Sunday, April 18, 2010

the last images of the kenkoy runner RUNNING.

"si timmy, parang makina, ayaw tumigil"
fiona said as we were nearing the U-turn at People Power Monument
 the last sighting of the Kenkoy Runner running.

until the next adventure begins...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

got beat at my own game

the mizuno infinity run 2010 has been one of the races i looked forward to this year. other than being an avid mizuno user, my fastest 15K race was made at last year's edition. but as compared to last year, i wasn't able to train as much. unlike last year, there was no Mizuno Run Club clinic that ended on the Thursday before Sunday's Infinity Run.

add to the fact that i've been encountering slight ITBS pains during runs longer than 10K.

so instead of me beating my old time,  what happened was i increased it pa by 6 mins :(

at the start, i was on target for a 1:28 finish, but right after kalayaan flyover, the mysterious on-off, Gary V-ish ITBS pain started to show up but eventually it disappeared. with that in mind, i thought i was still going to make it just in time, even just to beat a 2 minute improvement sana. unfortunately, ITBS pain showed up just before kalayaan flyover. all of a sudden, out of the blue, Roselle showed up and maybe she saw me grimacing in discomfort so she shouted out words of encouragement which helped me not think of the pain as much.

upon turning right, i saw a group of runners, namely Rod, Jet, Ziggy pacing Marga on the last stretch. in my mind, i was thinking, Marga's faster than me now??? i must be super slow na! shocked with this somekinda realization, i had to suck the pain up, and run just run to the finish line.

 picture pace time! i had to get ahead their group to have a nice shot too
buti na lang the pain was not that evident sa face

at some point though, i felt that i had to walk the pain out so i decided to walk for a while before i reached the last stretch fronting Fullybooked and Market-Market.  upon reaching the marshals, i learned that the 15K runners had to run a little more. by this time i was so sure i wasn't able to beat my own time.

upon reaching the last stretch towards the chute, i saw marga. again in said to my mind, i have to go faster.  as soon as i got nearer the marshals, i found out that marga was running 10k only. hahaha :) either way, i still started to sprint towards the finish line.  that mad dash to the finish was accompanied by constant shouts of "sorry" and "excuse me" so as not to offend the other runners who were already cooling down towards the finish line chute. i also shouted at marga to push harder towards the finish line, as if i'm making a come-from-behind win from her. eventually, she saw me and made a mad-dash for herself too.  at the finish line, we congratulated each other for a fine finish.

marga & me chillaxing after finishing the race

eventually, i was able to still able to finish strong, but not as i would have wanted to.

 finished strong, but not that fast (ITBS again winning)

the post race events had raffles, games, and the announcement of the winners of the Best Blog Awards for the Infinity Run Bloggers Contest.

for, it has been a celebration of some sorts too :)

jairuz winning the first place in his age category 10K :)

carly winning 4th place most improved in her age category too

do yo still remember these guys?

The #1 Boys won well actually, swept the Mizuno Infinity Runner -Bloggers' Contest.

Most Informative (3rd place)
Most Creative (2nd Place)
 Best Blog (1st Place)

and here are some of the prizes included in the package:

next year, i'll be back with a vengeance! :D
but for now, i'll just enjoy these sweet prizes from mizuno :) 

*photos courtesy of Jairuz, Doc Marvs, & Aaron.  (thanks guys!)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

balang araw...

lesson #1: learn how to bike

step 0: get to know the parts of a bike
step 1: get a bike
step 2: learn how to balance.
step 3: have fun.
step 4: train.

after learning how to ride a road bike, and eventually train...

step 5: save up for a triathlon bike

Friday, April 9, 2010

can't wait for IRONMAN

good things come to those who wait.

we've seen it from pictures abroad, and now, it's coming here soon.

can you still wait for it to kick in?
 from what i've heard and seen,  the IRONMAN kicks some serious ass :) 

first, it was only 

but now he's with

 i'm sure this would seriously be another whapak! type of action movie based on the movie's trailer.

other than this exciting movie, another IRONMAN is coming to the Philippines soon.

just like the movie, it does not come in 1 colorway alone.
ironman (red)

war machine (blue) 

angas nilang dalawa noh?


that's not all! 

if you pre-enlist your orders from

you also get a pair of 


for more info on the ironman promo, click here.

war machine: kelan tayo mag pre-order kina hec?
ironman: after natin dito, order na tayo, game?
war machine: after pa??? ngayon na baka maubusan tayo!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

colors to inspire

i've been wanting to revise my blog's colors since i saw this print ad from a magazine. 
so far, here are the different color combinations that i've tried.  
i hope you can help me decide which looks nice.