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to give and not to count the cost

it was my first time to volunteer at the botak 100K aid station set up by & sponsored by sir amado's company (reinier pacific international shipping, inc). to be more honest, it wasn't really in my plans to join and be part of the support group there. it just so happened that certain events led to things that led me to being part of the crew.

we've had meetings about these, ung sa support mismo, daming nagpunta etc, pero when the actual thing was getting nearer, parang nagtaka ako why it seemed like, those people i was expecting to be there were "not there". nung una kasi ang dating for me is pwede shang gawing mala-outing kasi puro tropa ung kasama sa aid station eh, so its gonna be fun din diba ;) sa start, it was ganon. ang thought ko was, its gonna be fun! :) another mala-outing, pero may kasamang work, pero bottomline eh, fun sha :)

so there everything was "going according to plan" until nung saturday morning when i was gathering up the peeps for the grocery. medyo nagkagulu-gulo ung sked so the peeps who were initially going to be with me when we do the grocery were either, not going, or going to be late, or worse, not going to be there AT all. in the midst of all these hullabaloo. naiinis ako shempre kasi ung mga iniexpect kong andun wala eh so i texted a friend and told her na un nga, nafrufrustrate lang ako with what's happening, na parang, oh bakit wala sila,etc. after the usual "ranting session" ko with her via text (kasi alam ko busy din naman sha) i just continued with what has to be done (kahit na sa loob ko eh medyo bad trip na ako nun). pero keri lang. kailangan eh. at this point nawala ung thought na VOLUNTEER ako, na kahit anong mangyari eh dapat nandoon ako kahit wala sila.

eventually naman naayos na rin ung mga gamit para volunteers and sa runners (please see pictures here)

in the midst of all these whirlwind of events,napagkasya ko ang 3 happening in one day, grocery, ung despedida ni lauren, at ung actual manning ng booth. ang hirap mag organize ng tao, plus ako kasi ung tipong gusto ko things would go according to plan, pero at one point eh, narealize ko na, hassle naman if i let this rule my life diba, ung tipong i have to learn to adapt. (alam ko naman eh, ayaw ko lang hahaha).

in the midst of the pagod and all, parang at the start ako eh sige gawa lang kasi nag volunteer ka eh so gawin mo yan. kahit na at times parang ung iba eh kiber lang sa mga dapat gawin, work lang ng work. bahala na si batman if ma recognize ka man o hindi, basta deep inside eh, alam mong ginawa mo ung pinangako mong gagawin AND ung hindi ka mag rereklamo about what you are doing despite of all the hardships and hassleness you might encounter during.

the aid station gig showed me a different side of races which i usually don't think of or appreciate even. its harder pala to wait for the runners as compared to be the ones running na rin. hirap sha kasi, hindi mo alam at what point and time sila darating, lalo na for this type of race na 100K. shempre you have to able to provide additional energy man lang sa mga runners who pass by, and tipong hindi ka mag rereklamo with what you do as a volunteer, moreso when the runners are there.

humbling experience din sha kasi to provide whatever need the runners and their personal support crew would need, parang its time to give back na diba :) ang saya rin ng feeling when the runners express their gratitude with the support they get from us. not necessarily from those we know, but most specially dun sa mga hindi mo kilala na naka appreciate sa ginagawa mo.

sa mga pinagsilbihan ko kanina sa botak, salamat sa opportunity to be of service :)
sa mga kasama kong nag serve kanina, salamat sa company and pleasure to be of service to the runners

sa mga susunod, tandaan na to give and not to count the cost. pag may magpasalamat, ngiti. pag wala, ngiti sabay tanong ano pang pwede ibigay :)

may sense pa ba? hehehe :) basta thanks :)

hanggang sa susunod na karera.



  1. Dear Tim - For sure you have been at one stage of your life invited to a great party that you cannot forget and stop thinking of how great and the party was. I am sure it did not crossed your mind nor have you given any thought as to WHO did the marketing, cooking, table preparation, invitations, opened the doors etc. What happened on the AID station can be compared to such a party. Your share of the labor was the key to the success. When I arrived the scene and the tent was not yet in place I was a bit worried, but, when you and Doc Eric approached me and I saw on your eyes the concern and that you were constantly on your phone calling people, I was assured that I know someone will definitely make sure that things will be in place. What you have learned is the meaning of SERVICE and the HEART of not acting as an individual but part of the group. I myself have learned a lot by just watching and listening to your jokes and youthful energy. You and all the rest were great guys. Thank you!

  2. thanks sir amado! :) your generosity and kind heartedness fueled us in providing support to our fellow runners :) without your support, this aid station might not have been as successful as it was. indeed, it was a group effort, and i would like to take this chance again to thank everyone who helped in their own ways to make this aid station possible :) i am looking forward to seeing you sir again on the road :) thanks and God bless!

  3. hey tim, pls allow me to repost my comment on your multiply guys who were there in the wee hours of the morning were really heroes. Your initial work paved the way for smooth flow of the aid station...RJ is right. You showed your true colors - blue all throughout. Man for Others indeed.

  4. sarap naman, tim! :D i did not volunteer talaga coz i knew i would be having a hard time going there and helping out, given the other things that i need to do :( i don't want kasi to sign up for something then not do it in the end...or do it haphazardly lang. congratulations for a job well done! i can't wait to help out at the milo eliminations and experience what you did for the botak :D

  5. I've made it part of my long term plan to run a marathon. After reading this entry, I'm adding another goal - to participate as a volunteer in a marathon (or ultra), before I participate in a marathon myself. Way to go Tim, nice entry. :)


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