for a strong finish.

here are some images taken by brando. thanks bro!

see the smile? i was just happy to finish my first full mary within the 6 hour cut off
the push til the end

at the finish line there were friends who were waiting for me, friends who were there supporting me from the start and til the finish.

and at the end of the finish line, other than the finisher's medal, 

i was rewarded by my girlfriend being there to see me finish my first full marathon. 

sa uulitin :)