Thursday, December 6, 2012

putting the fun in trail runs

are you one of those sick and tired of running road races and would want to try other terrains?

you feel the need to go trail running, but see yourself as not as hardcore as those doing xterra races such as putik pare type of trail adventure runs?

or are you one of those training to run the skyway pero para maiba ang view, gusto mo naman mapuno, ganon? you should then try this race  :)

Runner’s Runner, 3rd Floor, R.O.X., Bonifacio Hight Street, Bonifacio Global City

PS: what's nice with this race pa is that, maganda na ang view, masarap din daw ang pagkain dun :) 

sali na! :) 
ayot? apir!


  1. Thanks Kenkoy! Your post was one that I read very early in my trail running career, and it was extremely helpful.

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