Saturday, November 26, 2011


this was one of the last projects i handled before i left Mizuno. Why did I want to partner with this event? I did that because this is one of the racing events I would want to join. The route is different from the usual Fort-McKinley-Bayani Road- Kalayaan Flyover-Buendia-Roxas Blvd route that ever runner goes to every weekend (not unless you're into ultramarathons or multisport).

I recommend you guys join this one. its a fun race running through Commonwealth Avenue.

Get to experience the Motorcycle lanes first hand too! :)

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  1. Hi,

    Will be having a blogger's night this december 7, 2011 for runners. Hope i can get your email address so i can send you the details of the event. thanks!

    - Bless (