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band of brothers (and sisters)

strong will.




heart of a warrior.

this journey has started for most since late 2009, and now it will come to completion. by sunday, these warriors would have proven to most, if not all runners, what they are made of.

i've read somewhere that "ultramarathons does not require the use of a brain", but i believe otherwise. it requires MORE than just the use of the brain, as it entails hard work, dedication, mental AND physical toughness.
these guys (and girls) have trained hard for this, and now it's time.

to my fellow runner-friends, i wish you all good luck.see you in manila.

2nd BDM 102 Participants from

3 Luis Archangel "GINGERBREADMAN"
4 Graciano Santos "KA TOTOY"
17 Maria Cristina Narvaez "CHIZCAKE"
18 Christopher Montaos "DOCTAPIOK/CHAIRMAN"
20 Julius Oliver Giron "ORANGEJULIUS"
21 Sherwin Tommy Botabara "DOC SHERWIN"
22 Jael Wenceslao "WENCY"
23 Wilnar Iglesia "HALIMAW WILNAR"
33 Rosgar Apolinario "RED/DADDYO"
36 Dennis Ravanzo "DHENZ"
40 Ronald Rei Declarador "HALIMAW RONALD"
45 Sammy DeleƱa "SAMMY/ AMMY"
50 Frederick Chaneco Gabriel "PAPI GAB/ DIRTYSANCHEZ"
63 Mark Adrian Hernandez "MARKHERNZ/MHS/ KM.8"
64 Rodel Cuaton "ARGONAUT"
65 Jose Arturo Virata "DOC ART"
66 Patrick Winceth Alcomedas "RUNNING/SWIMMING SAFETY PIN"
77 Alfred Paul Paiso "PAPIJET/JETAIME"
80 Marlin Marilag "POJIE/COACH"
102 Junrox Roque "TIGERBOY"
136 Abiegayle Jocson "FOXY FOXTRUT"

for other warriors, please view it from the Bald Runner's blog:


  1. Nice one, Tim. It's a dream come true to most of us. Indeed, we've trained hard for this. Thanks, Bro. More than luck, we need all the prayers! By God's grace, we shall see you back in manila in good shape!

  2. thanks Timmy. . . very nice!

    GOOD LUCK to allof US


  3. pojie, anong good shape? better shape! :) kasi baka 2 sizes smaller na kayo after! :) hehehe :)

    tapi, this one's for the road ba? :) for the little one on the way? :D woot woot! :)

  4. hoy! na touch naman ako dun! hahahaha. thanks timmy. fine. your kind of forgiven na :P

  5. Thanks Tim, appreciate it bro. Truly, been a dream we used to talk about lang before. Parang sobrang imposible. Can't believe we're actually doing it. Isang tulog na laaaang :P Habol ka sa finish line haha.

  6. Wishing all of you well. Godspeed! (mga balimaw...)

  7. ROD. . . fun run event ito

    TEN km. . . times TEN . . plus 2 = 102


  8. nice one tim! =)

  9. Nice post, Boss Timmy!
    Good luck mga idol!

  10. Thanks Tim my good friend!

  11. Oh wow! you started just last year and here you are? congratulations in advance and .. Good luck! Take good care, rest well!

    cool runnings


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