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make that change

it has been a while since i last wrote here in my blog. i was not even able to make kwento about my 2 milestones early this year, one would be my 3rd Condura Full Marathon and my second Ateneo Aquathlon.

for the past 3 years or more, i have always been associated with another brand (which, if you're an avid reader of this blog, most probably eh alam nyo na kung ano un haha).

i started running using another brand, but when a friend introduced me to it, i was initially intrigued, and eventually tried it out and found out that it was perfect for me. it was lightweight, offered ample support, and as time went by, the designs AND colors eventually became updated and attractive na rin.

we've had numerous encounters where i was challenged, but it was able to stick by my side no matter what. there were times when i felt like giving up, or it decided to give up on me, but we eventually were able to patch things up, and get back on track.

there were attempts also try on other brands, two to be exact, but eventually i went back to where i was comfortable with, where i was at peace with.

times have changed throughout the years, the relationship with the brand had its ups and downs, major falling outs, but eventually went back to the brand. or at least tried out to be at peace with the brand (primarily because there are a lot more people involved with the brand which i personally initiated the contact and introduced them to the brand) but i eventually had to move forward.

why the need to change? other than change being the only constant thing in life, change pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. i may have had stagnated in the brand i was with, to the point that i may not have been maximizing what else i could be, what i can make of myself, as a runner, marketer, and as a person.

I made that change to something that i believe can help maximize my potentials and at the same time, something i can push to its own potential, making both benefit. :)

if you want to join me in making that change, you can check out this link to find out which Saucony model is similar to what you are using.

Inspire 7
blade max stable


or if you want the updated model:
*take note though this color not yet available in stores


elixir 7

k-ona C

award-winning Mirage 3
color above not available in phils :( 

but since i've been using zero drop shoes such as Vibram Five Fingers KSO, i'm drawn to getting 

Another award-winner, the Virrata

see you back on the road!

ayot? apir!


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