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follow your heart

it's been a while since i last wrote something about my races, primarily because i haven't been racing much.

the last time i raced was during the New Balance race (where i got a new PR, coming from behind i was able to time my run at 56:23 for my 3rd 10k overall, but because i was a few mins late, my official time was 1:03) sobrang bagal kasi kumilos kaya ayan, na late, pero in fairness, from the time i started my come-from-waaay- behind-run, i was able to achieve my sub-6o goal that day :D and tuwa din ako kasi i was not able to sleep much (i came from somewhere pa the night before, got home at around 3, i had to wake up at 4 to prepare myself for the race which started at 5am. since medyo late ako, kailangang paspas takbo when i got to the starting line, together with the 5K runners getting ready for their run too.

anyway, back to the recently concluded Phil Star Celebrity Run, I was not really suppose to race this one. i intentionally did not register for any other race during the december months as i intend to bandit the races and add on mileage after the 21k route. while i was sleeping, i was awakened by a text from a fellow runner, argonaut, telling me if i wanted a race bib, as he has an extra. in my mind, i was thinking, why not use the free race bib, even if im not running, i can still attempt to have a new 21K PR or if not, PR for the registered person (sabi ni argo, ang PR daw is 3 hours for the 21K, so no matter what, eh makaka PR "sha" kasi never naman ako umabot ng 3 hours for my 21k run.

prior to the race, i already told a few fellow runners if we can pace together, they agreed naman. I ran with Gab and RunningDiva for most of the time, this was also documented in the blog of daytripped runner (thanks for including me in your blog! :) )

during the run, most of the time i was a in front of RunningDiva and Gab. I think RD was thinking i wanted to speed up and leave them behind but in actuality, i didn't want to be at the back because knowing myself, i might slow down and lose steam towards the end. there was even a point when RD told us to slow down as we were running too fast (and in her words, we were almost doing a pace of 4mins/km which, i believe was an exxageration, kasi i don't think i'm that strong na hindi ako lawit-dila while we were running that "mabilis" pace). along the way, RD acted as our pacer, instructing us to maintain our even pace, to look down or up, or to have a consistent breathing, etc, todo coaching kumbaga (which i appreciated as i don't run with a "group" na who gives me tips while i run, etc).

everything was going as planned but before we reached mckinley, RD started to slow down, she urged us to go ahead but as a group, we tried to accompany her pa rin. there was even a point where gab and i stopped literally and looked for RD and waited for her kasi nga trio nag start, ideally trio mag finish.

along the way, gab went ahead, and RD stayed at the back so i was left alone in the middle. on my lonely time alone, i was thinking alot about stuff, about work, love life, career, etc. this might have been one factor that made me "slow down" or even make me say im tinatamad already.

i've realized that at the start i was strong, and even until after the gruesome hills combo of the route, i believe i can still make it to my ideal target time of 2:15-2:20 IF i stayed with the pace initially set, and if i focused on the task at hand.

after the race (which i finished unofficially at 2:34) i was suppose to run additional mileage, but due to my kapaguran, i was not able to add anymore. i was eyeing to have sana a 32K long run that day but i wasn't conditioned maybe because there were a lot of things going on on my mind which diverted my energy elsewhere.

as i was on my way to pick up my girlfriend, i texted Running Diva and thanked her for pacing us during the run. i also apologized for not being able to keep up with the group, etc. i told her that it was a privilege to have paced with her, and that i know i could have done better if i had been running as much as i should have. i mean, it could have been a lot worse if i was not "mayabang" na ayaw tumirik along the way, but i also know that i could have done way much better IF i had been running. or if i had enough rest, or if i didn't think of a lot of things during the run.

in short, i should have just followed my heart, ran the race with no other thing in mind but to finish the race, and to reward myself that at the end of the run, i am to meet up with Ten, and that would make everything feel better again :)

i know i've been running for almost a year, and its been a roller coaster ride. i know that when i train, or at least prepare for a race, i get good times, and when i slack off, i get a respectable time, but deep down i know i could have done better.

also on a lighter note, i used. broke in (tama ba ung term?) my kayano 13 during the phil star celeb run, and i was satisfied with the cushioning, pero it was a bit heavy na when it was towards the latter part of the race (well mostly i noticed its weight during the hilly parts). ang kulit lang because for most part of the race it was drizzling, and i was doing well then, but when the sun shone, i felt weak and tiresome. another kulit factor was, when i posted sa FB that my kayano 13's binyag it rained also, she replied na it's a blessing for the shoes, literal similar to a binyag ng tao.

i sure do hope that this new pair of shoes would be a blessing for me for the condura run as i seriously train for it para i get a decent time for my first full mary :)
may i be able to focus on the tasks at hand (both in career and in running) so that i'd be able to maximize myself, and at the same time, maximize the potentials in me which i haven't been able to fully utilize until now :(


  1. Nice post! Nice shoes! Good luck on your first FM!

  2. Pretty sure a very spirited runner like you will have no difficulty in finishing your first full marathon! Good luck marathoner timmy!


  3. Timz' wish you good health and mind on your 1st FM :) ..

    Let the christmas spirit touches your heart first .. so come Condura race, your heart will be filled w/ happy thoughts and inspirations... *wink*

  4. hahaha nice one timmy!

  5. hey tim! nice one! hope sa condura we'll do even better! Go lang!!!

  6. "i was thinking alot about stuff, about work, love life, career, etc. this might have been one factor that made me "slow down" or even make me say im tinatamad already."

    --why slow down? hmm...looks like a lot of thinking while running..God bless, basti! it's a blast knowing you! =)

  7. Congrats on your runs Tim! I am predicting a record-smashing 2010 for you :P Ok ba ung new shoes mo? Am thinking whether to buy or not... or isugal ko si Tempo sa full. hmmmm.....

  8. basti, PR na ko sa pag-comment. good luck!


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