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project training wheels

project training wheels day 2.

this session egged us to have 2 things with us.
1. own helmet  (for our own protection) and
2. cycling/biking shorts (with butt pads) to eliminate the sore butt after effects

so far, ellen & i were able to accomplish item #1
project training wheels class picture
ellen (with rudy), timmy (with spyder), carins (specialized), raff (giro), karen (bell)
second row: brando, chelly, cindy, tracy

go go power rangers?

unfortunately, we weren't able to accomplish item #2 as ellen was busy winning 2nd place overall at the recently concluded Camaya Coast Aquathlon

 team secondwind's JC Pineda taking 1st, while team endure's Ellen Encinares taking the 2nd spot

initially we planned to get bike shorts at the nearby bike stores in BHS, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, ubos yung size for ellen, and wala silang cycling shorts with padding for me.

for this session, we had a new classmate

coach pio with new classmate, master cindy

and new assistant coaches
"coach" raffger

"coach" karen

other bikers/ spectators were also present, namely carina, tracy, wilnar, and chelly the belly. brando also dropped by to take the photos (all photos in this blog entry were taken by brando, except the camaya pics).

this session's main goal was to help us gain more confidence in riding the bike, and at the same time, have practice riding on our own.

another special session we had that day was how to change/ remove tires
this was a concern raised before, specially for those who don't have a big car that would fit the bike.
coach pio teaching us how to remove the rear wheel (ndi sha flat ha, nag tuturo lang talagang mag palit ng gulong) hahaha

some more pics from the second session

the "kilabot" ng kolehiyala doing tricks

the master is back!

student bikers on the loose!

as the day progressed, we tried riding the road bike
after the day's session, we had the usual class pictures

after dinner on our way back to the parking lot, our beloved coach was approached by an old lady asking him what happened to him. all the while we thought that coach pio knew this lady who asked him, but no, she was a complete stranger! :) hahahaha :) ibang level talaga si coach.

one last class picture.

as per coach pio, the next step is to GET the BIKE!


  1. the kenkoy biker soon to be born! ;) get the bike na kasi! kahit bulok na parts... importante umaandar! ;)

  2. naku! medyo malaki-laking project na yung next step!

  3. Get a bike soon! :D
    But for the meantime, go, Team MTB! :)

  4. That's one off the bucket list :-)

  5. may ganito pala? nice...sana magkabike na tayo!

  6. Nice pics! Nakakatawa si TIMMY!!! waahahahahaha! :P


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