Friday, November 27, 2009

may nag rerepeat ba sa mizuno run clinic?

yes, i have to admit. i have, and i am a repeater.

yesterday was our "graduation day" from the Mizuno Run Club Clinic.

and it was my second time to "graduate" again. for some, they can call it being a "repeater" because i also joined the sessions last time around. even at the start of the run clinic, i was already stating that it's my second time, as most of the people i was with were first timers in the run clinic, so with regards to knowing and doing the drills, i must say that i've mastered them already.

last night's graduation was unique because we had were grouped into 4 (shempre choose your own groupmates) for a relay. after the PIM Team Logan relay, Mizuno Relay naman. the mechanics were given last week, 4 members, 1 round each, pabilisan. so sige, choose lang. after much deliberations, here are my groupmates for #1:

bryan "planet trumania" rivera
- bad boy ng BLC season 1; desperate times call for desperate measures, nagpabunot ng ipin para pumayat
sam "the running ninja" delena
- another strong contender fro BLC season 1; anchor ng team for the relay with his immense training regimen, we were confident with the speed that we will be banking on him to make the finish
alejandro "zMarvs" opulencia
- one of the original photogs ng group since march LSD, da who #s _ and _ and _ ; initially tried to negative split, but in the end found out that knee highs and being positive was the way to go for him
timmy "the kenkoy runner" sebastian
- the comeback kid; after semi-retiring due to slight injury which caused me to take things slow, decided to comeback to running seriously; once touted as a halimaw-in-the-making, but is still in the recovery phase, training for condura full marathon

just like my first "graduation" the weather was not that cooperative as it was raining also when we got to BHS for the last session. some were even asking coach ige if we can just have a lecture/ q & a portion just like the last time. after waiting for a few minutes, the rain slowly stopped and we were again pounding the pavement with 1 round of warm up (pero dapat 2 pa rin, pero prior to that i did 1 round na on my own ahahaha) and our staple set of drills namely: skipping, heel-butt, grapevine and our favorite, lunges.

sabi ni coach ige: hay naku, tong mga to last day na nga tinatamad pa
pero seriously, sabi nya mag drills para ma warm up ung muscles and iwa
s injuries din.

after the drills, coach ige proceeded to discuss the mechanics for the relay. just like last week's explanation, 1 round per member, all out karipas, and then tag your teammate. the clincher here was the "sponsored" segment na, while running eh you have your bottle of gatorade with your team #, tapos no drinking of the said gatorade while running. you have to get back to the starting point infront of the mizuno tent, and gobble all the gatorade up before your teammate can proceed with his run. all the while i thought that was easy, sus, i'll just have to swallow everything up, and then the next person goes zoom! tapos! :) pero hindi pala as i found out when it was my turn came up and i had to hurriedly drink up all the gatorade. PR na sa bilis tumakbo, pati sa pag ubos ng gatorade. (BONGZ! dito ata pumapasok ung training natin na isa pa eh, ung LCLP bottoms up!)

prior to the start of the race, the teams to beat were Team Jonas (puro classmates ko sa previous sessions AND all well-known fast runners) and the notorious bunch of kiddoes aptly named Team Milo (these are the speedsters with their devil-may-care attitude in running, as if the whole place was their personal playground, and we were all just hanging out in their area). with these teams in mind, we said to ourselves na 'it's just a fun run, no pressure to win or something" hehehe or so we thought.

to cut the long story short, AND for some weird reason, #1 was the 2nd team overall to finish the relay! WAHOOO!!!!!!!

we knew naman that this relay was just for fun, and at the same time, a test to try our limitations, to check if we were able to improve our speed na rin (compared to previous time trials na rin siguro) and i guess this "win" was a testament to the success of the program. i do believe no one thought that we would be second overall, even outrunning the milo kids, but what the heck, this was for fun right? and as i've said numerous times before, i love to run because its fun. the worrying for the PRs and the placing just, in a way, hampens my speed etc, so i just threw it away last night, and just ran as fast (and as safe) as i can to finish the task at hand.

