Friday, March 26, 2010


or photoKENKOY or KENKOY photos?

basta, here are some of the pics I took during the Ateneo Aquathlon held recently.

the images are from Tiff Batilo's camera, pero  took the shots (as she was also a participant).

some samples pics :)

 other pics can be seen here

thanks! :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

want to know what's behind the WAVE?


there are a lot in store from Mizuno this summer. 
1. Other than the upcoming Infinity Run on April 11, there will be a trail run  co-sponsored by Tagaytay Highlands by April 25. 

2. an exciting race in an exciting race venue!
Sick and tired of having your usual races in the most common race venues? wait for another exciting race from Mizuno that features one of members' playground. Yes, there is a race outside BHS, The Fort/ McKinley, UP and MOA, Roxas Blvd. Another exciting race from Mizuno will be held in ORTIGAS! yup, you've read that right. another race venue which no race organizer has touched (recently hehe).

As early as now, start your training in the dreaded St Martin and St.Paul hills, as these are where speed mamaws are made! :) 

oh, and these are just the beginning.

3.oh yeah, did i mention that Mizuno Trail Shoes are coming to the Philippines? :) 

(well i guess this means they've read my Mizuno blog. hahaha)

(thank you jai and the gals of Master Sports Corporation!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Globe-Ayalaland Run for Home 2010 Part 1- "Team" Runner's World Philippines

This year's edition of Globe- Ayala Land Run for Home added a new twist to running. It was a race where you are literally being toured around the Ayala properties within the Central Business District called Makati City, and also to it nearby running hotspot commonly known to runners as BHS or Bonifacio High Street.

The race route was actually unique in the sense that it started and ended at the Ayala Triangle, one of the common running routes for Makati runners. It was also the first time I "gathered" people to form my own "team" so to speak.  It wasn't really a team where they were running FOR me, but more on using running as a way to promote the magazine AND provide awareness of the upcoming  Runner's World Philippines by April.

Gathering people was not that easy since it was almost 2 weeks na lang before the actual race date when i received a call telling me that i would have to come up with at a total of 15 runners (10 people to run 10K, and another 5 people for 5K). ironically, a few minutes before i got this call, I got a call from Noelle and she mentioned that she had an extra 21K race kit which i accepted (thanks!).

since i have to come up with 15 runners who would want to run a chillax, rumarampa-parada pace during the whole time,  what i had in mind were the BDMers sana, as this could provide them their recovery run sana, but since this race has been widely advertised as early as late last year, and their promo of group registration had been a successful one, i was in limbo.

first stop was to ask people from's shoutbox if anyone was interested to join my "group". initially i didn't want to let them know that there would be a free Runner's World Singlet, etc, so i discretely placed an "ad" in the's forum asking for possible runners. Eventually, i was able to get a few brave souls who would be facing the running community present as "team runner's world philippines"

without further ado, here are some pics of the group :)

"team" runner's world philippines in chika pace

don't be deceived by their chika-pace look, 
these are running monsters trying very hard to slow down for the sake of the "rampa" pace.
a fellow runner once said to me that its more difficult to control one's speed than to make ratrat.
the girls of "team" runner's world philippines (10K)
the boys of "team" runner's world philippines (10K)

boys & girls, thanks ! :) 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

while the cat was away....

last weekend was a super hectic weekend for me. initially i thought that i would get bored since my girfriend suddenly decided to join her officemate and her friends on their trip to Cagayan de Oro/ Camiguin.

so, while she and her new friends were doing this.

i had my own lakad with my takbo peeps :)

EVENT 1: Silverprex Initial Grouping

i don't really know how to play bowling for real. my first experience of playing bowling was with Wii, but since i'm sure it's going to be different, i had to ask the masters on the difference of playing virtual bowling vs. real bowling.

first stop was to ask the master, former ateneo bowling varsity, Albert Francis "BongZ" Zandueta .this pose is the finish product na.

first step he taught was to know yung parang "bwelo" phase that we usually see from the bowlers on tv. he mentioned that parang 4 steps yun before the ball is released. so step one technically is to step your right foot forward (or left if kaliwete) and at the same time you put the ball in front of you sabay ng step forward. second step was to swing the ball back sabay with your left foot stepping forward naman. tas third step is to swing the ball back again (ata?) the fourth and final step is to do the pose above (release the ball forward,make it slide, hopefully hindi sha ma kanal para di naman kahiya).

