Wednesday, November 6, 2013

pangarap ka na lang ba or magiging katotohanan pa

i'm a huge fan of simplicity, with a tinge of surprise. normally i would be attracted to dominantly blue bikes, but this one, gives the necessary oomph that i usually look for. (this criteria applies to all ha). simple yet has that accent that will make you take another look at it. i am the type of person who prefers something (or someone) you'd get bored easily after staring at it for a long period. yung hindi nakakaumay pag tumagal. (same with girls, i don't like girls who are "WOAH" at first look, but eventually i'd realize that after staring at them for a long time, i'd get sawa all of a sudden. 
from a far you'd think that this bike is just your typical black with accent bike.

i'm not the one who'd like a super expensive bike (well, this one is kinda expensive as well, pero hindi naman super expensive hahaha!), but this one, would be worth it. 

simple pero rock.

cervelo's 2014 S2.


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    1. hahaha bro, di ko sure if andito na yan, pati kung magkano haha! akalain mo yun may nag babasa pa pala ng blog ko :)