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Challenge Overview

it has been a while since i last joined any triathlon. the last solo i did was still a mini-sprint way back 2010 if i'm not mistaken. after that, i've done one aquathlon last 2013,  and a few fun runs in between.

when the opportunity to join the relay team for the inaugural Challenge Philippines came up,  I was still a bit hesitant as i was not focused on swimming, biking or running at that time as i have been busy with work (so who else is not naman diba?) but after consultation with my teammates, i gave in. I decided to be the relay runner.


how did i train for the 21K run leg?

being a runner, i felt that i can easily wing this thing. i've done that before in the past, i just have to make sure i get to run 3x a week, 1x at the super least, pero on the average i got to run naman 2x a week more often than not being able to run.  on top of that, i decided to incorporate Insanity pa! parang pang hardcore lang diba, pero in fairness, i felt the difference kahit papaano of doing Insanity. core got tighter, quads were a bit bigger hahaha!

on top of that, I also went running along my favorite highway in the country, my own 'playground', Commonwealth Ave. sabi nila, rolling daw ung route, ehhh ano bang malapit na rolling na malapit sa amin? Commonwealth! so ang baga ko, medyo sanay sa usok ng Commonwealth kaya sige lang!

ano pang training ginawa ko for it? sabi ng Swimmer and Biker ko, sagad daw sila sa oras, so ang training ko ng takbo dapat mga 12noon -1pm ang start. sabi ko, sige, sakto, tatanghaliin ng gising tapos takbo tanghali. #likeaboss #likeanultrarunner #heat #training sunugan to.

sabi nila, HILLY ung run route.

sabi din sa race briefing, it's gonna be 'downhill' after KM15. 

pero puro ganyan nakita ko :) hahahaha!

Bottomline, napagod ako. kasi ang init. pati ang taas baba nung route :) fun though is that may Pizza stations along the route in fairness. sabi kasi sa km15 lang. pero sa ibang aid stations may pizza na kasama ng saging, at iba :)

hindi ko na maisalaysay ng matiwasay ang aking naranasan during the event, pero base naman sa mga litrato ng mga kaibigan ko eh mukhang masaya naman ako :)

Team ENDURE after the race briefing (thanks Rico for the pic!)

akalain mo yun, ung MEDIUM na suot ni hanna sa itaas ng picture na ito, kashang kasha pa rin sakin!

with the Swimmers at the Transition area

swimmers before the race (minus Noelle)

with Donna, ex-Summiteer, now part of TriMac Team :) 

finally at the finish line.

H-Endures at the 1st Challenge Philippines


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