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tri-kenkoy's wishlist

they once said that running was a 'cheap' sport.

that i have to disagree.

but now that i'm venturing into multi-sport, i do believe that this one is NOT a CHEAP sport.

other than having to focus on three sports, you also have to focus on having the tools to help you get better in all three aspects.

here are some items i want :)

bike jersey 
(i prefer something 'unique" so that it's easier to identify me from the group, be it in pictures or attendance check)

cushioned bike saddle
(for those long rides which at times make your family jewels feel numb)

cyclo computer
(for those lonesome rides where you don't want to count the number of loops for the total distance travelled)

blue helmet 


road/ tri bike shoes
(for a more efficient pedaling)

tri-specific/recommended running shoes
lighter and has built-in 'drainage system'
(for those "i'm-tinatamad-na-to-run-but-i-have-to" moments)

gwapo shades
(to cover the pagod eyes and to disguise the hilo look from the photographers)

tri-specific goggles
(or any swim goggles that will protect your eyes from the water, fingers, paddles or feet while being in the washing machine)

there. a list of the things i want/need.
basing it from the pics themselves you can see that there are a lot of ways to burn your money by joining these type of sports. nonetheless, it's addicting!

*please take note that all of these items are NOT requirements for venturing into multisport, i just like to have them, for both perform and japorm :)


  1. first! :D

    hope you get everything sa wishlist mo tri-kenkoy. better write santa be good for goodness sake. ;-)


  2. so many nice blue Giro (and other brand) helmets here, manager!


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