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it has been literally almost a year since the last time i had a road race. the last time was 2011's king of the road. why did i all of a sudden take a hiatus from joining races, and/or running? well, it's more of like taking a break from a bad 'break up'. this bad break up was not with running per se, but more on some of the things i held close to my heart (and no, i did not break up with my girlfriend hahaha! we're very much still together thank you.)

since i haven't been active in both the running and multisport scene, this was my first run, and like a newbie, i was a bit hesitant if i can muster enough strength to survive this race. most of the races i've joined were usually held at BGC-McKinley area, or Roxas Blvd., so when the opportunity (and free kit) for a MOA race  was presented, i did not hesitate to join. During the presscon for the said event, i got excited, primarily because of the new race route (kudos to the Runrio team for this one). Also, having a 21K relay event was something new also. The race route was made to ensure that both relay runners will get enough mileage for their own half. True enough, it was different, in a good way ;)

it was also my first time to race without a hydration belt, no cell phone, not even a watch. i actually planned that i would still be racing with a watch, but while doing my own warm up prior to the start of the race, my watch's strap got broken so i had to go back to the car.

going back from the car, i started jogging and did a little bit of warm up before the race actually started at exactly 4:40am. although i was with my LEAP buddy from the start, i went for an early CR break with less than 2kms along the race, and then i was all by myself. all through out the race i was doing fine actually, i get ample hydration as there were a lot of water and powerade stations along the route (even the banana during the latter part of the route). this was one major thing i enjoy with recent road races, the never-ending supply of hydration (note to self though: no more powerade for me as it gave me kabag all through out the race, hehehe) water na lang for me. (pero ok for me ang powerade na AFTER the race, hehehe).

points to ponder during and after the race for me:

1) running 21K was no joke. i know i've had 2 full marathons in the past. but running 21k from 'scratch' was no joke. good thing i was able to sneak some mileage runs prior to this one. i was able to sustain a sub3 finish (yes i know, bagal dba? but what the heck, walang masakit sa akin after the race, and that's more important for me :) ) lesson learned: incorporate speed training, specially for that one last secondwind sprint to the finish.

new route for me to explore. 21K is really a long distance race

2) nutrition plan is important for running more than 16K. during the race, i felt a bit dizzy at one point, prompting me to slow down a bit to ensure i'm going to be ok. it would also be good if i had proper sleep the week prior the race. nutrition strategy to be implemented in succeeding races and trainings, kahit simple sugar lang, knowing when to take them, and how much to take at certain times would be crucial to being a finisher, or a DNFer.

3) no matter what, it's my race, it's my pace. good thing i was able to control myself from being carried away from the rest of the crowd early on. my being a 'veteran' got the best of me. i saw a lot of new faces rushing early, only to finish way behind, walking after the 1st km. nothing wrong with that ha, (as i myself took some walk breaks along the way), but also knowing how to pace one's self is part of the art of long distance racing.

4) running releases toxins from my body. when i stopped running, other than obviously gaining a few pounds, i had a lot of pimples again. when i started running again, my face slowly cleared up. the toxins building up were excreted through sweat (iba pa rin ang sarap ng tagaktak pawis moments after races). i believe and feel its a nice motivation to get back into running again, just like before.

one thing i missed was being in the presence of like-minded indiviuals, friends after the race. its nice to be spend time with family during weekends, but its also nice to spend a few minutes (or even hours) post race with people who suffer the way you do (hahaha sadista?)

overall, my comeback race was a good one. well hydrated. nice new route. festive atmosphere before and after the race, with matching bands performing. a very systematic loot bag claiming (sobrang daming laman ng loot bag in fairness! ibang level ang Unilever sa dami ng laman nung bag!) the finisher's medal was also nice. overall, it was a good choice for a comeback race.

here is the list for the top winners of the Rexona Run 2012:

1st place: Jessa Mangsat (BIB 3435) TIME: 0:19:55
2nd place: Lovely Gemeroy (BIB 2019) TIME: 0:20:38
3rd place: Annaleah Cierva (BIB 1786) TIME 0:24:48

1st place: Willie Rotich (BIB 534) TIME: 0:14:55
2nd place: Philip Ronoh (BIB 235) TIME: 0:15:14
3rd place: Rene Herrera (BIB 1780) TIME 0:15:25

1st place: Jackline Nzino (BIB 5357) TIME: 1:24:25
2nd place: Mary Grace Delos Santos (BIB 6770) TIME: 1:24:37
3rd place: Nhea Ann Barcena (BIB 4014) TIME: 1:32:00

1st place: Jackson Chirchir (BIB 6850) TIME: 1:09:25
2nd place: Musa Bett (BIB 5354)TIME: 1:09:39
3rd place: Benjamin Kipkazi (BIB 6460) TIME: 1:11:25

1st place: Flordeliza Donos & Jho-ann Banayag  TIME: 1:25:23
2nd place: Cristabel Martes & Jolly Ann Ballester TIME: 1:28:35
3rd place: Victorina Carmen &Dalyn Carmen TIME: 1:33:22

1st place: Rafael Poliquit Jr. & Richard Salano TIME: 1:10:21
2nd place: Samuel Tarus & Julius Kipkalam TIME: 1:11:35
3rd place: Raquin Irinio & Michael Villamor TIME: 1:12:15

1st place: Lowemar Strella & Michelle Tibagacay TIME: 1:26:23
2nd place: Merlyn Lumagbas & Ryan Maranan TIME: 1:33:22
3rd place: Magic Lazo &Miguel Lazo TIME: 1:39:52


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