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what's up with mizuno in 2010

Here's what's happening with Mizuno :)

*January 10, 2010:
  • start of the registration for the Mizuno Infinity Run.
  • Running Sale with discounts shooting up to 80% off.
  • Mizuno Running Expo
special guests include: Olympian Henry Dagmil, SEA games athlete Neil Ducusin, distinguished running coaches Ige Lopez, Patrick Joson and Peter Gonzales, renowned race organizer Rudy Biscocho (and yours truly!WAHAHAHAHA)

These well known running personalities will share tips and other info about competitive running form, proper hydration and nutrition, latest technology and gear, and other vital information to help them get the most out of their running season.

The Mizuno Running Expo will happen from 10am to 7pm at the BMG Centre, Magallanes Commercial Center, Makati.

*April 11, 2010:

*Mizuno Infinity Race – “/Beat Your Own Time./”
-the race where in you've got to prove yourself. Improve your previous time this time.

Registration fees are at 400 pesos for the 5/10K and 450 pesos for the 15K.
Register at the following Mizuno stores: Boni High Street, Megamall, Festival Mall, Mall of Asia, Trinoma and Magallanes.

Watch out for the launch of *Creation 11 – the official shoe for the Mizuno Infinity Race*. Runners will get their race packets for free upon purchase of Creation 11.

just make sure that you have a neutral gait for the Creation 11 :)

This is on top of the generous freebies that Mizuno and partner sponsors have prepared.

The Mizuno Infinity Run Expo is made possible in cooperation with Oakley and Gatorade with the following major sponsors: Mail and More, Suunto, and Manila Water. Doctor J, Derm Plus Lotion, Citgo, and BMG Solar. Media partners include RunnerSpeak, Run Radio on NU 107, Men’s Health and Women’s Health.

Please visit or call 757-3160 loc 515 for more details.


  1. Pwede pa-picture sa yo? hehe =) Thanks for the update!

  2. ey jules! :) welcome to my blog :) hahaha ;) sure picture tayo one time hahaha :) i added you na rin sa blogroll ko if you don't mind :) hehehe

    see you around!


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