Wednesday, October 6, 2010

from blue to green

nope im not switching sides ;)

last year, i was excited to join the inaugural QC International Marathon (half marathon distance for me) but as things turned out, I wasn't able to join as i got sick literally a couple of days before the main event :(.

this time, i would like to make sure that i will not have the same dilemma again.

I would like to try and join this race (to make up for the 21K i missed last year) and afterwards, will join the numerous peeps (from Team Boring, Endure, CB, Ungas, Powerpuff Boys) who will support the following on their first Full Marathon

 Support extra-ordinaire , Margababes/ Margalicious 


team CB owner Chelly da Belly /Tonya 

let's gow sagow!

ayot? apir!

training starts now :)


  1. training started last month pa dapat! hahaha! am still undecided on what distance to join... If I finish the 32k for Runrio Leg 3 with decent time, then I can finish the 42k sa QCIM. hehehe... :D

    go green! :D hahaha!

  2. Go Timmy! Its about time you did this! I'll be there...maybe for the 10k lang, so I can cheer the FM'ers din!

  3. Good luck Timmy! :) See you sa starting line

    @julie-pink singlet ng PPB nyahahahaha

  4. uy na extra pa ako sa pic :-)

    Lets go timmy boy! push push push!