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currently shifting to use the POSE method in my comeback full mary come Condura 2013. I was intrigued by it when our team underwent sessions with Coach Pat Joson of the Jumpstart Movement. Coach Pat also recently had students from the Mizuno Run Academy do the same thing. POSE.

So what is POSE all about? to cut the long story short, it's simply changing from one "pose" to the other. simple noh?

parang it's like this lang naman kasi:

looks easy noh? but then again, if you're not initially a forefoot runner, it MIGHT take some getting used to with the first segment (POSE-FALL) phase. you might ask why. Well, primarily because this concept works with using gravity to your advantage. running "traditionally" is different from running pose method. scientifically, this reduces also the impact on one's knees.  sakto with my case now that i've gained a few pounds from not running as often as i used to, but slowly but surely getting there again.

in principle, you might say, parang the same sha with Chi Running. at first, i thought so too.

But with the help of google, (hahaha!)  I saw the difference:

pose (L) and chi (R)
See the main differences? 1) landing of the foot (forefoot for pose, midfoot for chi) and 2) direction of the "pull". with pose, you lift the foot (using hamstrings of course) and tuck it underneath your butt (something like a heel-butt exercise). for chi, its behind you. I haven't tried Chi Running, but then again, to each his/her own naman diba? ;)

I know both techniques have their own "pros" and "cons" and who "should" be using what techniques etc. still at the end of the day, what we are all looking for is to be injury-free and hopefully faster times while enjoying running shempre ;) 

see you on the road! :) 

ayot? apir! :) 


  1. Nice post Timmy and nice seeing you this morning. I believe nauna yung Pose sa Chi running. Pero, I use both. Yung sa pull ng heel, sa Pose method ako. Nakakapagod sa hamstrings yung chi method, pero sa pose method, may sense, kasi short-cut yung pag pull ng heel mo sa butt.

    Pero sa foot-strike, sa mid-foot or sa chi-running ako. Nakakapagod ang full-forefoot striking sa full marathon eh.


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