after all the hullabaloo (na wala man lang award or something, paging marianne & jai, wala talagang prize?), we had the usual walang kamatayang group picture taking:

with peeps & other mizuno classmates for the traditional class picture-taking

after the picture-taking, we were even interviewed by RunnerSpeak, a running oriented TV program shown every Sunday, 2:45PM at QTV and asked us our thoughts on the Mizuno Run Clinic sessions.we actually practiced to say something serious such as "Our Thursday nights will never be the same again without the Mizuno Run Clinic, as it has been like a second home to us. It helped us improve on our running skills and at the same time spend time with our friends in the running community." but knowing us, you can base on the pictures how things went by:i think bry here was sayin something about his weight loss, naging self promotions for the BLC season 1 hahaha

rj ledesma,rovilson fernandez, hayden kho , & john lloyd cruz?

so there. ang saya saya ng mizuno run clinic! (parang paid advertisement? wahaha)

this is something i wouldn't mind repeating again the next time :)

thanks again to Jai & Marianne, and Coach Ige (and to the friendly staff of Mizuno BHS nax special mention)

see you around classmates! :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

wish list # 1

dear (santa in) mizuno,

i NEED a new pair of mizuno wave inspire to replace my old and tattered inspire 4. the shoe has underwent a lot already, both in training runs and actual road races. most of my PRs have been done with my inspire 4. it already has almost 700+ kms under its belt, and i believe its time for an upgrade. i wish that you can send here the latest wave inspire (inspire 6) but if not, i would be happy to settle for the wave inspire 5 (just so i can have an upgrade just in time for the mizuno time trials and my condura full mary next year).

thank you and wishing and looking forward to a new pair for christmas.

-timmy :)
PS: i've been a very good Mizuno Run Clinic student :) i missed only 1 session due to work (i knew it, work disturbs one's running goals, hahahaha) (not like, ms. dasher :) wahahahaha)

i hope to hear from you soon or better yet, get a new pair soon? something to match my mizuno running club shirt? :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

keeping my head in the game

its been quite a while already since i laced up my first serious running shoes, and since then, a lot has changed. throughout the runs, be it as short and sweet as a few rounds around UP acad oval, or be it as challenging as mckinley hills, or be it in the cold and very steep road adventures in baguio, i've been changed.

i've been changed in the sense that, i was able to gain a lot more confidence in myself (yeah i know, i can get too confident at times, as what happened in my Globe Run) , or even underestimating myself (both in running as i had a PR during Milo eliminations, and at the same time having enough energy in me to pace my good friend Rod in his first attempt at a full mary).

a lot has changed since the first time i ran during the Condura LSD held at the Fort last March 8, up until the Timex Run held last November 15. I was able to slowly progress from the first attempt at running a full 10K during this year's Condura Run, then progressing to a 14K LSD around MOA before attempting to level up to a 16K Slimmer Run. From that, I had a leap of faith when i attempted my first half marathon. from that half marathon onwards, i had tried to slowly improve my running form and technique, from doing further research online, continuous conversations with more experienced runners in the running community, and by joining running clinics like the Mizuno Run Club.

a lot of people have leveled up this year also, even for some who had their first half mary one weekend, then their first full mary the following week. there are some also, who have leveled up from having a fairly decent time for half marys despite making "tirik" along the way, to having a a series of "unsuccessful" full marathons under their belt (unsuccessful in their own terms ah, kasi for me finishing a marathon itself is a feat that is not that might not be easily understood by non-runners, or newbies for that matter). there are also who decided to have decided to run their first full marathon with less than a month and a half left to train and yet was successful in their first attempt.

these are a few of my buddies who leveled up to being full fledged marathoners in their own sense.

i also have friends who were initially in the "beginners" group who, after a thorough self examination, bundled with training and determination, decided to have their fair share of the half mary. they may not be at the head of the pack but surely they are consistently adjusting their sails in the right direction. as they say, there's no other way but to go up.

as early as october, a lot of my friends in the running community have started to train for their first full mary next year, others eyeing the cebu international marathon, others the condura run. as early as june, a lot of runner friends have been trying to convince to start training for a full marathon, as they believe i can already handle it, strength-wise and endurance-wise. they even told me that if i wanted, i could have joined the milo eliminations for my first full mary. back then, i never entertained that thought. for me, i still have to prove a lot to myself, either by training harder to improve my current PR in my half marathons, or achieving my sub-60 10K (as i stopped after the miracle run), or even joining my first 5K race(which i finally did at the timex run, with my girlfriend)!

