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it's been a while

it's been a while since i last blogged. i don't know why, i don't know what made me stop doing what i love to do most (next maybe to eating, sleeping, and doing nothing/ resting). it may be the overwhelming fact that since i now work in a sports company, i'm bombarded with all sorts of running stuff for others (sponsored athletes, sponsored teams, national team members, celebrity endorsers, etc); it may be the infinity run hullabaloo (that until now, a lot of people are still asking us about it, etc) that i haven't had time for myself.

after the mizuno run club sessions and the infinity run, somewhat i had a burnout.

oh wag kang tumingin
ng ganyan sa akin...

sobrang no training whatsoever, kahit simpleng run wala.

it's so inspiring to be with my team na kahit hindi ka nakaka attend, supportado ka. sabi nga nila eh, hind kami PROFESSIONAL athletes. pero since this is a lifestyle, kailangang balanced.

time to hit the road, ride the bike and swim.

see you in NAGT. :)

time to load up my training.


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