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while the cat was away....

last weekend was a super hectic weekend for me. initially i thought that i would get bored since my girfriend suddenly decided to join her officemate and her friends on their trip to Cagayan de Oro/ Camiguin.

so, while she and her new friends were doing this.

i had my own lakad with my takbo peeps :)

EVENT 1: Silverprex Initial Grouping

i don't really know how to play bowling for real. my first experience of playing bowling was with Wii, but since i'm sure it's going to be different, i had to ask the masters on the difference of playing virtual bowling vs. real bowling.

first stop was to ask the master, former ateneo bowling varsity, Albert Francis "BongZ" Zandueta .this pose is the finish product na.

first step he taught was to know yung parang "bwelo" phase that we usually see from the bowlers on tv. he mentioned that parang 4 steps yun before the ball is released. so step one technically is to step your right foot forward (or left if kaliwete) and at the same time you put the ball in front of you sabay ng step forward. second step was to swing the ball back sabay with your left foot stepping forward naman. tas third step is to swing the ball back again (ata?) the fourth and final step is to do the pose above (release the ball forward,make it slide, hopefully hindi sha ma kanal para di naman kahiya).

ayon, simple lang diba?
doc eye, bry, and myself. jawbreakers, anyone? :D
joke time ang pag practice, kaya ayan, joke time ang scores! hahaha

after the initial lessons from bongZ, i practiced and tried the techniques he told me.
the runner in me wanted to chase after the ball just to make sure iwas-kanal yung shot.

ayan, nag fi-feeling mag bowling.

ganda diba? parang walang tinamaan yung bola. hahahaha

the night actually was for the groupings for the upcoming Silverprex Cup, initiated by Chelly, Earl, Julie, and shempre si Lorie aka Silverprex.

hindi naman ako sobrang olats with my first attempt at playing bowling. in fairness, i was able to get a feel of everything one would expect in a bowling game: canal (twice pa!) , spare, and would you believe naka strike din ako!

shempre, hindi matatapos ang event ng peeps na walang group pics.

more pictures here from Argo, Doc Marvs, and Quennie.

after the preliminary game for the groupings, others went to Music 21 pa to sing, while I went home naman na to rest because i initially intended to join EVENT 2: the group run with the Secondwind gang.

unfortunately i got too tired from the bowling, so i wasn't able to join the group run.

in the afternoon naman, was EVENT #3: the Nestea Fit Camp Hot to play Ultimate Frisbee.

at first i was a bit hesitant as it was too hot that day, tas my scheduled session was to start pa ata at 3PM so diba, sobrang init. enjoy naman sha, i was able to learn the basics of frisbee, backhand, forehand throws, tapos pati yung different types of how to catch the disc. kulang na lang was to play the actual game.

here are some pics from that HOT day but COOL game :)

late day campers! 

for a minimal fee of P50, i was able to get the bandana, a pseudo-road id, and the Nestea Fit bottle where we had a tumbler-full of free taste of their newest flavor.

the late comers.
 i went to the frisbee class with roselle and carmen. they both were there na the week prior, so i was the only one na totally newbie with the group. other peeps who went that day were Z and Marvs, Dhenz and TiN, Carina. Luis & Abby went there also nung morning, but didn't join the festivities.

carmen trying the backhand throw.

trivia: did you know that the Running Diva, Roselle, is a member of the Philippine Women's Ultimate group? she also taught us some of the basics while waiting for the other 3PM session peeps. Oha! :)

also, later in the day, we found out that RD is also a Timezone Queen, winning all the games that we went to after dinner. hahaha ;)

hindi lang sha running diva, but also, singing, dancing, timezoning, frisbeeing diva!

halata ba sa nyort nyorts na runner? 
another trivia: did you know that i also played badminton? 
kaya the wrist flick motion was not an alien term when the instructors 
were explaining how to do the backhand & forehand throws :) 

serious na ito.  

at around 530, we called it the day na and freshened up before having dinner, and eventually went home as there was still the last event for my jam-packed weekend.                                               
 PRRRT! timeout! it's way past my bed time na! 

EVENT 4: SUPPORT for the Ateneo Aquathlon

the next day, last day of my very hectic weekend, i promised my friends, well, actually marami din pala silang sumali (both and secondwind peeps) that i will be PHOTO TIM that day. i volunteered my services na i'd be taking their pics while they swim and run around Ateneo. 
sobrang dami kong nakuhanan ng pics, at kung kani-kaninong cameras din ang nagamit ko. so since hindi ako ang nagdala ng camera, sa mga websites/multiply nila ko kinuha ang ilang pics.
here are some teaser pics.
 black & white? 

 group pic after the lite category, while waiting for the classics

 group pic again before the start of the men's classic 
 nung umpisa, eh nagjo joketime ang kami na mag bigayan ng awards kunyari.


iba ang plano ng mga itong girls
RD: 3rd place age category, FB: 2nd place age category ; Ellen: 3rd place age category.

huwaw! ayot? apir! 

other running and swimming action shots are not yet uploaded, so ayun, antay muna tayo :)  

other thoughts  and images from and by the new aquathletes.
views from marvs' camera

balang araw, magiging multisport athlete din ako, pero sa ngayon habang bakasyon, enjoy lang muna :)


  1. BUSY TIMMY! :) Sarap mag frisbee noh? Lalo na pag puyat ka the night before, haha! :) Dapat na tayo! haha! Frisbee ulit this sat! SANA haha! -tin

  2. hectic sched..thanks, basti for the support...teammate, galingan naten sa bowling! mwah!

  3. naks naman, ang dami mo rin ginawa nung weekend noh? at nag-aaya ka pa mag-long run sa QC. adik ka talaga. :P

  4. Idol talaga. Multi-sport athlete.

  5. Naks, busy bee Basti! :-P
    Multisport? Get a bike! :-)

    (I've always wanted to try Frisbee, too!)

  6. nyehehehe... langya ka.. kala ko nasa cdo ka din nun.

    medyo boring ang weekend mo! woot!!!

    go Team Boring!!!

  7. what a busy weekend for the mouse! (ganyan pala dapat pag wala yung PUSA!)hehhehe.....pagdating kaya nung kinagabihan! ano kaya din ginagawa ng mouse! hehehhehe.....


  8. Panalo may trivia pa hehehe... ang BORING naman ng weekend mo hehehe =)

  9. mwahahahaha joke time bowling scores! :P mas joke yung sa akin---62 & 63!

    tiyaga ng post, dude. :)

  10. Nice one tim... busy!! Thanks for taking care of my cam.

  11. wow, daming cross-training! Nice pics too!:-)

  12. kenkoy plays (BIG TIME!) hehehe

  13. "balang araw, magiging multisport athlete din ako, pero sa ngayon habang bakasyon, enjoy lang muna :)" i like!

  14. Great post Kenkoy! I enjoyed reading your recap and couldn't help but smile. You're a multisport athlete! ;) I had fun time playing frisbee with you. Super duper thanks for supporting us during the aquathlon race.


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