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a tale of two medals

a year ago today, i became a marathoner.

a lot of things happened from last year up until yesterday.

well for one, for last year's marathon, there were a lot of organized group runs for all those joining the 1st condura skyway marathon. the bunch of members who were leveling up that time joined almost all the races that will help them prepare both physically, emotionally and financially for the condura marathon. for most of the first-time marathoners then joined the Rizal Day Run.  what i enjoyed the most then was the camaraderie that happens after big races such as this. For example, the boodle fight we had right after the Rizal Day Run. 

last year, i was able to train with the same people from which i enjoyed our post-run get-together even to the point of watching Lola Ganush right after a race. Preparations for 2010 Condura Marathon was, you can say, a unified project for all involved.

for this year's  marathon, things were different. a lot have been venturing into other things, others were into multisports, for some into other sports (such as frisbee, etc), while others ultramarathons (or training for such).

the family of that i knew then was becoming more and more distant from each other, mainly due to the difference in objectives. others were able to "merge" their concepts with other "teams" while others seemed to have put 'premium' in their new found groups. it was like a real family, when one finds "the one" they would still be part of the original family but will still have to divide and equally manage their time from the respective groups now, be it in multi-sports, purely running team, an ultramarathon team, or even a mixture of both.

preparation for 2011's Condura Skyway Marathon was a lot different from the 2010. Last year's goal was to finish within the cut-off. This year, it was to finish. alive. pain-free. injury-free. why? because i was not able to train unlike the previous year. this  year's (lack of) preparation made me just want to run with all my heart, just to finish another "fun run".

last year it was OVERtrained. this year it was UNDERtrained.
kayano then, k-ona now. last year it was tights, this year, it was back to shorts.

despite all these changes in the past year, there was one thing which made me smile at the end of the day.

that no matter what, there will always be your family (be it your running group/ team or literal family) to back you up and support you.

with this, i would like to thank the people behind the success of my condura run 2011 namely : ferds (for pacing me for most of the time), carina (for fetching me from the foot of the skyway until the aid station); ronnie (for the fresh out of the skyway oven photos) ; support crew (pepsi, jinoe, z, ross, penn, at lahat ng taong nandun na hindi ko nabanggit, sorry!), tracy (for the gatorade, tiger and the kwentos) ; rico (for the additional bike kwento support along kalayaan) ; noelle (for the chit chat pace towards the finish) to the men and women of the subgroups who were there towards the finish line (both egging, cheering and jeering each and every runner who passes by).your presence by the finish line was an indication that the family i belonged to is still there. nag palit lang ng singlet (pero sila pa rin yung mga black ninjas na kasama ko from the start).

Thanks to Team CB, Team Endure, Team Boring, Team UP ANR.

ayot? APIR!

(photos from the FB albums of wesley orana, jimmy ong & tracy carpena)


  1. Congrats! Di ko naabutan ang black ninjas, pero so far, malakas parin magsupport ang mga newer members ng and it helps a lot. Kulang nalang ggapang na ako sa sahig eh :))

  2. We didn't see you Timmy :(. Anyway, you reached the FL alive, no injury! Congrats!!!!
    ~Ate Glow


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