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redefining PR

it has been 2 weeks since the most anticipated runfest anniversary run and up until now, i still am grateful for that this group of people have given me.

before, running was thought to be a boring sport. it was not even much given attention to by non-athletic people (or even siguro the other athletes, i'm not sure though) except for track stars siguro. basta, before, running was not an "in" thing.

lately, there have been a lot of 'minor' issues with running, most specially with the increase of registration fees, deaths, overcrowding, cheaters, etc. but despite all of these reklamos we hear from people, we always see them naman in these races they complain about. labo diba? you complain but at the end of the day, you'd still register kahit na wala nang pera (guilty ka noh?! hahaha!)

teka, off topic na ako.

ayun. after mizuno infinity run, i haven't joined any races. why? maybe because of the influx of newbies gathering at every opportunity to join a race no matter how the reg fees have gone super high. or maybe because the races seemed too "boring" at times primarily because of the same venue EVERY WEEKEND races. or maybe i've been bitten by the multisport bug and have been devoting more time to strengthen my weak points in the other sports. or maybe because the FUN in FUN RUNS have died out.

i said to myself i would run's runfest to celebrate.

celebrate what running is for me.

running is freedom from worries

running is time to bond with friends (both old and new)

running provides entertainment and relaxation

running is takbo.

for this race, i didn't train. i didn't exert a PR run as what i would usually try to do in 10K runs.

why? because not all the time running has to involve much thought about time or personal records.

running is about enjoying what you have now, seeing friends you haven't seen for a long time as if it wasn't months since you last saw them.

in this race a Personal Record is not the main focus.

The PR that was improved in this race was PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS :)

and in my opinion, that's the most important PR :)

Kenkoy Runner's back...


  1. maybe it's time to have the old timer's run. =p

    set tayo ng lsd. try natin break yun lsd record with the most number of attendees.

  2. Ayos! I like your PR! Way to go, KR!!

  3. talagang nasama ako! hehe! =)

  4. the classic kenkoy runner pose. :-P


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