Sunday, October 16, 2011

facing the WALL

when we were all smaller (and younger), one of the most dreaded words we don't want to hear were "____(insert name here), face the WALL". upon hearing this sentence, we tend usually feel scared, primarily because we know that we did something wrong, and that this was a punishment. The WALL meant no talking to other people. It actually gave us the time to think and re-evaluate what we did, and why we did it. The WALL in this sense, made a negative connotation for us. WALL= SUFFERING.

face the wall. literal.

When we grew up and eventually became runners (marathoners), the term WALL again resurfaced. This time, the WALL became a hurdle that eventually we will overcome (with much training of course). Unlike the childhood wall, we did not do anything bad to deserve meeting with the wall again. This time, we decided to face the wall head on (but not without enough preparation). This wall we can overcome with proper training and nutrition plan. WALL= not physical suffering alone, but more of psychological.

the WALL

Most of the veteran runners have faced the second type of wall numerous times already, I believe i have encountered both also. But another type of wall I still have to overcome. I have been given 2 times in the past to try and overcome this wall but to no avail. I am not sure if, upon reaching this wall I will have to think twice (or more) and hard before getting to talk to other people. I am not sure on how I can muster enough training to overcome this wall. (I don't even know how I can train to overcome this of wall).

how to train for this WALL
Meet the Men's Health Urbanathlon Wall.

We know you can run, (even swim, bike and run), but can you handle the wall and his friends.


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