ayon, simple lang diba?
doc eye, bry, and myself. jawbreakers, anyone? :D
joke time ang pag practice, kaya ayan, joke time ang scores! hahaha

after the initial lessons from bongZ, i practiced and tried the techniques he told me.
the runner in me wanted to chase after the ball just to make sure iwas-kanal yung shot.

ayan, nag fi-feeling mag bowling.

ganda diba? parang walang tinamaan yung bola. hahahaha

the night actually was for the groupings for the upcoming Silverprex Cup, initiated by Chelly, Earl, Julie, and shempre si Lorie aka Silverprex.

hindi naman ako sobrang olats with my first attempt at playing bowling. in fairness, i was able to get a feel of everything one would expect in a bowling game: canal (twice pa!) , spare, and would you believe naka strike din ako!

shempre, hindi matatapos ang event ng peeps na walang group pics.

more pictures here from Argo, Doc Marvs, and Quennie.

after the preliminary game for the groupings, others went to Music 21 pa to sing, while I went home naman na to rest because i initially intended to join EVENT 2: the group run with the Secondwind gang.

unfortunately i got too tired from the bowling, so i wasn't able to join the group run.

in the afternoon naman, was EVENT #3: the Nestea Fit Camp Hot to play Ultimate Frisbee.

at first i was a bit hesitant as it was too hot that day, tas my scheduled session was to start pa ata at 3PM so diba, sobrang init. enjoy naman sha, i was able to learn the basics of frisbee, backhand, forehand throws, tapos pati yung different types of how to catch the disc. kulang na lang was to play the actual game.

here are some pics from that HOT day but COOL game :)

late day campers! 

for a minimal fee of P50, i was able to get the bandana, a pseudo-road id, and the Nestea Fit bottle where we had a tumbler-full of free taste of their newest flavor.

the late comers.
 i went to the frisbee class with roselle and carmen. they both were there na the week prior, so i was the only one na totally newbie with the group. other peeps who went that day were Z and Marvs, Dhenz and TiN, Carina. Luis & Abby went there also nung morning, but didn't join the festivities.

carmen trying the backhand throw.

trivia: did you know that the Running Diva, Roselle, is a member of the Philippine Women's Ultimate group? she also taught us some of the basics while waiting for the other 3PM session peeps. Oha! :)

also, later in the day, we found out that RD is also a Timezone Queen, winning all the games that we went to after dinner. hahaha ;)

hindi lang sha running diva, but also, singing, dancing, timezoning, frisbeeing diva!

halata ba sa nyort nyorts na runner? 
another trivia: did you know that i also played badminton? 
kaya the wrist flick motion was not an alien term when the instructors 
were explaining how to do the backhand & forehand throws :) 

serious na ito.  

at around 530, we called it the day na and freshened up before having dinner, and eventually went home as there was still the last event for my jam-packed weekend.                                               
 PRRRT! timeout! it's way past my bed time na! 

EVENT 4: SUPPORT for the Ateneo Aquathlon

the next day, last day of my very hectic weekend, i promised my friends, well, actually marami din pala silang sumali (both and secondwind peeps) that i will be PHOTO TIM that day. i volunteered my services na i'd be taking their pics while they swim and run around Ateneo. 
sobrang dami kong nakuhanan ng pics, at kung kani-kaninong cameras din ang nagamit ko. so since hindi ako ang nagdala ng camera, sa mga websites/multiply nila ko kinuha ang ilang pics.
here are some teaser pics.
 black & white? 

 group pic after the lite category, while waiting for the classics

 group pic again before the start of the men's classic 
 nung umpisa, eh nagjo joketime ang kami na mag bigayan ng awards kunyari.


iba ang plano ng mga itong girls
RD: 3rd place age category, FB: 2nd place age category ; Ellen: 3rd place age category.

huwaw! ayot? apir! 

other running and swimming action shots are not yet uploaded, so ayun, antay muna tayo :)  

other thoughts  and images from and by the new aquathletes.
views from marvs' camera

balang araw, magiging multisport athlete din ako, pero sa ngayon habang bakasyon, enjoy lang muna :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

why do i hate mizuno

Mizuno sucks. BIG TIME.

