Friday, February 4, 2011

where it all started.

coming home from a chill 2K run early tonight, Endure teammate and fellow pioneer Carina bbm-ed a message about Rico's blog for Condura 2011.

I went to my pc and opened his blog and read his article. It was plain and simple, straight to the point.

It briefly narrated how a brainchild of Jinoe Gavan was able to gather a group of enthusiastic runners, both newbies and  veterans alike, to celebrate the joys of running.

from that simple idea, the thought of gathering people together to get to know each other, to be able to put names with their handles, was what started the "evolution" of running groups in the Metro. It revived the camaraderie of runners from all walks of life.

Reading Rico's blog reminded me what made me want to join other races.

It was because of the people I was with that time when I had my

first LSD,

my first CLP,

and my First Condura.

ayot? apir!
sa uulitin!

See you at the Skyway! :)


  1. Nice one tim. Pictures do paint a thousand words. You were SO quiet in the takbo CLP back then. Hahaha.

  2. your pictures tell a nice story... keep it up Timmy Boy :)

  3. Wala pa ako nun, I soooo shy na lumapit...

  4. Ayun ako, o! :D (1st photo)

    Congratulations, Timmy Kenkoy. Happy to see your "Kenkoy face" as you were approaching the finish line at the same time being cheered by your fellow pals.