Friday, September 28, 2012

inspired again.

from my old, "serious" scheme, i've revived and revised my blog's look and feel (well, not really naman sobrang overhaul, pero gets?)

this time mas buhay sha than before. maybe a visual representation of me reviving this blog.

from a black base, to a more lively blue shade.

what inspired me to get use this color scheme. the 2013 Mizuno Wave Inspire 9.

truly inspire-ing 

i've always been an Inspire person, and this one really is inspire-ing ;) 

I hope we get this model and colorway here in the Philippines. SOON.

I actually like what's happening lately to mizuno's colors. for me, it's about time for the shoes to follow the trend of brightly colored shoes compared to other brands. mizuno has been well known as  durable shoes, but most of the colors brought here are a bit on the 'boring' side.

with the influx of the other 2013 shoes having psychedelic colors, things are cooking up with Mizuno for 2013.


  1. Nice revamp of the blog. Keep on posting ha! Time to perspire to inspire. :)) Hit the road soon, already!

  2. nice to see you posting again. great blog layout!


  3. Tommy may Mizuno ba sa US?
    Ayan I read your new shiny blog-site! :-D