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gingerbreadman's playground

today's run was supposedly a chill run, after my 17.2K run during the christmas eve run with the takbo gang, i thought of having at least another 15k or less, around the chilly place of UP. i'm not sure if there were a lot of people running today since its christmas, but what the heck, let's just try din diba?

while hanging out at the shoutbox, and being online in YM, i chanced upon GBM who also had plans of running today (christmas day) so what else to do? it's boring to run alone, so i opted to join his training for today, and find out what makes GBM a successful runner.

at first, i thought it was just another long run day for the GBM, but lo and behold! he told me that it would be a SPEED ENDURANCE training day. in my mind, what the heck was that!?!?!?!??!! i know there is a SPEED training, and there is another ENDURANCE training, but what the heck is a SPEED ENDURANCE Training?

knowing luis, he'd explain to me in details the instructions tipong on what to do, etc, but knowing me, i didn't listen as much and just asked him what type of shoes to bring. he said speed shoes, so brought my ever-trusted, and ever-loyal mizuno wave inspire 4 and went to mcdo pearl drive to start training.

there were 2 parts for the training, the first part was for SPEED, and the other, malamang ENDURANCE. so for the first part, eto ang sabi ni GBM:

" 3x 400 at all out, 800 at 5k pace, 2000m at 5:00 min pace "

wow, all out! ngayon ko lang ulit to gagawin since my "all out" incident during the mizuno run clinic tapos all out ulit? hehehe ako naman, dahil under training, sige sunod lang.

ang galing kasi ung fastest lap namin, umabot ako ng 3:45 pace for 400 m nung 1st round.
after that 1 round, tagaktak pawis ako grabe.

ibang level na training talaga ito. bale paspas ka ng 400m all out pace, all hell breaks lose kumbaga, tapos mag shishift down ka to a lower pace, in our case, parang mga 5 ata ung ginamit namin ng 1st round. kinaya ko naman sha, hehehe :) tas un, kaya naman, second round, medyo nawasak na ako kaya hindi ko naulit ung 3;45 na pace. sobrang kawasakan nung unang round, eh naging 4.27 ung round 2 all out pace namin. after nun, na maintain naman namin ung aming target, pero sabi ko kay luis since 1st day, if pwede 2 rounds na muna for today, hehehe

after nung 2 sets, we went to our 10k route, as usual andun ang deadly hills combo ni luis. para kay luis, chill na sa kanya ang mga 6 na pace, pero pag race day eh 5 ata ang gamit during 10k races.

here are some of the pics of where we had our training (luis' special playground)

dito nag uumpisa yung intervals namin. No Parking. tire lock. tagaktak pawis pagdating sa point na ito, tapos rest lang ng 3 mins, tapos paspas ulit
dito naman ang start ng endurance training.
after nung paspas na intervals, eh susubukan, or baka susukatin ang inyong end
urance, kung tatagal ka pa after. ideally may target pace din ito, pero dahil sa bagito pa ako sa training na ito, medyo mabagal kami natapos.

eto na ang triple hill combo ng luis playground.

hill #1: st. paul

hill # 2: st. martin

(di ko ata nakuhanan kasi tumakbo akong paakyat, at nakaligtaan kong mag document,serious training mode)

hill #3: motel hill

shhh di nyo alam itong mga ito ah, secret training ito ni luis!

hanggang sa uulitin!

kung gawin ko kaya to sing dalas ni luis (bale 6 times a week yun noh), bibilis kaya ako singtulin ni luis?



  1. Budget suite pala ha... Its so sosi.

    Nice Tim. Good luck in your training. Always stay injury-free!

  2. wow, back to your training groove. stay injury-free, basti!

  3. kenkoy!..mukhang mas ok yung secret training ah.. enduranZ yung pumasok sa isip ko eh!..=).. ayt!happy training,kita kita na lang sa starting line next yr!.. tven77

  4. motel = speed endurance kasi nagmamadali ka dahil short time hahaha

  5. LOL! solid ang route no? timmy, naiisip mo na ba kung bakit ako na injure! LOL!
    interval,tempo at hills sa first day of training! WILD diba? hahaha!

  6. Hehe nice Tim, na share to the world ang playground haha :) The intervals are really challenging, I hate doing them. Absolutely. But then again, I guess it helps a lot :) Sana'y nasiyahan ka hehehe.

    Abie, now that's what you call a break-in :P P

  7. naku! papakainin mo n alang pala kami ng alikabok din nyan dude!

  8. Christmas exposé? Nice one Tim! :D

    @Luis: Maghanda-handa ka na sa mga magiging stalkers mo sa route na 'yan! :P

  9. pareho lang pala tayo ng playground! =p


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