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post condura run

here are additional pictures from condura :) 

picture with rodrunner :)

picture with patcon

picture with "coach" pojie

picture with pao (bastarunnersweetlover)

picture with my girlfriend :)
after the condura run, i made sure i rested enough before i had my "recovery" run.

tonight, i decided that it's about time to run again.

i was doing fine for almost 3Ks and i was a bit happy coz there's no pain at all, etc, 

no soreness and to think i was using my old wave inspire 4.

then suddenly

this is what happened.

and this

wait for it......

was the aftermath.

(i am warning you, if you don't want to look, you can go ahead and leave a comment  haha)

ganda noh, both knees :)

more damage on my right knee :)

hassle noh?

ang sabi pa ng dad ko after malaman na nadapa ako:

Dad: anong nangyari sayo?
KR: nadapa ako. hindi ko nakita na may humps sa daan
Dad: nakatapos ka ng 42K pero sa kanto nadapa ka?

i know right?



  1. hahaha :D puma-punchline pa ah.

    I hope it heals up quickly. hassle, sa tuhod pa talaga!

  2. KR:dad.. no blood no glory!

  3. yikes! buti hindi injury... rest and recover well my friend! =)

  4. yikes! ano ba 'yan!! get well your knees =)

  5. ouch. :-P your dad has a point. 42km without tripping, tapos 3km lang and you had your dasher-ed moment.
    oh well, welcome to the clumsy club? haha. get well soon!
    and oh, from experience, betadine helps the wounds heal faster. :D (haha, experienced)

  6. Lumabas kanin sa tuhod mo? Buhusan natin alcohol haha!

  7. pagaling ka kaagad sir...

  8. hehehe!!!! OK lang yan, minsan tanga tayo kasi eh.. lol!!!

    hehehe! pac tim, parang medal mo na rin yan, ako nga nadulas eh... heheh

  9. as tracy said, welcome to the club ---! hehe! pagaling ka, hapdi nyan.

  10. pa-blow mo sa mommy mo para di masakit...hehe...

    ang tanong, sino ba nakita mo at bigla ka nadapa?


  11. why oh why did you scrape your knees? bababa market value mo nyan, eh! *kamot ulo* lol. mag-ingat next time. betadine and cebo de macho para bumalik ang magandang kutis. :)

  12. Tumingin ka daw kasi sa dinadaanan mo, para di ka madapa. :D


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