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i've been running on and off for more than 2 years already.  yesterday pala was my 2nd runniversary. kaya pala ako kating kati tumakbo. there was something inside wanting to run again, for the sheer joy of running ;) medyo alanganin pero totoo hehehe gusto ko lang tumakbo kahapon (other than the fact na i wanted to try out the new mizuno wave prophecy). pero since my training sched yesterday was to bike, i went biking/spinning pa rin.

i just used my wave prophecy to work today.

initial reviews from other bloggers are consistent with what i felt.

it was bouncy. not a nice way to describe it primarily because it reminds me of my old

adidas megabounce+ meet mr. prophecy.

upon initial feel of the shoes, it had the same feel with the megabounce+. mataas ung heel elevation nya. somewhat it had a pseudo-forefoot running feel primarily because of the elevation nga sa heel. the ride naman is smooth also. the 4 "holes" of the full length infinity wave plate has the same effect nung bounce circles, it kinda pushes back the feet upon impact :) although i havent tried it for a run yet, same ung feel nya. mas flexible though ang forefoot ng bounce+, you know that this shoe is intended for a) porma or b) superb cushioning ang habol :)

one major mlamang of the the prophecy is that mas solid ung bottom nya. unlike sa megabounce+ na hiwa hiwalay ung ilalim per "roll" of the bounce thingy.

well, i guess i have to take this shoe for a short run to test how it really is, compared to the a) megabounce+

and b) wave inspire (my favorite weapon of choice).


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