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where it all began...

it has been quite some time since i've with the pioneers of the last time i remember hanging out with all the "oldies" of, it was the Rizal Day Run held last 2009. since then, a lot of things have changed. in two years, a lot of things happened (all of which are positive naman).

(my first banner group pic c/o Nuttybunny4 / doc Marvz)

from this "small" group, a lot of things have changed. back then, we "dreaded" the "long distances" which at that time (for us) meant more than 10K. I remembered those days when we were all enjoying the fun runs (literally and figuratively). running back then was simple and enjoyable. you run. you have fun. you eat afterwards with your RuBus, spend the whole Sunday afternoon with the same people you were with that same morning, only this time, its either eating, or drinking, or just plain old hanging out with them.

from the group above, different groups emerged, focusing on different facets of an active lifestyle:

Multisport: ENDURE

Ultramarathon: BORING (and later on, UNGAS)

Multisport & Ultramarathon: CB
due to the numerous "specializations" of the said groups, it has been quite a while since we gathered together as one group, as one One bright idea of Marga was to gather the "Pioneers/Oldies" of the group for some catching up. Initially it was intended as just a potluck picnic in UP (where the running boom really started), but as suggested by Q, the group decided to have its "Pioneers reunion" at the Sweet Harmony Gardens (where, at the same time, the obstacle course for the upcoming Men's Health Urbanathlon are set up).

Here are some previews of the Obstacle course we had to conquer.

ang mahiwagang balance beam

kita nyo yung last hurdle? :) TAAS!!!!!

while the rest were still resting, a few of us went for a short 5K run. little did we know that the "short"5k run was 80% uphill! pero that uphill was one fun run! tagaktak pawis! sulit! 

as soon as we went back to the place, we had another obstacle course we had to face.

for more pics from the reunion, click here.
we sure had lotsa fun and lotsa food today. other than the food, what i personally enjoyed most was the camaraderie and catching up we had with the oldies who were present at this morning's gathering.

always good times with peeps.
(taken by Jinoe Gavan)

 oh, pano jinoe, dito na lang tayo mag christmas party.


  1. Ayos! Nice to see everyone having a good time! Wished I could have joined you. More power to Pioneers!

  2. PR post, ha? Great to catch up with everybody, really! This is what I missed in all the runs lately. Sane yet fun conversations drizzled with sincere laughter in the pouring rain.

    Ganda sa Sweet Harmony Gardens.

    Sa mga nag Cranium WOW, naghahanap ng Championship game si Z! hahaha

    Thank you everybody for being there. Much fun!

  3. miss ko na rin ang post-race pic, haha. see you all soon!

  4. hay naku! lalo ko kayo nami-miss sa mga post na ganito!!!! hmph!

  5. "as soon as we went back to the place, we had another obstacle course we had to face."

    uy rhyme!!! woot!!! hehehe

  6. Missin' the group as well' ...
    missin' you TimzMacho' keep that happy face po..


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