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My take on who I wanna BE

(original/ first version can be found here:  but if you wanna read the more kenkoy write up, continue reading hehe)

At the start of the New Year, people start writing down what they want to change from the previous year. A lot of people look back at what they’ve done in the past year, reflecting on what has happened to them, be it an improvement of their current status (financial, career, or even relationships) or  lessons learned from the past. People naturally look back to their past, the history, to help identify what can be improved on, and identify what needs to continue with what they’re doing.

That, in essence, was what Mizuno did when they decided to come up with another footwear aimed at helping runners get better. Mizuno went back to history, and in this case, being a Japanese brand, they went back to as far as the Samurai/ Feudal System era, to review and research what else can help runners in their quest for running efficiently and becoming better and stronger runners. (akalain mo yun, meron pa silang nakitang galing ancient history that can help the present?! hehehe)

Mizuno came up with the BE.

With the numerous serious performance running shoes that Mizuno already have, why come up with another shoe? what’s the difference with the BE compared to other footwear made by Mizuno?

To give runners an idea on what and why the Mizuno Be was created and designed for, Master Sports Corporation, invited running bloggers to a by-invite-only event to give the running community a heads up before the release of the Be.

Team Endure was there with other Mizuno brand ambassadors such as Anton del Rosario of the Philippine Azkals, Podcast running sensations Running Wild with Coach Ige Lopez. Coach Patrick Joson was also there, together with the graduates of the Jumpstart Movement who went to the Osaka Marathon.

teammates Noelle, Rico, Carina, Marga and Hanna 

To start the launch, guests were asked what they wanna BE.

ano BE gusto mo mangyari?

Two Endure members (board members at that!) won for their creative answers namely Marga Baula with her Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious answer

supercali_______ hug :) 

"I want to be Sexy" - Rico
and Commish Rico Villanueva’s “sexy” answer which earned him the hug from segment host Anton del Rosario.

What is the Be?
ano BE talaga to?
Discovering Be

Looking at it, it seems like its what one has been waiting for, another minimalist footwear from Mizuno, as a response to the growing curiosity of runners getting into the minimalism. But it is not. The BE is a training shoe, intended to be worn when you’re not running. Inspired by the Waraji Sandals, the Be is designed with the toes “protruding” .

Waraji sandal

check it out! totoong naka lagpas ung toes nila!
samurai yoroi
isa pa! toes are literally not "included" sa footbed ng waraji sandals

Now  why would Mizuno do that? Based on their studies, this slight “imbalance” makes one more conscious of their body’s position and alignment,  trigger more muscle activation in the lower legs and feet for body stabilization. how? strengthening the muscles that work when you toe off with each run, EVEN if you’re not running.

toe off?

How does it work?
(from Mizuno’s official site)

gaya gaya puto maya?
Be features

1.  Activation sockliner

      Dips the toes to activate your muscles.

2.  Dynamic Function Heel Counter

      Cups your heel to improve its cushioning function

3.  AP+ Midsole

      Offering cushioning and comfort at foot plant

4.  BE Footprint Outsole

      Lightweight and durable

The event was hosted by teammate, and Mizuno brand ambassador Noelle de Guzman, more popularly known as the Kikay Runner.

IF i was actually invited during the event, i would have asked a lot of questions with regards to the design concept behind the Mizuno Be.

for one, i would have asked if they feel that these design (the imbalance thingy) would help runners be better runners, then why not make all the shoes similar to this concept. And, if that happens, what will happen now to the mizuno wave plate concept? Another question that pops in my mind is that, how will this support those people who need support shoes? will this also help strengthen their feet, and to what extend? what would the difference between the concept behind Be, and the other minimalist shoes out there? how come hindi sha pwedeng ipangtakbo? comfy naman un since may AP+ midsole. The BE Footprint Outsole would even offer more protection than the manipis sole of the other foot glove concept shoes.

anyway, those are just my thoughts.

ok naman sha as 'training' shoes, pero naisip ko, if ganon din naman sha, eh di pang takbo ko na lang din diba? whatchutink?

ayot? apir! :)


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