Saturday, December 19, 2009

lucky 13

today is the day i retired my mizuno wave inspire 4.

after almost 700+ kms under its soles, i have finally decided to retire it. we've had numerous PRs together, starting with my first 21K in botak last may, upto the timex 5k funrun, and to its final 10Lrun last dec.15. and dami naming pinagdaanan ng inspire ko, and it's a bit sad to have it finally retire from competitive running, pero i believe it's replacement would hold on to the records we've had (and i'm sure my elixir 4 would also continue the winning tradition of mizuno).

as i retire my ever-trusted and ever-reliable wave inspire 4, i had a lot of things going on in my mind as to what brand and model am i to choose to replace it.

i researched online and found out that other than the upgraded model (inspire 5), asics gt 2140 was the most similar shoe to the mizuno wave inspire line.

after much consultation online, and with other fellow runners, i decided to finally troop to second wind to ask hector for his expert advice on what to get :)

at first, i was still torn between inspire and gt2140 but then i saw the kayano 13 on sale. at first i was a bit hesitant because of the price tag, but when i asked hector about the % off, it turned out to be a little cheaper than the gt 2140. i tried out both shoes AND fell in love with the kayano13.

after much thought, i finally decided to get my newest pair, an asics gel kayano 13 :)ang gwapo shoes diba? :)

don't worry, hindi lang looks ang pinagbasihan ko when i bought this one. mas malambot din sha sa heel, if ever mag heel strike ako as the distance goes longer. sobrang thankful na lang din ako at walang size sa kayano 16, kundi mas malaking damage ang mapapala ko dito.

in other news....

in line with my preparation for condura 42, i also got a hydration bag from mizuno :)

the bag might look like it's an expensive one, but like what i've said about mizuno, they provide the necessary stuff without being too much of a burden to your pockets (thanks mizuno!) this baby carries 2L also, and is lightweight (which i like!) i will be using this during BR's Rizal Day Run on Dec. 30th as part of my dry run for Condura 2010.

lastly, to make sure that i will not back out or slack off during the holiday season, i have finally registered for the Condura 2010 Full Marathon.
this is it!

no more backing out :) full speed ahead!

skyway, here i come!

oh and yeah, if ever i get lost on the skyway, i've got my road id already! wahoo!!!


  1. wow, dami christmas presents para sa sarili...pano naman kami? hehehe..

    i do hope all these goodies will make your condura FM a blast! more speed!...este God speed! =)

  2. nice one, timmy! :D lotsa goodies! good luck sa training mo for condura...good luck na rin sa condura! ;)

  3. Whoaaa!!! Full battle gear ah! Good luck on Condura! :D

  4. go tim..kaya mo yan..CONGRATS sa mga bagong stuffs!

  5. ayon! ;) wla nang atrasan eto sa condura full!

    comment ko lng regarding ur kayano... sana NB 1225 aka "Kayano Killer" nlng kinuha mo! hehehe.

  6. share your blessings...haha..goodluck tim!

  7. Nice! Truly inspiring for you to finally make a decision to do a full-mary at Condura. A very significant milestone for you to do it in a very auspicious event! Good luck and more power to you!

  8. Wow level up na talaga tim! wala ng atrasan!

  9. timmy!!! nak! new shoes! :D ako i think i need new shoes na rin :P ...soon :) lemme know how asics is compared to mizuno, ayt? i've this thing for mizuno...though i want to try it out, i'm feeling it's a little too over-rated by everyone :P anyway, happy holidays...and happy new shoes! :D

  10. woohoo! no backing out now, basti. :-)
    good luck!

    nice shoes. what's your new shoes' name? :-)

  11. timmyboi! wala na atrasan ito. no more asking kung kaya mo na ang fm. wehehehe

  12. woot woot! skyway here we go! (may e-pass ka na? hehehe)

  13. ibang level ka na tim!!!!! good luck man!

  14. Ganda ng mga tingslaloo huh! Good luck sa condura! =)

  15. Tim, congrats sa new shoes! All the way to COndura na to :P

  16. sobrang gifted! laki siguro ng bonus hehe...aleth

  17. nice thread sir tim!