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timmy wanted to TRI

last weekend,  some of my friends had their animo sprint simulation. i thought to myself, since i know how to swim, i know how to run, and fairly able to ride the bike in a way, i decided to join them too! :)
the last time i swam was 2 years ago, i decided to take things easily and just go with the flow. if i can perform better, then go. if my body tells me to chillax and take things slowly, then so be it :)

since medyo tinatamad akong mag sulat, here are some of the images from the event ;)

my borrowed MTB from RJ (thanks RJ!) my helmet, and my mizuno wave elixirs

 before the simulation started, everyone was still smiling

ang lamig! :) 
feeling the water first before seriously trying to swim again :)

then things got more serious. everyone became a tubig-mamaw

 the "newbie" swimmer taking a break from all the seriousness everyone was in.
(pero seriously, i tried not to stop)

in the middle of the serious swims, others were able to make funny moments while training

from originally being a kenkoy runner...

 transitioning to ....

a kenkoy biker! :)

sabi nila, maling direction daw ako 
(feeling ko ito ung part na  i got lost, sumobra ata sa atat mag bike!)

kenkoy biker gets serious ha :)

everything was going smoothly until we learned that raff had an accident

check out the damage to the gwapo bike :(

after finding out that raff was ok, we all went back to our regular programming (swim galore!)

langoy pa rin kahit umuulan! :)

next stop...

Ellen's Bike Shopping! :)


  1. langoy pa rin kahit umuulan? buti di kayo nabasa hehehe

  2. Ayos! konti practice pa sa swimming, pwede na din mag tri! bili ka na ng road bike!

  3. nice...nag level up na talaga. grabe...!!!!

  4. naks... napag iiwanan na talaga ako. =( habol na lang ako sa mga nag level up.

  5. Interesting read, Timmy. Claps for this and for your still-growing passion for sports. Good luck, you athlete, you! :)

    - Mae


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