Monday, December 13, 2010

dream job

after deciding that i want to incorporate triathlon in my "interests," i slowly but surely realized that it takes a lot of time to train for all three sports (swim, bike, run).

and in line with this, transferring from a publication firm to a real estate industry is not an easy transition.

i wish that we would also have something like this list here in the philippines.

wouldn't it be cool to have officemates who'd understand where you're money goes whenever you upgrade bike parts without them thinking it's a waste of money? or where eating healthy food, avoiding too oily & fatty foods would be the norn? or having different tanlines on your legs, arms, wouldn't be looked at in a weird way? and where everyone would tell you to go get some sun (be in through swimming, biking and / or running) is a motivation for you to train some more? :) also, wouldn't it be fun to work in a company where you can swim on your break time? or bike to work without the need to change?

working in that company would be a dream...

and then i wouldn't have to quit, right? :)

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