Sunday, November 22, 2009

wish list # 1

dear (santa in) mizuno,

i NEED a new pair of mizuno wave inspire to replace my old and tattered inspire 4. the shoe has underwent a lot already, both in training runs and actual road races. most of my PRs have been done with my inspire 4. it already has almost 700+ kms under its belt, and i believe its time for an upgrade. i wish that you can send here the latest wave inspire (inspire 6) but if not, i would be happy to settle for the wave inspire 5 (just so i can have an upgrade just in time for the mizuno time trials and my condura full mary next year).

thank you and wishing and looking forward to a new pair for christmas.

-timmy :)
PS: i've been a very good Mizuno Run Clinic student :) i missed only 1 session due to work (i knew it, work disturbs one's running goals, hahahaha) (not like, ms. dasher :) wahahahaha)

i hope to hear from you soon or better yet, get a new pair soon? something to match my mizuno running club shirt? :)


  1. goody-two shoes! :-P
    - the bad student (aka Mizuno clinic dropout)

  2. kala ko adi dude ka? mizuno convert ka na talaga...

    ako i wish for world peace...

    and shoes pala.. and a gps watch.. and a road id... =p

  3. rod: # 1 pa lang ung wishlist ko, meron pang mga kadugtong yan, wait ka lang :) wahehehehehe

    im thinking, if hindi Garmin, pwede na ang FLIX :) wahahaha

  4. very funny post! although we aren't santa maybe we can help? good luck though!!!