Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kenkoy Swimmer

during the Speedo NAGT distance simulation done with my teammates and friends last Saturday, i believe that i was able to accomplish one of my goals why i trained so hard for my upcoming triathlon.

I am also now labeled as the Kenkoy Swimmer.

prior to me getting seriously involved in multi-sport training with the team, i swam with them also during their simulation for Animo Sprint Triathlon. back then, i was not able to swim straight a 25m pool, much more, i didn't have the endurance to swim as fast as the others, to the point i was left behind by everyone then.

left behind by the water mamaws of the team

but this time, during my Speedo NAGT distance simulation last saturday, i do believe my group swims and secret trainings worked big time on helping me improve as a swimmer. a lot of my teammates who have not seen me swim since the animo tri simulation were impressed with my development. they've kept on mentioning that my form got way much better, and that i was able to breathe a lot more efficiently, and, one of the most important thing i believe, was that i had the endurance to eventually go with the mamaws of the group, even if i was at the tail end. even my supposed "wave mates" mentioned that i left them behind (when all the while i was being egged on by Emil to push myself further thus "leaving" my wave mates behind, and eventually ended up at the tail end of the more veteran swimmers of the pack).

what were the secret training drills that help the kenkoy runner become a kenkoy swimmer?

a. wooshee fingers (c/o darwin)
b. touch-the-kili-kili moves (c/ coach al)
c.smooth penetrator (c/o darwin & coach al)

before NAGT, i would attempt to have another distance simulation. hopefully by then i can improve on my transition times, and eventually, improve my overall time most specially with my swim and bike.


  1. ako na naman una? oh well, can't say anything because i hate water..pero sige, good luck sayo, siokoy swimmer, break a fin...



  2. Kekoy swimmer!!! woot! So proud of you manager! next time you'll be kenkoy triathlete already! =)

  3. Congrats Tim, swimming is also my Waterloo and have been trying to put a lot of time with it as well. Hope we all improve in time for NAGT. :)

  4. it seems your all set for your big event. great you will do well keep us posted. thank you - patrick concepcion / runningshield