now is the moment of truth.

i have to decide whether or not to run a full mary in condura.

a lot of people have put their trust in me that i can do it

others have shared encouraging words on how to approach a full marathon

i know i can do this as long as i put my head in the game.

it may sound cheesy, but i know and i believe it's true. running a marathon does not only consist of the physical aspect, but mostly psychological also.

just like what pharmaton said, what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. this i believe is true. as i've had runs where i was not able to focus at the task at hand and i slowly lose focus and start to slow down, walk, or just "give up" in the middle of what started as a promising race/ run.

i believe this is the right timing, and with enough training i believe i can still make it.

i've known some runners who, at some point in their running careers, get injured right after their full marathon, or even DURING their marathon. I do believe it's not because of their lack of training, but more so, on their over-eagerness to "do more" or to achieve things in a short span of time. i have nothing against doing their method ah, but for me, i believe that things happen for a reason, and if you try to force things when it is still not the "right time" then it might spoil the fun of the marathon (or any other thing for that matter).

as i was chatting with a fellow runner, a veteran runner at that, (basta mas matagal nang runner kaysa sa akin), he mentioned the following to me:

"i have known you since the condura CLP..i have read your blogs..i have seen you run....i have monitored your i believe you can's in you eh..."

"kaya lang sabi mo nga...hindi ka nageewan katulad ng iba...kaya mas napabilib pa ako sayo ..."

this made me think again

and this gave me more confidence in myself.
(akalain mo yun, may sumusubaybay pala sa progress ko).

now i believe IT IS TIME.

no more slacking off, no more tamaditis when it comes to running.
it is time to get serious. its time to but my head in the game.

i am going to start my training for the Condura Full Marathon.

training starts not on the road, but in my head.

i've done my warm ups, now its time to start gaining mileage.

Skyway, here I come!

Monday, November 9, 2009

family love has been a consistent sight in every race, and with the numerous races recently, the members joining the group pic keeps on multiplying :) is not only a group of runners who hang out either at the SB (shoutbox) or in some resto or fastfood that can accomodate the rowdy bunch of happy go lucky runners (who when dressed up, you wouldn't even notice that they are runners!) hahaha peace guys! is not only a running community, it is also a family.

families help each other out in achieving one's goals and each member tries to help out in their own small way.

at the Pasig Marathon held yesterday, Nov. 8, again showed what family is about.

i guess it was not solely about finishing within the cut-off, but more importantly, the goal was to finish Justin's first full marathon ;)

when the idea first came up in the forums, i immediately thought of joining. this could be my opportunity to be part of "team Logan."

at first i thought, it was easy, it was just pushing the stroller, right? Oh yeah i forgot, Justin's in there too! one has to consider how Justin is doing, how he is with the method you are doing in pushing, and slowing down along the road, and of course, the sun.

the simple act of pushing Justin's stroller was a humbling experience and made me realize:

1) there are just some things in life that you can't do anything about, but rely on Him, and on others for you to achieve your goal :)

2) you can't accomplish things on your own (not all the time ha), you need others at one point (or pwede ring at many points, depends talaga on you eh)
in the case of the PIM, the extreme heat of the sun almost left some of us dehydrated, most had cramps along the way, others almost DNF'd, but with the support and encouragement along the way, we all made it to the finish line, alive. dehydrated, a bit dizzy, most definitely sunburned, but nonetheless thankful that we made it all. this goes for all distances ah, not only the full marathoners.

3) no matter how sunget one might get because or extreme exhaustion, heat, etc, at the end, family is there for you. period. no ifs or buts. no need to explain why you got sunget. they are to encourage and uplift your spirit. that's the spirit of family :)

and as one saying goes, "nobody gets left behind."
hindi lang sa races, but also sa picture taking, at sa kainan :)

pictures grabbed from nuttybunny4, edufabian, and supacow.

thanks guys!