Tuesday, August 4, 2009

birthday run & run for cory

twenty six years ago her husband was gunned down on the way back to "free" the country, and now, the country is mourning the death of the first ever Lady President of the Philippines.

on the day i celebrate my 26th birthday, i am conducting my birthday run, and at the same time, dedicating it also to cory :)

as a member of iamninoyrunners, i'd repost na lang din the request for a Run for Cory tomorrow as seen in The Bull Runner's blog:


while they may be running sa AAV, i will be doing my birthday run sa UP Acad Oval, wearning my iamninoy shirt na rin :)

two birds in one :)

happy birthday timmy!

farewell tita cory :(


  1. HOOOOOYYYY!!!! hafi vertdey!!! =D

  2. Bertday Boy and payat mo ah! Ganyan ba pag.... :P