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let's celebrate running

running has been my way to destress. while other people vent their stress out via drinking, smoking or doing some other things that will be damaging to their bodies in the long run, i do physical activities, such as running.

the times have changed nowadays. i've seen a lot of newbie runners who are overeager to level up with their run distances without proper training or mileage, most of them become injured in the long run. and as a result, think that running is not for them. i don't mind people being Type A with their personal bests, but then again, they should be blaming their activities eh at the end of the day, it's still their decision to do that diba?

anyway, why run? for me running is a celebration.

it's a celebration that after having ACL reconstructive surgery way back 2004, i am now able to do fun runs, marathons and multisport events (aquathlon and triathlon pa lang naman so far) kasi diba before they put a big deal with ACL patients na parang exag ung reactions (take for example nung si Larry Fonacier na ACL injury nung UAAP days, akala nila di makababalik, pero when he got back he was stronger than before).

it's also a celebration life. bakit kamo? sa palagay nyo ba being overweight/obese would help prolong your life? or even make you enjoy life in the long run (where all the after effects of your health is taking its toll on your body?) shempre hindi rin diba?)

doing diets also for me ha, is not the ONLY way to go. it will always the well-balanced eating habits. depriving yourself of certain nutrients will YES, lower your weight/mass whatever you might want to call it, but also, it might weaken your bodies in the long run. throughout the years i've realized and understood that deprivation is not the answer. proper nutrition is.

so anong point ko?

dapat tamang balance ng proper nutrition (which includes tamang amounts of macro and micro nutrients), and exercise (i.e. running).

I highly encourage you to join me (and my rubus- running buddies) in celebrating running with's Runfest 2014. Lahat ng distances may medal. magandang singlet. sa 21K may finisher's shirt pa!  (diba yan naman ang usually dine-demand ng fun runners nowadays? :) meron dito nyan ! :)

ang isa pang nakami-miss sa mga running events nowadays? yung ganitong family:

 sali na! ayot? apir!

PS: kung gusto nyo mag back read ng mga nasalihan ko nang Runfest:
Runfest 2010
Runfest 2013


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