Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Globe-Ayalaland Run for Home 2010 Part 1- "Team" Runner's World Philippines

This year's edition of Globe- Ayala Land Run for Home added a new twist to running. It was a race where you are literally being toured around the Ayala properties within the Central Business District called Makati City, and also to it nearby running hotspot commonly known to runners as BHS or Bonifacio High Street.

The race route was actually unique in the sense that it started and ended at the Ayala Triangle, one of the common running routes for Makati runners. It was also the first time I "gathered" people to form my own "team" so to speak.  It wasn't really a team where they were running FOR me, but more on using running as a way to promote the magazine AND provide awareness of the upcoming  Runner's World Philippines by April.

Gathering people was not that easy since it was almost 2 weeks na lang before the actual race date when i received a call telling me that i would have to come up with at a total of 15 runners (10 people to run 10K, and another 5 people for 5K). ironically, a few minutes before i got this call, I got a call from Noelle and she mentioned that she had an extra 21K race kit which i accepted (thanks!).

since i have to come up with 15 runners who would want to run a chillax, rumarampa-parada pace during the whole time,  what i had in mind were the BDMers sana, as this could provide them their recovery run sana, but since this race has been widely advertised as early as late last year, and their promo of group registration had been a successful one, i was in limbo.

first stop was to ask people from takbo.ph's shoutbox if anyone was interested to join my "group". initially i didn't want to let them know that there would be a free Runner's World Singlet, etc, so i discretely placed an "ad" in the takbo.ph's forum asking for possible runners. Eventually, i was able to get a few brave souls who would be facing the running community present as "team runner's world philippines"

without further ado, here are some pics of the group :)

"team" runner's world philippines in chika pace

don't be deceived by their chika-pace look, 
these are running monsters trying very hard to slow down for the sake of the "rampa" pace.
a fellow runner once said to me that its more difficult to control one's speed than to make ratrat.
the girls of "team" runner's world philippines (10K)
the boys of "team" runner's world philippines (10K)

boys & girls, thanks ! :) 


  1. nice one. Team Runners World talaga ah. Sana ako din binigyan mo ng singlet. hehehe :D

  2. Nice posts, Tim! Pa.email naman ng Hi-Res copy nung group picture on the move. :)

    ...YOu got it right. Mas mahirap mag.pigil!

  3. Manager salamat at binuo nyo ang Team RW, sana meron pa uling susunod hehehe :)

    Kelan ba ang maiden issue ng RW? (Complimentary copy?)

  4. thanks, Timmy! This was one opportunity where I got to "run with the monsters" and didn't get left behind! Woohoo! I hope we didn't let you down! Mabuhay ang RW! Mabuhay ang Kenkoy Runner!
    *sana nasa maiden issue ang pic namin, hehe!

  5. Boss Timmy,
    Thanks for the opportunity to be part of Team RW.
    Sa uulitin.

  6. Boss Basti, we had a blast. :D
    Thanks a bunch for the opportunity! It was a delight running for RW and donning the nice singlet. :-)
    Can't wait for RW Philippines' first issue! :) [free subscription din kami? hehehe. :-P]

  7. Sayang! Di ko alam, haha! Gusto ko yung singlet! :(