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makulay ang buhay...

since i've started getting hooked on this biking thing, i also started to check out the "world cup" of biking, the Tour de France.

last year's version was colorful in the sense that one team, Astana,  had 2 powerhouse riders in its fold, namely lance armstrong and alberto contador, fighting for the top spot.

lance: berto, mahuli, may t@e sa pwet! contador: ahh, ganon ha.

since their rift grew stronger, lance then decided to bolt out of Astana, and eventually formed his own team, Radioshack.
their break-up lead to this team's formation.

anyway, lets go back to my makulay na buhay kwento...

as i was watching the Tour de France live streams, i kept on hearing about jerseys having colors such as YELLOW, GREEN, POLKA DOT, WHITE, etc. so i asked some of my hardcore biking friends about these colors/designs.  eventually i was enlightened and i would like to share these "new" learnings i've got ;) 

the Yellow jersey
If you are in it, you are the overall race leader on aggregate time since the start of the Tour. It often changes backs a few times, particularly during the early flat stages of a Tour. in short, ikaw ang leading. Pero this can still change. (so feeling ko lahat ng teams eh merong gawa nang yellow jersey with their design etc just in case manalo sila sa overall time per stage, and eventually overall nga :) 
magandang umaga po, di po ako sanay sa ganitong kulay, di ata terno sa balat ko ang yellow, nakaka itim? hahaha

the Green jersey
The sprinter's prize goes to the most consistent stage finisher and is normally worn by one of the big powerhouses of the field. With a sliding scale of points available to the first finishers on any day, contenders for this jersey bunch at the front of the peloton for dangerous sprints on flat stages. They just try to survive the mountains

 last year's green & yellow jerseys
the White jersey
This goes to the best placed under-26 rider in the general classification.   simply put, the youngest rider?

 andy schleck after winning stage 8 of 2010 Tour de France.

the Polkadot jersey
King of the Mountains contenders live for the climbs. They tend to be slimmer in build and bounce up slopes to pick up the points on offer to the first riders over every hill. 

meron pa ngang rainbow at kung ano pang ibang kulay, pero i won't discuss them na muna, since wala akong makitang may rainbow jersey, at sabi sa site na pinagkunan ko ng info, eh walang rainbow jersey ata sa TdF :) 

happy reading!:) 

i hope andy schleck wins this year's tour de france, para di na magyabang si contador ;) 
and para hindi asa spain lahat (wimbledon, world cup, at tour de france)


  1. naks. pati ang blog, multi-sport na rin ang dini-discuss (as in, maraming sports from running, to World Cup soccer, to Grand Slam tennis :D).


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