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sneaky newbie VS 'training' try-wannabe

its been a while since i last tri-ed. in fact, it has been almost 1 year (oct NAGT dapat ang comeback tri, but mukhang mauubusan akong slot, so baka sa UPLB dec tri na lang?)

next weekend is my comeback tri.

compared to the first time, i hope i can say that i have improved on my swim and bike, but not with the run. it has always been a tough balancing act to do all 3 events while maintaining decent times for each leg too.

being a newbie last year, there was not much pressure because there was no basis for comparison yet. there was no record of prior performance. unlike last year also, there were side bets between first time triathlon enthusiasts (me and neil) and an ironman veteran (commish), but this year, it is more personal.

they say that triathlon is a one-man event. you do everything on your own. if you lose, you lose by yourself, but when you win (in what ever way you can think of) you celebrate with your friends and teammates.

this one would be against myself. my previous time …