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taking the plunge

two of my close buddies from and teammates from team Endure have taken the plunge  recently.

 wedding #1: BongZ and Ellen

 wedding #2: RJ and Aset

this got me thinking if i am ready to take the plunge too.

given a short notice (and the numerous changes of the date) i was not able to prepare for something like this. getting into something without much preparation is nothing i would do normally, most specially if other people are involved. this has got to have some serious thinking first before deciding to do it or not. (and having a short notice does not help at all).


all the while i was deciding on whether or not to push through with this endeavor, old friends have been assuring me that despite the lack of training for this, i can still do it decently. those who have been there before, the veterans, have said that no amount of preparation will get you ready for this, you can't blame it as a "bad day' because there will always be another opportunity to correct whatever mistake was initially done to prevent it from happening again.

 uh-oh, am i ready to take the plunge? this is serious business. you can't just decide to get into something without thinking of the consequences. good thing good friends and teammates gave me the assurance that i can do it and that i will survive.


I have had numerous pairs in the past, but those have been worn out already, or have not been giving me the comfort as compared to before. I need new shoes. I need something that will make me look stylish but still comfortable. I've had to make sure that things fit me perfectly. Serious thoughts have been put into this and have consulted others before choosing my new weapon of choice.

time to get serious. comfort yet fashionable. simple yet flashy in its own way.


I didn't use my own. I borrowed.


I feel more confident in blue. I believe blue symbolizes clarity, and with this endeavor, clarity is an important factor. If things aren't clear, miscommunication might occur, and might cause more confusion.

Blue it is.

After some thought, i finally did it. This morning.

I am now officially an AQUATHLETE :)

during one of the BBM chat sessions with my teammates, they've mentioned that 1) the bad-ass trisuits are 100% finished and can be used for the Ateneo Aquathlon/Powerade Duathlon weekend, and 2) there was an available FREE race kit for the Ateneo Aquathlon. In my mind, I wanted to grab this opportunity since I might not be able to compete in Subit. That being said, I asked if it would be ok if I'd take the spot of a teammate who registered to both the duathlon and aquathlon but opted for the duathlon (in preparation for the Subit race).

despite having not much pool time, i decided to go for it. No need to podium (since impossible ata ung mangyari at this point na i haven't been able to train diligently). No need to rush. Just like when doing things for the first time, get experience muna before you decide to give all you can give. This morning was my first time to do an aquathlon. so far, I was happy with my performance, as my intentions were just to finish the race and have fun. :)

something OLD: old friends who've i've seen this morning; another visit my school ;)

something NEW: wave elixir 6, i've finally decided to retire my elixir 4 from competitive racing as it has been 2 years already. the AP sole of the elixir4 have lost much of its cushioning due to usage. so far the elixir 6 held up to expectations. it was light enough to prevent my legs from getting tired to easily yet still providing the needed support and cushion.

something BORROWED: i technically borrowed someone's name to be able to compete in this race. no, i didn't have any case with the organizers, it just so happened the owner had other plans/ schedule during the race and he didn't want to have this opportunity put to waste so i grabbed it.

something BLUE (and new also): the endure tri suits v.02 have been soft launched this morning simultaneously during the Ateneo Aquathlon and the Powerade Duathlon.

taking this plunge was fun :) I want more :)

mukha namang nag eenjoy pa diba? :) 

with teammates josiah and marga

ayot? apir!

sana maulit ito sa subit. sana makapag Subit din ako ;)

salamat kay pareng KB para sa mga litratong nagamit dito.

para tingnan ang iba pang pictures i LIKE nyo si KB Photography sa Facebook.


  1. kelan kaya yung totoong plunge? :P :)

  2. yes....congrats manedyer! at ang totoong Nestea "I do" plunge? ano naman masasabi mo dun?

  3. woohoo!!! congrats timmy! ang saya di ba? bitin nga eh parang you want more =) You really look good out there. May post na ba si marga about this? I wanna read her experience too! Grabe it's been a year na!

    what do I have to do to get that team endure suit? Di ba ako pwede maging teammate pero U.S. representative? My triathlon is in june. Wala pa akong suit! Hahaha! Your my manager so dapat ikaw mag asikaso. hahaha joke :p

  4. hi hotlegs! yep nabitin ako! (feeling!) hahaha after nung 600m swim at 5K run, nakapag pahinga ng kaunti, ginusto ko pa ulit mag swim hahaha! :) with regards the trisuit will ask sina rico, carins etc ah, since they are the board :) tutal endure ka naman ata bago ka umalis diba? :) hehe

    regarding marga's post: ako din, inaaantay ko yun! :) for sure magandang write up again :)

    good luck on your triathlon! :) you can do it! :)

  5. nakng!@#$%^&*(... kaya ba tinatawag mo akong ninong?????

    may masama ka binabalak! wehehehe

    (bagay kaya sa akin ang trisuit) x_X

  6. Timmy boy, for a moment there i thought you were talking about a different kind of plunge... the more serious, more exciting, more permanent type.. :) and that was exactly the purpose for your intro hmmm? good writing technique. i'm thinking about taking the plunge too, the temporary one... the preparation should start soon. :P :P :P good luck with all your adventures and thank you for sharing them. :P :P :P

  7. Congrats Timmy!

    Next time use your own name sa event ha? Bawal manghiram! haha!

    Bagay ang tri-suit :)


  8. Pwede paki train narin ako? Please? :D


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