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family love has been a consistent sight in every race, and with the numerous races recently, the members joining the group pic keeps on multiplying :) is not only a group of runners who hang out either at the SB (shoutbox) or in some resto or fastfood that can accomodate the rowdy bunch of happy go lucky runners (who when dressed up, you wouldn't even notice that they are runners!) hahaha peace guys! is not only a running community, it is also a family.

families help each other out in achieving one's goals and each member tries to help out in their own small way.

at the Pasig Marathon held yesterday, Nov. 8, again showed what family is about.

i guess it was not solely about finishing within the cut-off, but more importantly, the goal was to finish Justin's first full marathon ;)

when the idea first came up in the forums, i immediately thought of joining. this could be my opportunity to be part of "team Logan."

at first i thought, it was easy, it was just pushing the stroller, right? Oh yeah i forgot, Justin's in there too! one has to consider how Justin is doing, how he is with the method you are doing in pushing, and slowing down along the road, and of course, the sun.

the simple act of pushing Justin's stroller was a humbling experience and made me realize:

1) there are just some things in life that you can't do anything about, but rely on Him, and on others for you to achieve your goal :)

2) you can't accomplish things on your own (not all the time ha), you need others at one point (or pwede ring at many points, depends talaga on you eh)
in the case of the PIM, the extreme heat of the sun almost left some of us dehydrated, most had cramps along the way, others almost DNF'd, but with the support and encouragement along the way, we all made it to the finish line, alive. dehydrated, a bit dizzy, most definitely sunburned, but nonetheless thankful that we made it all. this goes for all distances ah, not only the full marathoners.

3) no matter how sunget one might get because or extreme exhaustion, heat, etc, at the end, family is there for you. period. no ifs or buts. no need to explain why you got sunget. they are to encourage and uplift your spirit. that's the spirit of family :)

and as one saying goes, "nobody gets left behind."
hindi lang sa races, but also sa picture taking, at sa kainan :)

pictures grabbed from nuttybunny4, edufabian, and supacow.

thanks guys!


  1. well said timmy! am so happy to be part of this family. ;)

  2. How touching...So looking forward to be "officially" part of the family.

    1) there are just some things in life that you can't do anything about, but rely on Him, and on others for you to achieve your goal :) --- cliche as it may sound do your best and God will do the rest.

  3. Dear Timmy - I like your subject and how you went through the process. Now you have been on both ends... giving and receiving which makes appreciate the family "" nice post.

  4. Nice posts, Tim...very true! very nice!

  5. Magaling magaling! :) cheers to!

  6. Indeed, was the best thing that happened to Philippine running! (wait was that Luis? =D)

  7. adik! nice post! apir! di kita nakita sa finishline ah!

  8. Very nice post Tim :) Not so very nice picture wahahaha ::P

  9. Drama Tim! LOL. Nice, warm post - and I do agree, about TAKBO.PH being a family to runners. Sayang, I wasn't able to meet the rest of the guys last Sunday, but luckily bumped into some.

    Keep it up!

  10. Great Article. I believe that everything in the PH is about Family. Every one relying on each other. Im not filipino but my wife is and that is what she has taught me. Keep up the great articles as I enjoy reading them and learning what I can, as my wife and I plan to move back to the PH soon. Take care and Keep Running.

  11. waaahh!!! dude! that pic of luis got me rolling! hahahaha! great spirit shared by takbo pips. You make me so want to belong. :)


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