yup. you read that right. why?

point #1: they are not a mainstream brand.

mainstream in a sense that they don't even have well-known product endorsers unlike other sports brands around the world. i mean, how can they expect their products to sell like pancakes if they're like that diba?

point #2: they do not promote much of themselves.

not much print ads if you'd ask me. i work in a magazine publishing company and i don't see much of their products splashed all over our magazines. i don't see them having television ads too. not even in the newspapers does mizuno have anything that will lead people to buy their products.

point #3: the products are not that "fashionable."

as compared to other "mainstream" brands, you won't see your regular juans and marias wearing mizunos together with their jeans to the office. you don't see them usually wearing mizunos when they go around the malls, walking, shopping, chilling out. nope. no mizuno-wearing juans and marias at the mall. (if there are, sobrang limited lang, unlike the other brands).

3 points against mizuno. seems legit to me, right?

but you know what my current brand of shoes are?

yup, you got it right.
i have 3 pairs already in less than 1 year of running.

wave inspire 4 (my first mizuno running shoes)

wave elixir 4 (my first "race day" shoes)

wave inspire 6 (replaces my old and tattered inspire 4)

so if mizuno sucks big time, then why do i have these 3 pairs of shoes (and hopefully more)?

mizuno might not be "mainstream" in the sense that they do not have mainstream "celebrity" endorsers because they don't need it. i personally believe that if a product is worth buying, one does not have to spend much money by paying endorsers. in my honest opinion, mizuno does not need A LOT of celebrities to endorse them because the users themselves are the ones promoting the products to other people. read my lips: WORD-OF-MOUTH marketing.

which i guess is really their bread and butter if you'd ask me.

the other brands are paying a lot of bigtime athletes (some even controversial at times) just to wear their products. but for mizuno, you'd pay pa just to wear their products (shempre, i don' t have the start power/ status as compared to these people ):

mizuno endorsers:idol leo oracion

coach ige lopez
si leo oracion lang at si coach ige lopez talaga ang "legit" endorsers ng mizuno dito. mizuno runners

mizuno does not have much advertisements or promotional materials to further boost themselves. promotions for mizuno had been mostly word-of-mouth marketing from satisfied customers. in short, first hand narration from first hand users of their products.

even i was a skeptic at the start but eventually realized that it is indeed a good brand. shempre when you start at something, you'd ideally, ask those who have been into running para to get an idea diba, and for some weird reason, Mizuno came out often from normal people (like you and me). since it's easier to believe what people you resemble the most (in lifestyle, normalcy, etc) you'd think that "maybe what they're saying might have some sense, so why not try what they're 'endorsing' diba?"

so first stop was to check what shoe model does mizuno have that would fit my shoe type category. based on my own research, i should be needing a stability-motion control type of shoes as i do overpronate a bit. but, despite this over-pronation, i would still want a lighter shoe that would provide me with the right balance of support, AND cushioning. upon several mall-hopping sessions, i went to mizuno BHS to have my gait analyzed and eventually purchased my first ever first wave inspire shoes.

at that point, i didn't actually think of the weight YET. it was a choice between the inspire and the nirvana which, both were what my feet needs. it also boiled down to which sh
oe would fit my budget. good thing i chose the inspire because the nirvana, despite it being well cushioned, it also has more support which i do believe might hinder me from enjoying my runs etc. (see, the people in mizuno stores actually know what they're selling! hahaha).

other than getting the pair that suited my needs and wants, i also joined the second batch of Mizuno Run Club Clinic which main goal was to train the Mizuno runners for the Mizuno Infinity Run 2009 (which eventually became the Mizuno Infinity Run Time Trials).

the boys from from MRC Season2 after the graduation

by attending the 2nd batch of Mizuno Run Club Clinic/Sessions, great improvements were seen from my performance. i had better run posture, better and a bit faster feet turnover (thanks to Coach Ige's drill sessions) and my legs grew stronger (and shempre i became leaner). during the actual 15K race, i was just behind The Bull Runner by 2-3 mins ata (and to think she's been running way longer than me ha). Galing diba?

