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two thousand ten

2010 has been another year full of firsts.

I know you might not be in a mood to read as much, so here are my firsts in ten in pictures.

1. First time to win a Raffle (Mizuno Infinity Run Expo)

 First Mizuno Run Expo I attended to, and I won a bag! :) 
guest appearance pa si Jai haha

2.  first Marathon (Condura Run for the Dolphins 2010)

the banners marga et al makes for all those embarking on their first full mary

3. First attempt at bowling (Silverprex Cup)

(tumama po ang bowling ball sa mga pins, di ko lang sure if eto ung naka strike ako)

4. First Blog Award

the kenkoy runner wins as the 2nd best blog for the Mizuno Infinity Run contest.
 as a result, i had my first Heart Rate Monitor Suunto watch and first Oakley shades hehe

5. First exposure to secondwind's group runs (team Tama!)

training run with this group exposed me to why they are a fast bunch of runners :) 

6. First time to be affiliated with Team Secondwind

as a result of training with them in preparation with the 1st Dream Marathon, 
I became part of team Secondwind (even for just a short time). 

This also exposed me to the team's secret weapon.

sabi nga ni mikey &  hec, THIS IS THE BEST PART (sabay ruro sa lahat ng parte ng General's Lechon) hahaha

7. First time to ride a bike : Project Training Wheels

I will forever be grateful to my biking coaches (Paul Pio and Rey Jose) who taught me (and ellen) how to ride a bike. when they first found out that i didn't know how to ride a bike, they thought that i was only kidding.little did they know that it was literally ZERO knowledge on how to bike (other than pedaling, wala mang balance, etc).

8. First Bike (TooTee)
after the lessons, the next logical step was to get my own bike.  it took some time, but it was worth the wait.

9.  First Long Ride 
After learning how to bike, the next step was to join a long ride in Jala-jala with Team Endure.

10. First attempt at multi-sports (mini-sprint triathlon)
after all these lessons in biking & swimming, the next logical thing was to combine them.


so much has happened in 2010, from being a jogger/runner from 2009 to becoming a marathoner at the start of the year, then towards the latter part, becoming a far, so good. 2011 looks to be a very promising year,  a lot of people are optimistic about it, and so am I.

targets/goals for 2011?  a big improvement in my marathon finish time ; my first aquathlon ; first duathlon ; SubiT sprint Triathlon debut; a huge improvement on my biking and swimming skills ; becoming a Rockstaarrr and an official Endure-Blackberry Tritop (coming soon!).

Happy New Year guys! :) 


  1. Ooooh. A lot of big firsts this year ah.
    2011 would be a bigger and wilder ride for you for sure. Good luck :)

    Happy New Year! :)

    - Mae

  2. ten-ten-ne-nen!
    You didn't include here when the your Mizuno Wave Inspire met its twins... Mizuno Run. ;p Been one roller-coaster ride Timmy.


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