so after the race, shempre i had to make yabang that i grew faster and stronger because of the Mizuno Run Clinic, etc, and a lot were asking me how do they get to join that. simple put, go to the clinic on Thursdays, and make sure you have your Mizuno shoes with you. simple noh? Pero then kasi, you really had to have a Mizuno pair or else, they wouldn't let you join the sessions, etc. (medyo bossy/siga pa before kasi yung nag handle before, kaya ayun.) little did we know that we would fall in love with this brand even more, (more than physical attraction ah).

and i was able to "enlighten" a fellow runner-blogger who was a swoosh diehard with regards to using a mizuno.

also, a lot of people were impressed with my time improvement when i joined the mizuno run clinic batch 2, to the point that even i was able to convince a lot of friends to eventually join the mizuno run club batch 3 and try out mizuno shoes. even those who were not mizuno fans even joined the mizuno run club sessions, even if they didn't wear mizunos. at the start, these fellow runners were just happy to join the free running clinic from mizuno, and from there, they would eventually buy their mizunos :) (sometimes they don't just buy 1 pair, but 2!)

season 2 graduates

season 3 graduates

batch 3 was supposedly to give enough training for participants to get faster, and stronger to beat their own time in the Mizuno Infinity Run 2010 this coming April 11, 2010. Actually it was initially scheduled for 01.10.10 (a better marketing gig actually, easier date to remember pati!) but things happened for a reason, so there. so instead of having the race on one ten ten, the Infinity Run Expo was held instead. it was also during this event that a lot of my non-mizuno running buddies were able to secure for themselves a pair
of mizuno running shoes. a friend was even to get her dream shoes for free!

i don't actually believe that mizuno users find their mizunos "unfashionable." in all honestly, most of the mizuno shoes have kick-ass designs and colors that one would want
to buy these for the sake of porma.

(and take note! these are not sneakers ah, these are hardcore running shoes!) take for example these shoes:

mizuno wave precision 10
angas-looking, spaceship-like color of the wave precision, i guess inspired by lady gaga

mizuno wave musha 2
a redesigned musha, mukhang minimal change sa layout
(instead of yung hati ng eyelets are 4-2 sa 1st one, now its 3-3) nice looking shoes too!
pero the colors made it look more like a
sneaker than a kick-ass stab racing flats.

mizuno wave musha
one fine racing flats if you'd ask me. pero i still am not YET worthy of such shoes. first, hindi pa ako ganon kabilis.second, i'm not yet that light for this type of shoes, baka ma injure pa ako :( pero its one of my dream shoes from mizuno, the other one is the ronins2 na yellow. if i do eventually get to have one like this after it lived its racing lifespan, this one's going to be a firey-hot sneaks.
mizuno wave ronin 2
hot looking shoes for fast neutral runners.
this one is more kick-ass look
ing than the orange one if you'd ask me.
i saw someone sa Bataan Death March season 2 wearing this one at one point.
talk about kicking ass!

these shoes are fashionably kick-ass that can be work well with jeans. but why do we rarely see mizuno users wear these? maybe because they realize the importance of resting your running shoes to ensure proper sole foam recovery (or what technical term you might call it). i do believe that those who'd prefer to buy, and use mizunos know the importance of taking care of their running shoes.

do i hate mizuno?

i hate them so much to the point that i there are no other brand i would 'endorse and recommend' to my friends when they ask me what's a nice brand of running shoes.

on second thought, the three points i raised are also the reason why i love my mizunos. they are not mainstream to the point that i feel "unique" and elite in my own little ways. they do
not promote much of themselves, not making "buhat their own bangko" thus letting their products speak for themselves through the normal people who'd give good reviews and feedbacks from their mizunos. they are not "fashionable" in the sense that they are not used in everyday chores are they are reserved for serious runs :)

yup. mizuno.

i love :)

but just like in any relationship, one still has to find their perfect match, "The ONE".

for some it might not be their cup of tea, but i do believe mizuno is the ONE for me.

it has given me confidence in my runs, both trainings and races as well. my mizunos have been there for me during my ups and downs (even my literal down time when i tripped while doing my recovery run after my first full mary hahaha).


PS: oh yeah, one more thing i hate about mizuno.


i've had my share of mizuno road shoes and they've done pretty well, i guess it's time to check how well their trail shoes would fare.mizuno wave ascend 4

mizuno wave cabrakan

dear mizuno philippines, will they be here in time for TNF Baguio? or Men's Health All -Terrain Race by May? :) please? :D